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  1. the repeated clicking is usually the tell tale sign of a depleted battery
  2. I actually came across it on the net - it is a full pdf service manual for the engine: Engine Mechanical 1.pdf
  3. Where is it leaking from? Did you apply a blob of sealant on the joint between the cylinder head and timing chain cover?
  4. lol, missing on my 2008 as well. What did you get off ebay? Was it a specific part, or the generic rubber seal?
  5. yes, what I could get to was wirebrushed, and treated with rust converter - 3rd image. Anything else is going to get hit with Dynax S50
  6. I have seen some reports of sill rust on the net, and sadly my 2008 Aygo is also suffering: Having never welded before, I recently bought a lidl special welder and have been practising with it in lockdown, with the help of the Mig Welding forum. Last weekend I decided to take the plunge and set about fixing the little bug. I ground back the area on the sill to establish the extent of the rot, and thankfully it was very localised. Marked out the area ready for cutting out: Rot cut out, and rust converter applied to the light surface rust inside the sill: Matching patch cut out of 0.8mm Zintec steel, and bent to shape: Patch fully seam welded right around using the "thin metal technique" Welds ground down and zinc primer applied: Filled, sanded and red primer applied: Top-coat applied, ready for compounding and polishing once the paint has hardened up a bit. The paint I used was by Hycote, and in my eyes was a 100% perfect colour match: I've got the other side to do as well in the next few weeks, and hope that it goes as well and turns out as good as this side has. Once that has been done, I have some Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 to go in both sills, to hopefully protect them for the forseeable.
  7. I would strongly advise against this - I actually purchased one for this very reason. Absolute pile of poo, lol The 1 star review on ebay is mine.
  8. I agree - don't see the key symbol appearing on the multi-function display when the clutch is depressed. So, either the clutch is not being depressed or the clutch switch is faulty?
  9. I had the same happen on my old corolla. I did have a go at making some replacement piping using 10mm copper pipe, but got fed up of the bends not being quite correct, so I just removed and forgot about the metal pipework completely, and replaced the rubber hoses with longer pieces and connected them straight to the oil cooler
  10. I would be double checking the drive shafts for radial play, and also the bottom ball joint
  11. garethpaul

    Aygo Decals

    You can access the old site via the Wayback Machine: You will need to enable flash player in your browser. Some of the click through's don't work though so you cannot see the full size images 😞
  12. great, thanks for the tips. will hopefully take a look on the weekend.
  13. I think it was adjusted too tight when I purchased it, as there is literally no slack when the handbrake is released. I can just about move the caliper about 5mm - not enough to take it off the carrier, and the cable cannot be pulled far enough to release it from the caliper. Looking at an online EPC, it seems it is accessed from above, but I guess I need to remove the back part of the centre console to get at it:
  14. Hi all, Has anyone adjusted the handbrake on their MK2? I need to replace my rear pads and I think I need to loosen the handbrake cable inside the car as there is not enough slack at the back wheels to disconnect it from the caliper, or even remove the caliper without disconnecting it. Before I start dismantling things, I wonder if anyone can point me to the easiest way to get to the adjuster? Thanks.