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  1. Hi. Yes the batteries in both key fobs are new. Neither of them work before or after changing.
  2. Hi Stivino, Yes I have put the old battery back, still the same problem and the new battery is the best I could buy. It is fitted correctly, the car runs fine.
  3. After I replaced my verso-s car battery, both my key fobs would not work. I replaced the key fob batteries but still not working. I can open the car doors using the key and the internal buttons work ok. Any idea how to get the remote fob working again?
  4. I have now replaced the damaged indicator on my Verso-S. This is how I did it. Verso-S Indicator on Mirror replacement.pdf
  5. Thanks Berisford but the Yaris is not the same. The lamp comes as a complete unit including the lense. I suspect the back of the mirror is removed to replace it, but I need to be sure before I attempt it. The handbook just says to take it to your dealer, as usual!!
  6. I also need to know how to replace the turn signal lamp assembly in the door mirror of my Verso-S. Any help out there?
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