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  1. Hi all, i wonder if anyone can shed any light on this but my 2005 ravv4.2 d4d had a engine light come on the other day and went into linp mode with ABS VSC lights on the dashboard lit. After turning engine off for a few minutes it started fine and has been ok ever since. I went to reset the engine light by removing the 20amp and 10 amp ETCS fuse but to my suprise the ETCS fuse was not there. I have had the car since 2008 and I have never been in the fuse box before so either its never had one fitted or its been removed by a mechanic at some point. I could fit a fuse I suppose and see what happens but wonder if anyone knows why the fuse might have been removed. The diagramme inside the fuse box lids indicates a fuse should be fitted so a bit of a puzzle really!
  2. Well just driven 250 miles to Cardiff and back without a hiccup from the engine. Dont know if its my imagination but engine feels smoother since changing the filter. Fingers crossed she stays ok now. Next job oil and filter plus rear axle and transfer box. I have got to say the rav has been a great car. Only major issue was dmf failure at 65k miles. Got a solid flywheel kit fitted and been fine since.
  3. Yes I did try that but it would not fill the filter. I think the diaphragm has gone in the housing and it had not got the oomph to suck the fuel up from the input line. I took the filter and housing off the car and got a big syringe with a length of hose and filled from the input side until fuel came from the output spigot , putting my finger over it and also leaving a half full syringe attached to the input spigot i bolted the filter back in place connected the output hose, squirted the rest in and then connected the input hose. I could probably got away with just filling the filter but I did not want to unscrew it again in case I damaged the o ring. I did spill a bit of diesel but i had put old sheets down on the drive. It started without any misfires and has run ok since. I will need a new filter housing eventually but it can wait until I have some spare cash. Must make sure I never run out of fuel!!!
  4. Tfilter had not been replaced since 40000 miles and i am on 93000 now so was due a change but also had a problem a few weeks ago of loss of power (felt like it was running on 3 cylinders) and engine management light coming on - the aa man read fault code which was p0627 and said dirty filter can be a cause. This happened a couple of times within two or three days but eventually the engine light went off and no problems since so i suspect it might have been dirty fuel. I have towed my caravan a few hundred miles and driven solo another 2 or 300 since. Thought i would change the filter to rule it out if the problem occurs again - did put some diesel treatment in the tank a week or so ago as well - wynnes diesel system extreme clean - dont know if that did any good. The old filter had a few bits in it but did not look too bad. Just hoping it does not happpen again.
  5. Problem solved. Did as sich1 recommended and she started fine. Now will spend the next few days trying to get the stink of diesel off me! Thanks for the help. Great forum.
  6. Thanks for the reply Devon - yes I have been pumping the button not just pushing it in, its not particularly easy to press (it takes a bit of effort like there is a spring and the button pops up ok) but it never goes hard and there is no sound of fuel going into the filter. When I took it off again to check the new filter had seated properly there was no fuel in the filter. There is half a tank of fuel in so that is ok. Is there any other reason it might not be pumping fuel up from the tank? Also is there a workaround if the diaphragm is faulty e.g. perhaps filling the filter before fitting it to the housing? I expect that would just make an almighty mess with fuel spilling everywhere. Its just my luck a 30 minute job turns into a day spoiler!!!!
  7. Hi all I wonder if anyone can help me out. I have a 2005 rav4.2 d4d and have just changed the fuel filter as shown in the pinned guides. The problem has come about when trying to prime the system after reassembly. No matter how long I press the black button on the fuel filter housing no diesel flows into the filter. The car was working ok before and I have had the filter off again several times to check the o rings are seated properly. Could the diaphragm on the hand pump be perished and leaking air (mr t want £130 for a new one) or am I missing something obvious. I assume there is no pump or anything between the fuel tank and the filter inlet hose so cannot think what else it could be. The chap at mr t says he has never had to order one before and I don't want to fork out to find it is not that! Any advice would be most gratefully received. regards steve
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