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  1. I suspect the air-con is 'not very good'. Our 2014 1.3 has never been great in hot weather. I had the temperature probe in yesterday just as a check 'cause I was also thinking it had deteriorated but it was as I remember from previous checks, anything between 7c and 9c. Ambient 24c. The Yaris seems to do a long cycle between compressor on and off, 2 degrees where as our 8 year old Golf does a lesser spread constantly giving between 4 & 5c, sometimes even going down to 3.5. Same probe in both vehicles so any possible error in the device readings is not that relevant.
  2. After covering just 3,000 miles since last years £200 service I've decided that I'm not prepared to pay £300 for the year 4 service.....I know that'll leave me without the last year of Toyota warranty but so be it. Both the air and pollen filter are, as you would expect, showing little signs of needing replacing so I've had the MOT and a £50 oil and filter change done locally and I'll do the same next year. That'll leave me about £400 up on the deal, just so long as the Yaris continues its, so far, fault free run.
  3. That video made me cringe! Exactly how many children are driving around in Toyota motors?
  4. Good spot....but it surely must be a mistake?
  5. Same here, up another £100 to £7700, not quite as good as Mike , but up!
  6. I agree....My Toyota dealer is a greedy git and charges far too much for a Yaris service* and tries to up sell other stuff too........On top of that they once even had the cheek to tell my wife that there payment system had failed and therefore she'd have to go away and find a 'cash machine' (nearest one was a 15 minute walk away) before they'd release the car! I was furious when she told me, fortunately she's an old fashioned kinda girl and carries a cheque book around in her handbag........that threw the youngster on service reception. They'll never recover from that one in my eyes. * I
  7. Similar story here, 1 year ago our MrT insulted us with a miserly offer of £5900 for our 2014 CVT Icon+ against over £30k of C-HR whilst WBAC were looking at £7200....one year later and WBAC are now looking at £7600. Not quite as good as Mike J's situation, but upwards at least.
  8. Well I've just been out to check and I stand corrected, it seems it is not on all cars. I had wrongly assumed / accepted that all cars had a little window in bottom right of the windscreen where the VIN was visible. My VW does and 3 of my neighbours have. a Ford, a Smart & a BMW, but my wifes Yaris doesn't....how strange.
  9. Why? You're able to see the VIN number on any car on the road.....they are displayed for all to see!
  10. Me too......I've had a couple of determined efforts to find a way into that area behind the bumper to swap the horn but been defeated.
  11. You're playing devil's advocate FBs....given some previous on this site I'm surprised no one has suggested that the insurance wouldn't be valid if the dealer let it out of the shop in a non OEM condition!
  12. Cheeky gits! Someone there spotted a chance to make a few £££'s.
  13. With the best will in the world, if they did exist, there's no way they'd work that quickly! Also, with that amount of ice on the vehicle there's little chance of the hatch and or doors opening without a fight..........
  14. Bit cheeky that, so if the washer pump failed that too would be 'wear & tear'?
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