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  1. thanks for the replies and info, taking it back to the garage tomorrow. i'll mention the spring clips to them.
  2. First post on the forum so any help is much appreciated. I’ve got a 2004 RAV4 which went in for a service last month and ended up with new brakes and disks all the way round, despite the fact the last set were less than 10000 miles old. About 2 weeks after the service I notice a knocking noise from the nearside rear wheel which only stopped when I applied the brakes. At first it was intermittent but after a couple of weeks if was eavy time I used the car. I took it back to the garage today and they have dismantled and rebuilt the the brakes and replaced the brake fluid and couldn’t find anything wrong. Driving home from the garage the noise stared again after about 1 mile. I now need to take it bake to the garage but as they didn’t find anything last time I’m not sure what they will do now other than dismantled even more the car and give me a large bill. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated