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  1. Hi, Anyone had problems having tracking done well?
  2. This is really useful information, thanks. Just rang my dealer to check which oil they plan to use and they told me they use 2, 0w30 and 0w20, however they said that as standard they would put 0w30 in. When i asked if i could have the 0w20 they said that was okay and just mention it on the day of the service at no extra charge. Great informaiton Grumpie, thanks again. :)
  3. The car was privately owned and has been serviced at Toyota dealers since new, would they have put the 5w30 oil in or the more expensive 0w20? It's going in for a service (main dealer) in June, I'll ask about the oil then. This was really helpful, I had no idea that the oil could affect the MPG in this way, thanks!
  4. I have almost new Michelin all round. I have to say I'm a little disappointed with it, as I am with fuel consumption. I used to get the same from the Gen 1. I admit that I may need to adapt my driving style a little and that I am relying on the cruise which was not present in the Gen 1. Also a little disappointed with quality of the dash and surrounding. I still like the vehicle just feel a little short changes. Thanks for your comments.
  5. Having driven the Gen 1 for over ten years I recently upgraded to the Gen 3. The Gen 1 was very quiet. Does anyone else find that the Gen 3 is quite loud in terms of road noise or should I have my bearings looked at? Thanks.
  6. Not sure how much this will help. I had a Gen1 2001 Prius which regularly achieved between 54-64 mpg for over 13 years. I've recently replaced this with a gen 3 2010 and I am getting around the same which is a little disappointing as I was expecting better mpg from the newer car. Although it's still fairly good. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks jgodfrey it was the front sensors. Happy now. :)
  8. No - no factory heated seats. Thanks for your reply though.
  9. Now that could well make sense, will go an try it, thanks!
  10. Hi - new to the forum and this is my first post. Please forgive my newbieism. I have a Prius g3 2010 T Spirit. There is a small switch next to the power outlet socket in the front center console and I have no idea what it is for. Can anyone help please? Paul
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