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  1. Yep you guys are right, sorry my fault. Turns out that £400 was for two panels; front door and wing. His name is Theo 07961196443, his shop is E17.
  2. A mate of mine just had a full respray done. Cost him £400. I'll find out the name of the place for you and post it here.
  3. People in my office think i am mad, because one side of the car park has tree's along it, and i refuse to park on that side!! i use a different car park if i can't get a space on the tree-less side!!
  4. I see a few Celica's near me, and they generally give me a knowing and approving nod!! It's just that un-spoken "yeah, nice motor" I do love that about car enthusiasts!!!
  5. Put my car in the poll.... Pic < < < < That'a way < < < <
  6. Hello Everyone, been signed up here for a long while, but never actually posted! But the summer is here (ish, this is England after all ) and i am loving summer night drives and all the pretty cars that come out in the summer! I currently have Gen 6 Celica ST, not the quickest of cars, certainly not the most comfortable for long motorway drives, but in my eyes it's certainly the prettiest!! Only picked it up a few weeks ago, and it needs a bit of TLC!! Anyway, looking forward to what TOC has to offer! Kurt