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  1. I'd love a decent Celica Supra - I actually ran a mk3 Supra 3.0 Turbo for a while and it was a great car and not *too* thirsty if you were careful with the loud pedal. Alice, your car is definitely a Mk3 Supra, by the way. If you head over to you'll find plenty of help. OP, any more pics of the CS? :) Here's my old Sup. Just because ;)
  2. Numbers are looking healthy but still space for more if anyone fancies it :)
  3. Hi all, I hope you don't mind me posting this here as a new member, I hope I'm not breaking any rules. Originally starting as an MR2 track day, Javelin has agreed to hold a Toyota-only track day at Blyton Park for any Toyota owners on Saturday 19th July: All levels of experience are most welcome - Blyton is a lovely technical track that also benefits from miles of Armco-free run-off areas. I'll be there in my Mk1 MR2 Supercharger, but it'd be great to see as many other Toyotas there as possible. Just to reassure you, I'm not affiliated with Javelin or Blyton in any way, I'm just an enthusiast trying to organise a day that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible! There are already a variety of cars signed up, and several of us will be heading up the day before and staying in the Premier Inn at S$%&^(*)Ihorpe (rooms currently at a mere £29). Cost per car is £139 for the day on an open-pit format, with small additional charges for helmet hire, passenger passes and tuition. All very reasonable for a track-day in July on a Saturday. Any questions let me know! :) Cheers Ben
  4. Guys, I posted a thread earlier today regarding a Toyota-only track-day I have helped to organise at Blyton park, which seems to have disappeared. Apologies for any misunderstanding or if I have over-stepped a line somehow, but I should point out that I'm not affiliated with Blyton or Javelin in any way, nor am I profiting from this at all. I'm merely trying to get a group of like-minded enthusiasts together for an event that people may not ordinarily consider taking part in. I'm not trying to make waves here but I have been on various Toyota OC forums for several years now and usually if a thread is moderated or deleted the OP is made aware by PM or email what the issue is. Can you let me know what the problem here was please? I'd still like to make the day available to TOC members, as I have to members of all other Toyota based ckubs I am am member of (IMOC, MR2OC, MR2ROC,, etc etc). Hopefully we can work this out as it's already shaping up to be an excellent day and I wouldn't want anyone here to miss out :) cheers Ben
  5. Evening all, Thought I'd put up a few details of my current fun car, which I've now owned for about a year and a half. It's an '89 Super Edition, a JDM limited edition car that came with a nice collection of extras, including Recaro seats, Momo steering wheel and gear-knob, air-con, leccy folding mirrors, mirror polished wheels, mirror t-bar glass, a one-off Midnight Blue paint colour and (the best bit) a TRD plate-type LSD. Externally it's standard, but after servicing and tinkering since I've had it it's now running the following: Whiteline front and rear ARBs (poly-bushed) Braided lines and EBC Yellowstuff pads Unknown (fitted in Japan!) adjustable shocks with -15mm (ish) lowering springs TTT 175mm SC pulley with ABV mod, now approx 1bar of boost Magnex exhaust All the Super Edition parts remain. It's been a show car with previous owners but I'm now driving it regularly and tracking it occasionally. The mods have sharpened up the handling nicely, and the SC pulley kit has upped the power to around 170-180bhp - plenty in a car with 185-section tyres! And the obligatory pics: It has also been subject to the occasional bit of track action: Hope you like! :)