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  1. Hi Irfaan I got insurance through . Less than £300 for an 02 plate per annum and did it over the phone. All very painless so nothing to worry about:) Toyota voxy Year 2002 Petrol 2ltr Good luck
  2. Hi guys My 02 voxy has just flown through its MOT again with no issues. Done a bit of research over the last 12 months and yes it is the avensis engine and there are several chasis/ suspension parts that are from that model also. Spoke to the MD of lindop Toyota up here in the n/west to try to get info on the sat nav and it seems it cannot be changed to UK spec as the model was designed for asian markets only. Massive job to change it over which would probably mean massive bills!!!!!!! If you do some internet searching you can find companies in thailand etc who specialize in voxy/noah parts and offer real cheap postage. CV joints are starting to knock on mine and i will be trying them soon so i will keep you posted when i evenyualy get round to it. Oh yes and every now and then parts appear on e-bay so always keep an eye out just in case;)
  3. Thanks frosty,looks like I've got some searching to do for spare parts
  4. I have a voxy on an 02 plate and whilst I know it has an avensis engine I'm not sure about anything else ie suspension etc could anyone tell me if it is based on a more popular model sold in the uk. Got my mot coming up and the cv joint is starting to knock!,