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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me if a FMIC will give irregular idle after being fitted. Iv got one fitted on my compressor and the last owner and owner before think this is the reason for the bad idle but I can't understand it myself Found an air leak at the throttle body which I think is the culprit. Can someone please tell me I'm correct and they are not. As iv got 2 people telling me I'm wrong but in theory it doesn't make sense! Thanks you
  2. Thanks for the replys guys. Iv had2 different fault finders plugged into the car and they have come up with the codes P0171 fuel system too lean bank 1 C1241 too low so high battery voltage C1201 engine control system fault Iv stopped driving it at the moment because its running lean. Iv got a mechanic looking at it on Monday so will hopefully know what these faults are by then. As for the car it's in mint condition! It's got fk coilovers and an exhaust system, front mount intercooler and induction kit. It's done 52000 and drives great apart from these faults! Hopefully something small but time will tell. Hopefully the ecu isn't fooked! Probably cheaper replacing it with an aftermarket one!
  3. Hi everyone! Just bought a corolla compressor and I love it, what a car! But after a day of buying it and driving it, the engine management light traction and vsc lights popped up! At first don't notice anything wrong with the car so couldn't understand it. Now it's idling badly when warmed up, jumping between 700 and 1500rpm! But when driven it drives fine, and boost and lift works fine! Iv disconnected the battery once and the lights appeared the next day! I txt the guy i bought it from, he didnt help much. I'm dreading it being something expensive! I'm hopefully getting the codes read tomorrow night! But in the mean time maybe someone can shead some light on my situation! I'm hoping maf! But can it be something worse? Thanks in advance for any replies :)
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