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  1. helijohn

    Remote Locking

    I would either use a probe light or a multimeter. Are you used to using these?
  2. Oil filter came today............OMG it is really small.
  3. New SS bolts for the things that pass for sump guards. I would like two ally ones to replace them.
  4. The postmen bought me two books today :) I paid good money for a Rav4 owners manual which came a few days ago.
  5. Got this today, try and get rid of some of those irritating marks. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271276178385?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  6. Er, yes I would cos I would press the button on my recently fitted central locking alarm unit. Hehehehehehe
  7. It's working then. When are you going to paint the rest of the car to match? ;) Not a chance. I really love the wine red; it is a really top of the range (for the year) colour.
  8. I know it is an old thread but my Rav is old too. Surely a puck is too thin?
  9. I love to see what stuff folks fit to their cars. Here is what the postie delivered a few days ago. A camo cover.
  10. For general benefit here is a pic of the lighter rear end showing the wire that can blow or break. and here is my alternative.
  11. Welcome. Did you test for power at the connector??
  12. helijohn

    Remote Locking

    I'm not an MR2 owner and have no idea about them specifically but it sounds like it could possibly be a break in the wire that runs through the door by the hinges.. It might be a fault in the RCL unit if there is one under the dash.
  13. They say there is a fuse link on the actual back of the cig lighter socket itself. It's a wire about 4mm long that can blow but I would expect the fuse in the fusebox would blow before that. They also say that the connector at the back of the cig lighter comes partly off. That is a nightmare to get to and you do well to remove the red CL box that is behind it. I checked mine a few days ago as it was not working from when I had the car; there was power to the socket but no fuse link had blown. As I could only guess that there was an actual problem with the socket and as I don't smoke I took it out completely. That was a real game. Then I direct wired a four way to the connector. Never looked back as I have Tomtom and other stuff to plug in.