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  1. I've just got home, to discover one of the roof rail/fixing point blanking plates (small one above driver door) is missing. Not sure if it was stolen while parked, or happened on the motorway, but would like to replace it! Does anyone know if they can be bought inexpensively as replacement parts? And is roof rail/fixing point blanking plate the correct name before I call the dealer and make a fool of myself?
  2. Thanks for the replies - I should have mentioned that in my 7 years of ownership, I've never regassed it (and so it may not have been regassed in the 10 years since new). I'll call around a few places and try to find out what's what.
  3. The only guage I have is a tyre guage! Can you get the pressure checked before getting a regas? Or is it just a case of paying for a regas and seeing if it works?
  4. I've discovered in all this hot weather that the air con in my 2011 T27 T4 Auto Tourer isn't provinding any cool air at all. In my wife's Auris, when turning the AC on, there's a small clunk, and very small rise in the revs (and also cool air!). On my Avensis, there's no change in sound, engine revs or temparature. The AC (button) light comes on/off as expected. Any thoughts on what it may be? Or what to try? Or do I need to resign myself to warm journeys for the rest of summer 😞 ?
  5. Thanks for the replies all. At this stage I was just enquiring as to whether the EFB battery was necessary,or just some marketing BS, but it appears to be necessary (so thanks everyone for confirming). At the moment I'm not 100% sure if the battery does need replacing. The car had been unused for just over a week and wouldn't start without jump starting. It's been fine since, despite only doing a few relatively short journeys. I guess we'll just need to monitor it for now.... When the time comes, I'll be sure to try Toyota too.
  6. We have a 2009 plate 1.33 Auris TR Start/Stop, that I suspect the battery is failing on (we've had the car for 5+ years and never replaced it - it may be the original!). Just looking at the Helfrauds site in anticipation, and the only battery they list is a Start/Stop EFB battery @ £126. The AA site (who we're members with) list a number of Bosch batteries (starting from £120 fitted), but the only one that mentions EFB is £165 😲 My question: does the Auris Start/Stop need a special EFB battery or not?
  7. Sorted! Thanks for the inspiration! After parking 2 wheels on the kerb, I just managed to squeeze myself under. Fortunately, it has only rotted away at one point (I think), and I managed to fix it with a washer. I've no idea if the washer is carbon steel, or stainless steel, if it'll react with the aluminium, or just keep it held up, but for now at least the car is once again rattle free 😄 Before: After:
  8. Thanks for all the info, it's been really helpful. Do you have any idea what M-size/diameter the bolts were?
  9. I'm now tempted to have a go at this myself... Is this the type of repair I could do with two wheels on the kerb? (I don't have axle stands, and know that just using a jack is incredibly dangerous) Also, where did you get the aluminium? Would cut up beer cans work, or large washers - assuming they are galvanised?
  10. I noticed a rattling (when stationary/going slow), and when I looked under the car it looks like (what I think is called) the heat shield has dropped onto the exhaust, and is causing the racket. Has anyone else with an Avensis had this? I went to a local independent who recommended just removing it, but reading online the general consensus seems to be the manufacturer will have put it there for a reason, so it should be replaced. I don't have the facilities to get under it myself and bodge do a quick fix Before I call Toyota spares, is the part just known as an exhaust heat shield? Any ideas on what a repair should cost? And if it's necessary (I suspect it is)...
  11. Thanks for link. I'll try with that, and report back. I've just looked up the receipts given to me when we bought the car, and it looks like the tyre was put on 5.5 years ago, and is only an Evergreen - so I guess not the end of the world if we need to replace it.
  12. Is this normal, or is she going to need to take it back to the garage?
  13. My wife's Auris had a puncture repair a few weeks ago. I went to double check the tyre pressure again today, and noticed this strange (rubber) thing sticking out of the tyre. I gave it a gentle tug, and it seems stuck pretty fast, but I don't want to yank it in case it leaves a hole in the tyre!!! Is it something to do with the puncture repair (e.g. from where the nail/screw was removed)? Is it the tyre failing? Is it something to worry about, or is it normal?
  14. We have a 5 door Auris T3 hatchback (and an Avensis Tourer). I could really do with a bike rack for one of them (for anyone who reads the Avensis forums, apologies for the semi-duplicate post) - for days out with the kids bikes. It's only about once every 4-6 weeks that it'll be used (so I suspect I can't justify purchasing roof bars, the bits to go across, and the bike mounts - and I don't have a tow bar either so that option's out too). Has anyone here had any luck with the generic, mount on the tailgate bike racks on an Auris hatch?
  15. I could really do with a bike rack for my T27 Tourer, for the kids 2 bikes (to save the game of Tetris I have to play each time I try to fit them in the boot!). It's only about once every 4-6 week that it'll be used (so I suspect I can't justify purchasing roof bars, and the bits to go across, and the bike mounts - and I don't have a tow bar either so that option's out too). Has anyone here had any luck with the generic, mount on the tailgate bike racks for an Avensis T27 tourer? We have an Auris hatchback too, if that makes things any easier?
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