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  1. Thanks to those who responded. I have ordered an Auris Hybrid Excel, so it will be interesting to see how the updated satnav compares. I will still keep my Garmin Nuvi 52LM ready for use!!
  2. Thanks to those who responded to my initial post. Seems I should not definitely rule out another Yaris yet! -- Arthur
  3. I have a late-2011 Yaris T-Spirit CVT which came with "free" Touch n Go. I found very quickly that the included SatNav is poor. It began by demonstrating that it was obviously out-of-date, with many rural roads treated as "unknown" which had been completed by early 2011. (Notably between Nottingham and Newark on the A46). I enquired about updates as I could find none, and was told it might be some time, and would cost over £100! We also found that the guidance was often too late to take a junction, and sometimes ambiguous or even blatantly wrong. I discussed with my wife, and we were unhappy about relying on it whilst touring Scotland. So I bought a Garmin Nuvi 52LM, which includes "map updates for life" and at a price similar to what Toyota charge for a single update. We had a good holiday, with no SatNav problems. My Yaris lease expires this autumn, and I was hoping to have another Yaris, but the Touch n Go SatNav problems have seriously put me off the idea. Unless of course Toyota is planning a better Touch n Go SatNav in the Yaris. -- Arthur MOD EDIT Title changed to remove swear word as this is a family friendly forum
  4. Yaris Touch & GO SatNat is crap

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