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  1. btw scott, my mate had exact same car as you, had it tuned 300bhp+, scooby eater, it went backwards through a tree, they can be light on the ***** end, he neglected to tune his suspension as much as he did his engine, word of caution as u already running over "stock" bhp, a good induction kit and exhaust will have her singing
  2. driving a jdm 95 ss2, what parts are interchangable, car is the same as a uk spec gt right, and does gt4 strut bars, anti sway bars etc fit , as long as they aint super strut?? same goes for coilovers etc, goin nuts tryin to find parts on ebay, havin to email every seller with vin etc to see if chit fits
  3. cud be a lil wrong, but jap cars are limited to 180kmh, and i think the speed limiter is a little yellow tag that you pull off in a celica lol, yeah jdm is 250 ish, 280 bhp is easily got with a jdm gt4, andd , i dont no why, but iv swapped mph clock for kmh clocks and they where both correct, gps test app on your phoine will give you a good indication if u doing 60mph, all jap cars are restricted, but honda , toyota, subura , nissan an mitsi sports car are notorious for being ***** easy to remove the limiter
  4. i had a similar problem, mechaninic sorted most of it and found the rest of probs, there was a few, plugs where fked,dissy was filling with condensation, missing screw from throttle, maf sensor was disconnected, crack on plastic pipe running behind the engine(needed a camera probe for that one ), throttle was sticking, and a full service.an the petrol intake was /is leaking, common fault apparently
  5. if u gonna swap the engine, go for a 3sge beams, why would any1 fit a 4wd engine in a fwd car?? u can turbo the 3sg engines, cheaply too, i had it explained to me, u need to be handy with the tools though, mr2 engine can be dropped in too, if u happy with the 1800, strut braces, suspension, anti sway bars, induction kits, pulleys , clutches etc are all on ebay, jujs takes 1 , a lot of looking, an 2, a lil knowledge what parts are transferable between dif models, havin similar problems with my st202, !Removed! to find tuning parts, but they are out there
  6. bulbs are hb3 an hb4, carnoiseurr do jdm yyellow ones, wiating on em arrivin :)))
  7. sorry its wiki, but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_7736 radios are din, single or double, ones u looking at are double din, screen size is different, http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_818301_langId_-1_categoryId_165655 single din looks like that, (mine), flip up unit, gen 7s have double din if i member right, if its double u can get a converter to fit single din, u might need a wiring harness or do a splice, id recommend harness, halfords does em, and if u wanna watch movies on the go, wire the hanbrake cable to a 12v power sup
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