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  1. garethpaul

    New recall

    Hi all, Just a heads up that there seems to be a new recall for my mk2 auris published today. Worth checking if you are affected too. Not sure what this is - will call dealer tomorrow. Unless anyone knows already? Outstanding recall found There's an outstanding manufacturer's safety recall on TOYOTA AURIS CV15***. The vehicle has been recalled since at least 23 January 2019. Contact a TOYOTA dealership to arrange for repairs.
  2. Your 1.8 valvematic is a straight 4 cylinder engine so has no bank 2, which explains why you are not getting readings for this. This is normal. Are there any codes reported on your scanner?
  3. The horn is protected by a 10amp fuse. According to the net, the stock Toyota horns draw 4amps, so using two would still be within the limit. If you were going to use air-horns or similar, then you would need to use a relay and dedicated power feed.
  4. I'm not sure, but I doubt it would be much difference.
  5. that looks in fantastic condition
  6. how did you do it in the end? Brute force?
  7. I totally agree, it was the first thing I did when I got my Auris. I got a pair (high & low tone) of second hand Avensis horns off ebay (e.g: I chose these as they were a direct replacement as far as wiring and mounting is concerned. If you check your existing horn you will see that there is a bolt hole on the other side of the existing horn mount to take a second bracket/horn. You just need to make up a y-splitter type cable for the power using some short lengths of cable and crimp spade connectors so that you can daisy chain the power to the second horn. Have a look here for pictures:
  8. I think they are near perfect results. Nice and high, and less than 10% difference between them.
  9. Thought I'd post this as it's a bargain for someone if they are looking for a set of front discs for a 92-97 Corolla (£8.22 for the pair + del): There are some OE part numbers on the page to cross reference.
  10. The time has come for me to part ways with my trusty Corolla. It has been in the family since new, and I have owned it the last 14 years. It's 21 years old now, and still going strong. 137000 miles, regularly serviced. Recent two new tyres MOT until Septemper 2019 New clutch approx 8000 miles ago Complete new exhaust last year including front pipe type approved cat and oxygen sensor New 5th gear 6 years ago (approx 48000 miles ago) to resolve the common 5th gear pop-out Bodywork in good condition for age, major things to mention are small dent on boot, and scrape on bumper. Plastics would benefit from a re-spray (wing mirrors, bumpers) Other usual minor scuffs and scrapes in keeping with age. The red is notorious for fading, so I have given it a good polish and waxing to present it in its best light. Should last it through the winter. Interior is in excellent condition. Seats always had covers on them, floor mats always used. Electric windows/mirrors (working). Air Con (working) Car is pretty much original, and not modified. Looking for £800 ovno
  11. the OP's car does not support your usual OBD2 diagnostic reader as it pre-dates OBD2. Instead the system uses the ECU light on the dash to output codes:
  12. continuous/steady blinking (e.g. on/off/on/off/on/off... and so on) means that there are no fault codes stored.
  13. check out the bosal catalogue for your car here: This shows your exhaust should be made up of 4 parts; front pipe, cat, central silencer, back box. Each part can be replaced independently of the others. If yours has been on there 18 years, then it's probably got a nice build up of rust which is hiding the joints, making it appear to be one piece
  14. The general illumination bulbs for my corolla are 3x T10 3W bulbs, and 1x T5 2.3W. I would imagine the MR2 uses the same sizes, but may use a different combination. I would advise you to take out your cluster and check before you order. Personally, I've tried various LED bulbs in the dash, and was never happy with them. Either uneven light, too bright, or they burnt out - basically cr*p. I've gone back to regular bulbs.