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  1. Hello there, I have a 1998 3 door diesel Landcruiser Colorado which I got just 3 months ago. With the evenings now being dark I have found that the reverse lights are useless. Only the nearside light was working so I took the cover of the offside to find that there is a blank where a bulb would go. Is there any way of fitting a second light on the offside as it is impossible to see anything as it is now-or can a higher wattage bulb be used?
  2. Hello there, They would have taken it with them, but they were told that they had to have owned it for 4 years or more which they hadn't and the taxes would have also been stupidly heigh. I got an email from them earlier today and they said that there mitsubushi 4x4 they purchased over there was a real dog. It cost them 7000 pounds and is a 1993 with 200,000 miles on it.
  3. Hello there, I have recently purchased a 1998 Landcruiser Colorado 3 door 3L diesel from a friend who has emegrated to Kenya. It has now done 100,000 miles and is in as new condition inside/outside, having spent all it's life garaged. When breaking the steering wheel vibrates and if you let go of it, the steering wheel rocks from side to side about half a cm(turns right to left). When not breaking the steering is nice and tight with no play or wandering. It has just had brand new front tyres fitted before me getting it. What would be the likely cause for this problem-Wheel balancing?, warped discs? The old tyres had worn on the outside edge and the seller saied he would get the tracking done which I dowbt he had time to do so. Any help would be most welcome. I have changed from driving a 1994 Petrol/LPG 3.9 V8 auto Discovery to this Diesel manual Colorado. The Colorado is as fast if not faster than the Disco, but am still getting used to a manuel again. My old Disco is at an auction house now awaiting it's sale on Tuesday(sad but also happy to see her go)-My reason for a change was that it cost me nearly 8000 pounds in maintinance during a 4 year ownership. The price difference from petrol to LPG wasn't worth running it anymore. The price of LPG has gone well over half the price of petrol here now. I recently had been getting 160 miles to 40 pounds worth of LPG! With my new Colorado, I have filled it to the brim from empty-costing 95 pounds. I have done 150 miles in her and she is still just below the top full mark.
  4. Hello there, I am getting a 1998 3door 3L Diesel Land Cruiser Colorado on the 25th of this month. It is due a cam belt change as it has done 95000 miles and was last done at 56000 miles which is over 5 years ago. I will be getting a genuine belt but what else do I need. My garage saied something about a tenchioner and sprocket?
  5. hi ya seeing as i want one myself,i found a out that the new version has a capacity of 87 litres,i doubt that it differs much from a colorado. hope this helps and...yes it will be far better than your old v8 disco,how many miles has the colorado done...if you dont mind me asking? It has done 90,000 miles, paied 2900 pounds for it with 4 brand new tyres and full toyota service history-is from a friend moving abroad so got it very cheep. thanks for the reply.
  6. Getting exited about getting a colorado in august

  7. Am getting a 1998 Colorado 3 door gx diesel in august.

  8. Hello there, I an getting a 1998 Toyota Colorado 3 door Gx diesel on 25th August to replace my unreliable old V8 Discovery. What I wanted to know was how big the diesel tank is?-ie how many litres does it hold? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hello there, I have just purchased a 1998 3 door colorado GXTD with 95000 miles on the clock in very good condition from a work friend. I have paied 2900 for it on the terms that the mot which is due in june is paied for by them. I shall not be getting it till mid june which is when they move country. The thing I was unsure about was weather it is perminant 4x4 or not. I am replacing a well used v8 discovery which as many know is perminant 4x4 with centre diff lock and low range 4x4. I have only found one website about this which says that it is perminant 4x4 with high range, high range center diff locked, low range and low range center diff locked, plus a rear diff lock via a button. Is this true?
  10. Hello there, I have the chance to buy a 1997 3 door diesel colorado(standard model with cloth seats). It has 95000miles on it and is in good condition for a 12/13 year old car, what price should I be looking at to buy this car. The owner started the price at 4000pounds but said on looking online thought it was worth 3000pounds. They paied 4500 for it 2 years ago.
  11. As I have said before, the RAV4 will never cope well on serious offroading due to the lack of low range plus ground clearance. Get a Land Rover.
  12. Well I'm a Land Rover man myself but my mother has a RAV 4. The trouble with the RAV is the ground clearence and lack of Low Range, so putting snow chains on for deep snow wont help. I have a V8 Discovery and have never had any probs through snow or in muddy fields plus have never needed chains. The best thing you could do is to put some taller more aggresive tyres on.
  13. Follow up. After contacting our local Toyota garage they knew nothing about this recall. Phone Toyota direct again and they say that they were told about this months ago. So phoned our local Toyota dealer again and spoke to a new lady who was very rude and promised to talk to her manager and phone back, of which never happend. Phoned Toyota again who said that they would contact the garage-they could not get hold of them so we phoned the local garage and got through. They put us onto the rude new lady again and she refused to let us talk to a manager saying that he was busy and was going home soon and would phone us the next day, this being 3:30 on Friday. Gues what no call on Sat and we were told that they knew nothing about the recall again and to phone Toyota about this matter. Very poor service
  14. Have contacted Toyota and they are going to pay for the work we had done, including labour plus replace both the front springs. They don't like the fact that the replacement spring we had put on was not a genuine Toyota one.