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  1. cheers bud yeah it was jae 04 or 05, cant remember exactly :D
  2. 18's are my weapon of choice on an mr2. they dont handle so well and tramline like a bugger but for looks, they simply cant be beaten pics of all the 18's i've had my mr2's 17's yes, i have owned all of these mr2's....... not so much anymore :D
  3. yeah but if money was no object, im sure we would both have the lambo :D lol, yeah they are extremely deep but im sure someone will be along shortly wish a bigger dish
  4. good idea jesus, these 19x12's just dont cut the mustard :D
  5. looks very nice mate i would say airwalker bodykit..... but then what do i know :D
  6. cheers dude pop some happy pills, you'll be right as rain soon enough :D
  7. oooooooo sweet ride that lambo. here's my lambo ok, well no where near but i like to dream :D
  8. the wheels are in ok condition however all the rims have kerb marks. tyres are in excellent condition have about 6mm of tread all round and are 205/40/17 the pcd is 4x100 buyer is welcome to collect from derby and also test fit them i am after £199 plus post, no offers
  9. i dont know about anyone else on this forum but my car shed currently consists of cars to the value of over 40k. i could sell all of them and put some of my savings towards a 360. but at the end of the day would i want one?? ...... not really, because for the money i could have cars that perform better of possibly even look better. at the end of the day he needs to remember that underneath his kit, his car is a toyota with a lot less bhp than an actual ferrari. so what is he actually trying to say? his car is *****?? well he doesnt need to tell us that as he's already admitted to it. all i can say is the kit looks good in the pictures but would it look so nice in real life? i'll reserve my judgement till i see it
  10. so long as you dont let them dry out and use silicone lubricant on them once in a while, they are just fine. was never an issue with my first one, the odd day going topless more than made up for a slightly damp seat in the winter :D
  11. cheers bud, much appreciated :) turbo's only came with half leather or cloth. this one has the cloth interior ;)
  12. TOYOTA MR2 GTS T-Bar Turbo Revision 3, stunning condition inside and out, drives perfectly. folder full of receipts. year 1995 imported 2002 mileage 93k receipt for new clutch cambelt done at 58k last service done at 15-3-07 new brakes 12-4-07 from rogue has a recent full gearbox rebuild at a cost of over £1200. loads of other receipts/ bills, old mot's etc some tax and mot remaning. very nice car. you wont be disappointed. mechanically sound and hpi clear Sony stereo, PAS, Air Con, Full electrics, Apexi Filter, 18inch alloys. front number plate is now attached. £sold pm or email me at shaf.sadiq@lsc.gov.uk for more info
  13. both look tidy mate. i would keep the black one :)
  14. brake pedal shouldnt be long so maybe the brakes need bleeding too
  15. a good price, just make sure you have a good look around it. do a hpi check etc. and then bite his hand off
  16. sounds about right i used to get that on my old mr2 turbo, my rev3 turbo used to give slightly better economy
  17. nah its badged as an mr-s not mr2 ;) in reality its not even remotely close to being an mr2.... but everyone seems to have accepted it as a mk3. to me personally, its more mx5 than mr2. thats just my feelings on it anyway :D
  18. its not an mr2, its an mr-s yeah often seen as a hairdresser car to the ill informed...... i just say rx7 nowadays and get either a blank expression or "is that like the previous rx8" ..... doh!
  19. running costs will be fractionally higher on the supra as its more rare than a tubby and as such garages charge more to work on them and parts cost a tad more. having owned a mk4 na supra, all sorts of mr2 turbo's and na's, the supra handles completely differently and doesnt give such an impact of acceleration and speed although up to 80mph, the supe is on par with a rev3 tubby. however, once the supe breaks, it will be a lot more pricey to sort it, for example a blown turbo will cost about £500 for a used pair if you can find any. whereas a used tubby turbo is about £100-£250 depending on revision.
  20. shaf2000

    Trd Pics

    nope wasnt me, but the guy i sold it to who lives in stafford so you will be seeing/ hearing it a lot :D
  21. shame you have to sell it dude, cant you use it as a fun weekend car??
  22. ask headcover on www.imoc.co.uk/forums as he makes kits for mr2's and used to do the bomex skirts
  23. yeah seems like forever but it's been less than two years
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