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  1. Hi as i said its an auto box ,not manual!!!!
  2. Hi i have a 2005 Avensis t spirit 2.0 auto.90k yesterday tried to drive the car but could only get reverse.The AA guy took of the gear cable where it attached to the end of the gearbox (in the engine bay ) same problem.Cant believe its the cable ,is there some sort of selector unit beneath the gear lever? How to get to it? any ideas,thanks.
  3. woodways3

    Brake Pads?

    Hi i want to change the front discs and pads, Will pushing the caliper pistons back trigger a fault code ? If so will a simple code reader clear it ? Thanks .
  4. Hi have just bought a 09 Gen 3 Prius, Toyota says i have a minor sump oil leak,I went to purchase a new gasket ,but the parts person seemed to think that there isnt one ,just a sealer is used ,are they correct ? Also will i need a special tool to remove the oil filter +refit ?thanks.
  5. Hi yes i want to put a fluid tester into it.
  6. Hi I have a 2005 T Spirit Avensis,can you tell me how to remove that stupid inner reservior filter bowl?ive tried putting small screwdrivers down the side ,but the damned thing won,t come out ! also what order to bleed the brakes ie ns off side etc etc ,thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks Pete ,code reading Po136 02 Sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2 ,i believe theses do you know which one is at fault?
  8. Hello, Its to the right of the steering wheel under the dashboard around knee level when sat in the drivers side just inwards from the bonnet release. Pete.
  9. New guy,can you please tell me where the obo port is so i can connect a code reader?its a 2005 Avensis T Spirit estate petrol,thanks.