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  1. It's been running fine since the fule filter has been changed. He went and bought a MAF sensor but the EML hasn't come on since he got it. I've told him to keep it in the glovebox anyway seeing as it seems to have scared the other one into working! He has decided to trade it in now as he wants some better reliability, both ofthem are in their '70s and grinding to a halt on a busy road didn't cut it in his eyes. A shame cos it's a nice car.
  2. Thanks for all of the info. Much appreciated. Dad bought a new fuel filter on Friday from Toyota, I installed it yesterday and that seems to have cleared the fuel problem. We took it for a run of over a mile last night. He now has the P0105 fault, EML came on after about 200M initially. I cleared it and then it came on when he revved it. He will head to toyota again today to get a MAF sensor.
  3. I changed the fuel filter as part of the service about 2000 miles ago. It was fine after that. Would the filter be u/s already? I've used the same filters on mine with no problems. I've seen on another thread about software updates after changing the valves???
  4. On my dads, he has had the valves replaced as he was getting the P0093 fault. It now seems as if it needs a software update.. Does anyone know how to go about getting that sorted? Any idea of cost?
  5. Hi there, My dads 2003 XT3 came to a halt on Sunday am with the code 0093 Major Fuel leak. As there isn't a fuel leak present, I mad an educated guess that it mat be an SCV fault. We ordered a set which were fitted today but it only them ran for about half a mile before cutting out and then takes ages to start and cuts out after a short distance. He's decided it has to go which is a shame. It had been running erratically previously in that it would race on idle. Any ideas welcome.
  6. That sounds like the EGR valve is clagged up.
  7. Well, I had a really cheap one called something like U480 which worked ok with my old vauxhall. Now, I've bought a slightly dearer one that does have ISO stuff but neither will link to my RAV.
  8. Thanks for that, I will go back to the supplier and see what they have to say.
  9. Reading this, it seems like I may have wasted my money on a code reader. The one I bought just gives me a Linking Error, 2002 2.0D4D. Is there a picture of the pins to be linked available please? And perhaps a sheet of what to watch for?
  10. You're lucky you didn't have to pay. My dad's RAV threw up a code to do with the inlet EGR stepper motor. It's been fully cleaned now and he says it's running sweetly. I've driven to Bulgaria, it lost power three times in one day on the way out but has been faultless since.
  11. I changed the fuel filter when I got it as part of my first service on it. The filter on there was totally black inside and needed a massive effort to get it off the mounting, which I had to remove from the car to do. Parts-King tells me that the part no now ends in a 2 and not the 1 as the thread on YouTube says. Not a cheap item that's for sure.
  12. 23380-27121 is the quoted replacement part.
  13. Colin, that's exactly the noise, many thanks. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k5UnNcX_j4A
  14. It's definitely not a belt squeal. They have all been replaced and checked recently. It's a different sound. I can't make it happen when it's sat idling and rev it, it needs to be under load. Going round a roundabout at low sore provokes it but it does it in a straight line too. Reluctant to look at turbo swap due to the expense but I may have to.