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  1. Sure this is an Auris, and not a Yaris as in your profile?
  2. Be careful with the steam cleaning - this may soften the glue and cause the headliner to sag - you'll be replacing it anyway then 🤣
  3. the liner is glued to the roof - the official method for removing it is to cut it out. Not really an easy job to replace. Personally, I would use a good quality fabric cleaner - this worked a treat in mine and removed a similar stain. You'd be surprised how clean it will come up.
  4. sorry, looks like the image link didn't work. trying again...
  5. I also had this on my Aygo Mk1. I recently had the water in the wheel well, and also on the raised bit each side of the wheel well. I have cleaned up and resealed the usual culprits - High level brake light, rear lights, rear vents behind the bumper, and the hatch bump stops, cleaned the hatch glass and seal and applied silicone to the seal. All this ultimately stopped the majority of the water - I now had none above the wheel well, but I occasionally still got around an half an egg cup full in the wheel well after rain, but not every time. I re-checked everything and it all looked good. Baffled, so today, whilst raining I sat in the back of the car with the seats down and inspected every area of the back panel that I could get to. What I found was where the boot lock comes through, there is a very slow drip now and again. Looks like the bumper is going to have to come off again to seal the lock against the body.
  6. looks like your mudguard has moved and it now rubbing your tyre - have you perhaps reversed into something that could have pushed the mudguard towards the tyre? Assuming the mounting holes have not been damaged it should be fairly easy to put it back into position.
  7. garethpaul

    New recall

    Hi all, Just a heads up that there seems to be a new recall for my mk2 auris published today. Worth checking if you are affected too. Not sure what this is - will call dealer tomorrow. Unless anyone knows already? Outstanding recall found There's an outstanding manufacturer's safety recall on TOYOTA AURIS CV15***. The vehicle has been recalled since at least 23 January 2019. Contact a TOYOTA dealership to arrange for repairs.
  8. Your 1.8 valvematic is a straight 4 cylinder engine so has no bank 2, which explains why you are not getting readings for this. This is normal. Are there any codes reported on your scanner?
  9. The horn is protected by a 10amp fuse. According to the net, the stock Toyota horns draw 4amps, so using two would still be within the limit. If you were going to use air-horns or similar, then you would need to use a relay and dedicated power feed.
  10. I'm not sure, but I doubt it would be much difference.
  11. that looks in fantastic condition
  12. how did you do it in the end? Brute force?
  13. I totally agree, it was the first thing I did when I got my Auris. I got a pair (high & low tone) of second hand Avensis horns off ebay (e.g: I chose these as they were a direct replacement as far as wiring and mounting is concerned. If you check your existing horn you will see that there is a bolt hole on the other side of the existing horn mount to take a second bracket/horn. You just need to make up a y-splitter type cable for the power using some short lengths of cable and crimp spade connectors so that you can daisy chain the power to the second horn. Have a look here for pictures:
  14. I think they are near perfect results. Nice and high, and less than 10% difference between them.