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  1. @misterk: Sorry for the delay... I replied to this post but it seems it didn't appear. Thanks for the vote of confidence in Pagid. The job has been done now and Pagid parts were used (or at least they were specified as a requirement... I wouldn't know by looking). @saab9002: Same again... good to know I made a good choice.
  2. I'll bear that in mind, thanks Helisupp.
  3. I'm up to 60,000 miles but I've had problems with the rear brakes binding. The pads seem to get wedged somehow and wear on an angle.
  4. Interesting. Thanks Jikky.
  5. No need to apologise Vox -- this is precisely why I posted. Thanks for taking the trouble to let me know.
  6. Hi guys my rear brake discs are in a bad way so it's time to get new rear brakes and pads. I looked on the internet and found these available from EBC for £72.53 (inc VAT) here: Before I go ahead and purchase (and get my local mechanic to fit them) I wanted to get your opinion on this course of action (e.g. bad reports about EBC? Better price elsewhere?) Thanks for any advice, Andy.
  7. Andy Kay

    Coolant top-up

    Thanks Frostyballs. Out of interest, I found this Prestone coolant (yellow) they claim is good for 150,000 miles and can be mixed with any other coolant, half the price of genuine Toyota part. Has anybody heard anything bad about this stuff?
  8. Andy Kay

    Coolant top-up

    I've just noticed the coolant hopper to the left of the bonnet catch is empty. Looking up Toyota coolant on the web I notice there's a red one and a pink one. Can anybody advise on which I should use on my 2010 iQ3 please?
  9. I think my swear word got auto-edited out lol!
  10. ubik yeah... I've just been out to check and it's just above those two that I played with. Now working. THANK YOU en8wall69! And so quick!
  11. Wow that was quick! I wouldn't know what the child lock button looks like (no children you see). I played around with a few of those buttons but to no avail -- two buttons one with a closed lock and one with an open lock -- they seem to be to do with the central locking.
  12. My eight-year-old iQ3 has finally developed a fault -- the passenger-side electric window won't open using either the passenger-side door switch or drivers-side door switch. I guess I should check the fuse box first, but never having had a fault before, I wouldn't know where it is. I looked in the engine compartment and I don't see anything that resembles a fuse box. Your assistance would be much appreciated.
  13. Update. I took it in to a different garage, and they inspected it immediately. They found the caliper okay, but the pad had worn into a wedge shape which locked up against the disk. When the caliper released, the pad couldn't shift. They changed the pads on both rear wheels and charged me sixty quid. Drives like a dream now that the wheel is free to move.
  14. Thanks guys, you've confirmed my suspicion that I should seek a simpler solution before going for a replacement caliper. I will ask a mechanic to service the caliper first. And while I'm at it I'll buy a set of rear pads and have them replaced (they've done around 50k and one of them may well be heat damaged now).
  15. One of my rear brake calipers is binding on the disk. My local garage tells me (without inspection) that the caliper has to be replaced at a cost of £100 to £150 (recon caliper plus labour). My question is whether it is possible that this could be something that does not require caliper replacement. Thanks for any advice.