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  1. jonny123456

    Anyone know what this is?

    Thanks for link. I'll try with that, and report back. I've just looked up the receipts given to me when we bought the car, and it looks like the tyre was put on 5.5 years ago, and is only an Evergreen - so I guess not the end of the world if we need to replace it.
  2. jonny123456

    Anyone know what this is?

    Is this normal, or is she going to need to take it back to the garage?
  3. jonny123456

    Anyone know what this is?

    My wife's Auris had a puncture repair a few weeks ago. I went to double check the tyre pressure again today, and noticed this strange (rubber) thing sticking out of the tyre. I gave it a gentle tug, and it seems stuck pretty fast, but I don't want to yank it in case it leaves a hole in the tyre!!! Is it something to do with the puncture repair (e.g. from where the nail/screw was removed)? Is it the tyre failing? Is it something to worry about, or is it normal?
  4. jonny123456

    Bike Rack for 59 plate Auris

    We have a 5 door Auris T3 hatchback (and an Avensis Tourer). I could really do with a bike rack for one of them (for anyone who reads the Avensis forums, apologies for the semi-duplicate post) - for days out with the kids bikes. It's only about once every 4-6 weeks that it'll be used (so I suspect I can't justify purchasing roof bars, the bits to go across, and the bike mounts - and I don't have a tow bar either so that option's out too). Has anyone here had any luck with the generic, mount on the tailgate bike racks on an Auris hatch?
  5. jonny123456

    Avensis T27 (Tourer) Bike Rack

    I could really do with a bike rack for my T27 Tourer, for the kids 2 bikes (to save the game of Tetris I have to play each time I try to fit them in the boot!). It's only about once every 4-6 week that it'll be used (so I suspect I can't justify purchasing roof bars, and the bits to go across, and the bike mounts - and I don't have a tow bar either so that option's out too). Has anyone here had any luck with the generic, mount on the tailgate bike racks for an Avensis T27 tourer? We have an Auris hatchback too, if that makes things any easier?
  6. jonny123456

    Avensis leak

    After having new front brakes and disks fitted today, I just got home and parked up to find a wet patch under the car, and have a mini panic after seeing what looked like an exposed pipe dripping. I took lots of photos, powered my laptop up ready to create a post in here, and then found this thread. That I started. Apologies for the thread resurrection, but I felt I had to share my relief!
  7. jonny123456

    Rear brake pad wear

    The pads were supposed to be Toyota ones (they say Toyota on them) so 'should' be quality. In that case, is 6mm of wear over 12 months/16,000 miles a lot? Secondly, should I be able to view the pads without taking the wheels off, to confirm they are in fact down to 6mm? As for the EPB, it's an automatic, so has no auto-release.
  8. jonny123456

    Rear brake pad wear

    What thickness are (Toyota) brake pads when fitted? Some people are telling me it should be 12mm, others 8mm. I had new brake disks and pads fitted to the rear of my Avensis tourer 12 months ago - Toyota parts at an independent garage . The car was in the Toyota garage yesterday, and they reported the rear pads were now at 6mm. Is this type of wear normal for new pads/disks that have done 16,000 miles mainly on the motorway - I don't consider myself a heavy braker, drive at 60, and try to leave a fair gap. The strange thing is, I've had the car for the last 55,000 miles and I've never even had to change the fronts (though they are down to 3mm now and soon to be changed) I'm not claiming any foul play, but is it strange the rears seem to be wearing quicker than the fronts? Is wear down to 6mm usual over 16,000 miles of driving?
  9. jonny123456

    Removal of panel under gear knob (CVT)

    Well cheers for that, the job is done (and only one piece leftover too ) I managed to borrow the exact same trim removal kit from a colleague at work For anyone else attempting this, the following video might help as an additional reference too:
  10. jonny123456

    Removal of panel under gear knob (CVT)

    That's really, really helpful. Thank you! Is it just the orange tools you need to remove the lower side panels? I suspect they're to prise things open without damaging them, but what are they called (I'll need to get some)
  11. Does anyone know how to remove the panel that surrounds the gear knob (underneath it). One of the kids dropped a shopping trolley pound on the black plastic bit that the gear knob goes through, and it's slipped down the gap at the bottom (between the panel and the flexible black plastic) :-( Image of what the CVT gear know looks like is below. I'm looking to remove the silver panel to get underneath the flexible black plastic it if that makes sense. Does anyone know how exposed everything under the panel is? e.g. is the coin likely to cause a problem if left.
  12. jonny123456

    CVT 40k check

    I had my gearbox (and torque converter) replaced under warranty (if you search on here you'll find something on it) which the dealer told me would have cost over £7,000 to fix, which was mentioned in the other thread (and previous threads on here) . Other than that I love the car to drive/be in, and overall have been happy with it. Toyota have a price for doing the change, and check it during services, though when I spoke to a technician he said the oil typically lasts the life of the gearbox/car. I've read elsewhere (American forums related to some Nissan car's CVT boxes that it should be replaced every 50K whether it's needed or not!).
  13. jonny123456

    Toyota Main Dealer or Independent Servicing

    Cheers for all the replies. Frostyballs, I suspect you're replying to the other posts in this thread, though I wouldn't expect good will if taking the car elsewhere to be serviced. As you said it's a two-way thing. My dilemma was more towards whether to go for cheaper servicing/repairs and give up the potential for good will, or stick with the main dealer just in case something expensive needs repairing in the future, on the off-chance that I'd get a good will contribution.
  14. jonny123456

    Auris single rear fog and reversing lights

    Cheers for that, it's good to confirm. Profile also updated to include (the wife's) Auris
  15. I only noticed this at the weekend when checking the lights (which may indicate how often it's been done!) Am I right in saying that the Auris (2009) only has one rear fog light (on the right), and only one reversing light (on the left)?