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  1. Many thanks for your replies - I bought the car and love it to bits - The leather trim is superb and the seats are just so comfortable - I find it smooth to drive - and in black with tinted windows it looks the part.
  2. Hi - I've just the site tonight in the hope that members can give me advice on a 2003 Rav4 XT4 5 dr model that has caught my eye - I have posted my query in the Rav4 forum section. Cheers -Racing Spy
  3. Hi - Any advice and info regarding the imminent purchase of the above model would be greatly appreciated. I have never owned this type of vehicle before however one has caught my eye and I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it but.......I know hee-haw about the good and bad points of this model , but I'd really like to buy it asap. This car has 72k on the clock , looks superb , with 2 prev owners , but....there is no service history after 2006 ! ( All 4 tyres have great tread depth on them , interior clean and unmarked leather ) I believe the XT4 2.0 litre petrol has the top spec - but apart from trying the lights , indicators , windows , radio , key fob etc , I have no other info regarding this vehicle's past performance / behaviour . Should I walk away as there is no history ? Arrange for an independent inspection , which I believe costs around £200 ? Have a pre-mot check carried out ? The garage have said they will carry out a service and rectify any faults they find and the car is sold with the standard 30 day "bring it back if something goes wrong" offer. Is there any major issues with this model around this mileage ? What is the next service that is due in respect of parts requiring renewal ( filters / oils etc ) Is there a "clutch life / issue " with this model , issues with electrics , transmission etc And any ideas as to costs and times of service schedules would also be appreciated. Many thanks - all answers long or short will help greatly. Racing Spy