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  1. ProfHall

    'inst' ?

    Just rechecked, recent average figures are in fact higher by approx 2mpg (44+) against the actual of 37+.
  2. ProfHall

    'inst' ?

    I must say I find the average consumption figure a total con! Mine can give a reasonable 42+ but when I do an accurate calculation the truth is always in the region of 4 or 5 less.
  3. ProfHall

    'inst' ?

    ...the trick is to find the best gear at any given speed showing the greatest band of yellow when cruising. This will of course fluctuate wildly on acceleration, changing gear and on hilly terrain. But with care on the flat (and easily downhill) I've found the best results by trial and error. Presumably this is why Toyota added the feature - to help driving efficiency for best consumption? What else?? It's not clear in the handbook, or did I miss a page?
  4. ProfHall

    'inst' ?

    So... the longer I can keep a bigger strip of yellow on screen the more the overall average consumption improves.
  5. ProfHall

    'inst' ?

    What exactly is the INST varying yellow strip on the speedo display telling me? Presumably the more yellow that's kept on show the better the fuel economy?
  6. I do a lot of shortish trips but don't think the clutch is to blame, only first and second gears are the annoying (and tiring) problem, further up all are smooth as smooth. Pity, it spoils the drive and I usually enjoy driving. There's been so many complaining about this I would have thought Toyota would have done a recall long ago! I ran a Peugeot 406 for 10 years(!) prior to the RAV and it was the smoothest ride I've ever had in more than 50 years on the road. I only decided to move on at 100k (it was a totally trouble free 2 litre HDI engine by the way) because I felt I should have a change in old age and I'd always had a high regard for the concept of the RAV4 but only ever driven one of the earliest models for a brief test drive way, way back. 'Fraid this has been a huge disappointment not only because of the irritating gear change but also the jittery, wallowy ride on all but major roads. I've since learnt too late that this a 'feature' of most SUV/4x4s to some extent. The old Pug was like floating on a cloud by comparison. I miss it!
  7. My RAV is '07 but only done 35k so I doubt there's any significant gearbox wear. "For the life of me I cannot understand when,or why it is, necessary to snatch at the gear lever.." No "snatching" here, it's simply difficult to engage almost as though the clutch is only half disengaging.
  8. Ha, well if my RAV was filled for life at the factory is there any point changing the oil assuming Toyota put the right stuff in at the outset ?
  9. Castrol Syntrans FE 75W full synthetic gear oil GL4 looks a reasonable price from Opie Oils - thanks Bono Estente above. The Ford gearbox mentioned must be a sealed unit, can't understand that!
  10. Thanks, I don't know what's in the box, and obviously there's no way to tell so just have to get it changed and hope for the best. Should be 75-80W, not multi grade I read somewhere? Synthetic or not?
  11. ...I just find it all rather cumbersome (like driving a old commercial truck) than the smoothness experienced driving an average road car over the last 40 years.
  12. Thanks, yes I do try the slower approach but sometimes in traffic it's necessary to do a swift change, that's when it's awkward and 'hurts'. Also I've found you have to be very careful going into 1st in a hurry - reverse is very close and a slight lift can put it there instead. V. dangerous at lights!!
  13. A couple of days ago, as a newcomer, I raised a question for Toyota itself but obviously got no answer, and it was kindof 'rhetorical' I suppose.. So, put another way, this time for RAV4 enthusiasts: Has anyone had any success or have advice on getting an easier, smoother 1st and 2nd gear change (mine's an '07 2.2d x-tr)? Or, is it that you are not aware of a problem or that the notchy changes don't bother you? When I raised it at my local main dealer the service manager said "well they are a bit agricultural".. or words to that effect!
  14. I've had a 2007 low mileage Rav4 2.2 diesel x-tr for 6 months and though solid and well screwed together I just cannot get used to the tiring 'jiggly' ride on secondary roads. The other big annoyance is the choppy, notchy 1st and 2nd gear changes. I note this is not a new complaint so why didn't Toyota recognise it before launch?? I'm very dissappointed!