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  1. Plugs into the chassis allowing access to boot when fitted (however bike needs removing to get in boot. Was 200 from toyota. im after 20. collection from macclesfield
  2. Starting to think buying privately is a better idea also as they the car i just bought has a few nasty bits which they have tried to cover up. Whats the difference with the t spirit?
  3. Excellent point which i hadnt noticed. The seats are perfect so i need to brush them all in the correct direction :)
  4. It must be one of the first new ones. Point taken so ive dropped to 8400. Looking around though it appears the white ones are all advertised for more money... i also got duped into thinking it was worth more as a company called trusted car buyer offered a "guaranteed 8700" but it turns out they look at the market again on the appointment so wouldnt actually give me that Ive had another search and its the cheapest white one under 60k miles within 200 miles of me. Also seems to fit in with the other t4 facelists now. Are you not comparing it to the none face lift models for 7k? Seem to have a good chunk of views overnight so id say thats helping!
  5. Help I'm really struggling to sell my car.... Its absolutely the best condition 59 plate I have seen and I have just bought a car which is 2 years newer in much worse condition. Do you think its overpriced? Any tips for selling? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201608076570455?search-target=usedcars&make=toyota&model=prius&radius=1&sort=default&postcode=sk102bj&page=1&body-type=hatchback&onesearchad=new%2Cnearlynew%2Cused&logcode=p&adPos=2
  6. Im wondering if anyone can help... My friend has an 05 plate yaris with CD player. Non of the buttons work on the cd player/stereo/trip computer. It appears to be frozen with the screen average MPG (still actually shows MPG) and there is nothing that can be done to move away from this. Ive tried removing the negative lead from the battery terminal for 30minutes but that didnt do any good Any suggestions?
  7. cookci

    My Supra

    dont think those pictures do it justice really. you need to stand back a bit and use a real digital camera ;)
  8. stealth look... Black 17" wheels. deoranged and lowered... yum yum
  9. polish the inside and outside of the glass with tcut. put the light in the oven the heat them up to prize apart. when putting back together make sure everything is pristine, place headlight parts in oven again and use large amounts of silicon to help rejoin the 2 parts
  10. cookci


    mine has cost me a set of brake pads so far in 2 months (rears = £18) tyres (16" are £50 a corner from mytyres) Agreed that going from any FWD car to RWD supra isnt easy... infact maybe a little dangerous lol Why not get a celica SS2? My old SS2 felt faster than my supra and much more practical to boot!
  11. my father has over 500 odd singles from the 60 and 70's (mostly 70's). does anyone think theres a possibility that might be worth anything? i dont think its for sale though :(
  12. i have a non turbo automatic. instead of trying lots of different speeds (which would take ages) i thought id ask for ur experiences? i currently cruise at about 80 and get about 24mpg
  13. did any of those mods make any difference? i suspect they wont? and an induction kit will probably lose u lots of power :( What oil are u running? 5W30 should give you a few extra BHP compared to most other (thicker weight) oils also bypassing the throttle heater should give you some extra low down grunt. ive done both these and did them on my celica also
  14. do i need a receipt for argos? lol works fine. adaptor only says it rated to 2.5Amps though... i thought it said 5! the sony one is 5amps its weird it works really? that was ment to be another reply then not an edit oops yay it works :)
  15. got a 9V adaptor rather than the recommended 8.5V. It plugs in perfectly and is the correct amps and polarity... do you think the extra 0.5V will kill it or should i stop being so stingey and buy the correct car adapter?
  16. also looks like a good install however i wanted to keep most of the small boot. was thinking of perhaps some kind of spare wheel sub or under seat subs?
  17. stealth is what i was after :) install above looks good BTW just where would i put the GF????
  18. brilliant :) orange blobs arent nice :( ive mailed him to check about the holders cheers dude
  19. cookci

    My New Car :d

    not fallen yet but i do keep looking at it :D any pictures of yours matey?
  20. ebay link any ideas if these will fit my 93 supra?
  21. mine cost around £800 with tescos. well i had 8months left on the celica insurance so i called them up quoting all the details and he wanted £50 extra! i couldnt beleive it :) celica cost £700 in august with 2yncb... im 23
  22. cookci

    My New Car :d

    comments much appreciated mate :)
  23. Bought it from paul aka spotipus. Its living up to my dreams so far :)
  24. the dials are the original dials with a MPH sticker covering up the KM! Can i change the milleage from 107000KM to say 68KM's? Is that doable? then it would be worth changing the KM to display M instead
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