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  1. Good idea. I've found a DPF Doctor fairly near to me. If the new sensor doesn't do the trick then that will probably be my next port of call.
  2. Hello all. Not sure if you can help, but my Auris went on to limp mode - on the M25!! - and the AA said it was the regen pressure/temperature sensor. I think it's only regenerated once in the 18 months that I've had it, which doesn't seem right considering that I mostly do town driving. Has anyone had experience of this? Do you know where is best to get parts? (My mechanic reckons we should start with the pressure sensor 8948012020, as he's had no joy trying to get it to regen) Any advice would be greatly received. Thanks in advance, Paul.
  3. I don't think the exchange unit was a Denso one, so hopefully I won't have any more trouble with it. My next job is to see if I can improve the dreadful fuel economy! I may try getting it re-mapped. Hopefully that will improve the low down grunt, which is very poor below 1500rpm.
  4. Should be taking it off tomorrow, so will check it then. I can use my brother's garage and lift, so might as well do oil and filters, new belt, and check the tracking too! Thanks for the advice.
  5. Thanks for that. It looks like the standard alternator is 100amps.
  6. Hello all. Warning lights came on my '08 SR180 last night - battery, warning triangle, fuel filter!, and "check battery". I got home okay, but when I checked, it wasn't charging, so I guess I'll need to recondition or exchange the alternator. I was just checking prices out, but there seems to be two options; 100amp and 130amp. Any ideas as to which is standard? It was more than capable before it went !Removed! up! Thanks, Paul.
  7. Weary


    Well, the EGR de-coke didn't seem to improve the lack of low down grunt, but adding Redex diesel additive seems to have made a massive difference. Due to the total lack of acceleration below 1500rpm, 30-50mph in 4th was taking over 13 seconds, now it's 6½! It still doesn't feel as sprightly low down as my daughter's Civic, but it's much better than it was. Only 34.5 mpg on the first full tank, but I have been just driving round town most of the time. Now to sort out the strange tyre wear that makes it sound like the rear wheel bearings are whining! Apparently this is a common issue with these and Merc A class and a few other models.
  8. Weary


    Interesting. Something to look into.
  9. Weary


    Doesn't feel like poor compression, because it really flies above 2,000 rpm. The engine sounds and feels really sweet too - quiet for a diesel. I have bought some Redex treatment that I'll add next top-up.
  10. Weary


    Well I cleaned out the EGR valve - which was very coked up - and it made no difference to the bottom end, but seems to have given it a real kick at around 2,200 rpm. I wasn't expecting that! And I don't know if the soot acts like an old school choke, but it doesn't start as instantly from cold as it did! I'll start trying other things and report back. I tried to upload some pictures of the soot, but it wouldn't work.
  11. Weary


    Well I'll start with the manual decoke, and then monitor it. If it builds up quickly I'll give the additives a try and see if it makes a difference. Filled up for the first time yesterday and couldn't believe how expensive VPower has got! It used to be worth it when I had my little Daihatsu Sirion Rallye 2 as it gave me more mpg, but I suspect this won't be the case with a diesel.
  12. Weary


    Haha. Will definitely start at cleaning EGR valve, then drive it for a while. Other experiments may follow!
  13. Weary


    Thanks Kyle. Interesting about the bendy intake piping. Know exactly what you mean about being scary until the turbo kicks in, I've been caught out a couple of times pulling out into traffic. As soon as I can get these kidney stones lasered and the stent taken out I'll start experimenting.
  14. Weary


    Thanks for all the advice. It'll be a slow progress report I'm afraid, I'm waiting for a minor operation so can't really do anything at the moment! Obviously not doing many miles either. Be keen to see any differences though.
  15. Weary


    Yes, I think cleaning the valve is the place to start. I've read that they're happier if run on VPower, so I'll try that for a while. Maybe the occasional additive in the tank, just to keep it clean. I'll see how it goes.
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