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  1. I'm up for that and can convoy from leicester!
  2. Thanks guys its good to be back! Steve. :D
  3. Right folks, I have the following kit that I was reserving for future projects, changed my mind, sticking with the stock kit in the Lexus (it's good enough): JL Audio 12W6V2 12" Subwoofer house in 1" thick MDF box, fully carpeted in acoustic carpet, terminal plate, ready to drop into most cars as small enclosure size. Dual voice coils. Run in nicely, this packs the same punch that 3 x 12" normally would but at 10 times the quality. Not been abused - includes Phoenix Gold Pro-Dual Connector and 4 Meters Phoenix Gold High Grade S?ub Cable £380 (£580 New 6 Months Ago). JL Audio XR650 Mid Bass Dri
  4. Hi All, After an interesting few months in Canada I have decided to return to the UK to my family and friends, and of course TOC - and more appropriatly now LOC! I will post some photos from my trip and a few good stories I've got shortly. Since my return to the UK last weekend I have visited the nice gentlemen at Lexus in Leicester and aquired myself an 03 plate IS200 Sport in Platinum ICE Metalic with the 18" Rims, Styling Kit, DVD Sat Nav and a few other goodies thrown in. Looking forward to meeting all you guys again at the next joint LOC/TOC meet. Cheers, Steve.
  5. Hi all, The speakers are gone but the reat is still for sale! I also have a set of four interior Neon tubes, good quality ones by Autoleads - £10 a peice (£25 new). Cheers, Steve.
  6. No still trying to attract a quick sale with it as running out of time.
  7. Pre-Face Lift Model, 19000 Miles, All the usual plus TTE Sports Suspension, Satelite Navigation System, Protection Pack & Supaguard. £8800 ONO Must sell by the end of next week. Cheers, Steve.
  8. JL Audio 5.25" Co axial Speaker System with Yaris Custom Build Door Mounts, Crossovers, Box etc etc. £150.00 (£300 New). Clifford Concept 300 Cat 1 Alarm System, All looms and accessories included, such as valet code switch, status LED, bonnet switch, long range antenna, dual zone proximity sensor with zoned size adjustment control panel (this was £150 optional extra), glass tampor sensor, remotes and self powered smart siren unit. £175.00 (£480.00 New). Clifford Smart Windows 4, will add onto most clifford concept alarm systems, allows you to control vehicles power windows from the remote co
  9. Yes beer and grub is always a result! Whats this Vectra all about - I was more impressed with the idiot in the Astra estate that managed to get cleaned up joining the motorway just in front of us! Steve.
  10. night time cruise? - come to swansea - thats where i am that weekend!
  11. You have it wired wrongly then - there should be a four pin plug on the end of a long loom that goes to your rear speakers - then you should have a converter lead that enables you to double up the two front sets of speakers, and put the rears on their own. Once connected correctly the fader should fade between front (dash and doors) and rear. Steve.
  12. The Rockford bd500 is renowned for shorting against it's own heatsink! Listen to the amp it's self, is it making a high pitched whistling sound whenever powered up? Check your solder joints also - if you've got dry connections the resistance will be massive and could cause problems. Cheers, Steve.
  13. 1. with this setup will my paseo pump Depends what you mean by pump, JL speakers are all good, although the 10W3 is renowned for SPL performance over audio quality, it's still only 10" surface area, so if your looking for earth shattering deep thunderous bass - get two more! 2. how much db yous reckon ill be getting Nothing special - sorry. 3. will this be loud enough Depends what you want - again it will only perform really well if its doing what it does best, 10" woofers do fast moving beat lines very well, but don't drop as low as 12 or 15's. 300w RMS is a fair power output, and with the
  14. Take your villen lock off the steering wheel.....
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