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  1. put a silvertop or blacktop engine in i got one
  2. hi i have some for g6 ones if they fir ur bumper
  3. hi i have silertop and black top for sale
  4. y dont u put 20v blacktop or silvertop in
  5. i done this my car ee11 is running nicely more people should do this looms the only problem, if u have the full loom do the full conversion of the loom the fuse box in and out loom because they are similar cars ae101 and ae101 silvertop should not be a problem its a bit tricky in ee11 you have to blend both looms together
  6. u need starlet turbo loom and ur loom putting together easy realy i done it before and ecu
  7. hi doing another conversion 4 door e11 saloon a blacktop 20v
  8. now its a silvertop 20v
  9. its easy as any thing, engine bolts in , just a bit off work on the loom and exhoust down pipe, and its all don.
  10. i have a rage back box 30 pounds mate it was on a a101 levin gt apex if u want
  11. get the 1.6 silvertop or black top engine easy and good fun i have done the conversion in my e11, lot of things needed ecu engine mounts and looms doing or just go for starlet turbo conversion which i had first.
  12. its e11 mate, got the model wrong on there will change it