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  1. Hi all, I have an intermittent check engine light with a single code P1349 on the 2NZ-FE. Seems to come on and stay on for a few days and then stay off for a few days. There is no noticeable change in performance but there is an occasional hesitation/lurching which has happened a few times but I'm not sure if that problem is related or even exists, it may be in my head. Done some googling and I believe the fault code is to do with the VVTi system, either the oil control valve or the actuator on the camshaft. Seeing as the valve is easier, I'm going to clean/test that first and maybe replace it before considering the actuator. Before all of that starts, I've always run the cheapest semi-synthetic oil and cheapest oil filter on all my cars and changed the oil twice a year. I read somewhere that on these Toyota engines the correct oil pressure may not be given if a non-OEM filter is used, so that may also be a possibility. Anyway, Is this the oil control valve?
  2. Hmm OK, I have noticed the engine is a little "tappy" after my last oil change but I think it needs a valve adjustment or maybe the oil I used is the wrong viscosity, the owner's manual seem to have all the common oils listed... hmm.
  3. Ebay and gumtree are your friends when it comes to wheels. Are those the ones around £80 - £90? They seem ok, I dont really use amazon because the descriptions are vague and doesnt specify which models they will fit. Its annoying how there are cheap lowering springs for other cars, they're like £40 for a VW Polo!
  4. If you do decide to get some alloys go for used ones and save some money, there's no point in getting new wheels for an old car in my opinion. I'm from West London.
  5. Haha, those wheel covers make it look like a lamborghini ;)
  6. yess!!! that wheel gap needs to be just right. Green's been my favourite colour since I was little :D . Got any more pics of your car?
  7. As you can see especially in the second picture, mine really needs to be lowered lol
  8. 2000 Yaris CDX in metallic green, hence the name Kermit. Whereabouts are you?
  9. Yep, I would also like to hear of other experiences before buying. I might take the plunge and buy them soon. Last week a used set of Tein's went on eBay for around the same price as new LOs if I remember correctly, I bid on them but I lost :( .
  10. I'm looking at those LO springs on eBay as well. Not sure if they're any good either, I did start a thread on here about it myself but it seems the Yaris isn't a very popular tuner car so the options are limited. There are more expensive Tein springs which are a more reputable brand but they don't lower the car that much and they're much more expensive. I'm on the verge of buying those LOs but I keep talking myself out of it because idk if its a good choice and I cant find any reviews. Also my car already scrapes on some speed bumps...
  11. Go ahead and modify it! You're only young once and you're first car should be memorable. I just turned 19 and got my Yaris when I was 18. Mine is a 1.3. I fabricated a custom back box delete pipe and its currently sitting on matte black BSA racing alloys. Doing the exhaust is definitely a good start, mine pops and bangs when I change gear, being a little boy racer is fun :). Check out my thread: Here's my progress list: exhaust (done) wheels (done) suspension (still deciding on what springs to get) new steering wheel short shifter sports seats I would say you won't damage the car with an exhaust and springs. Just don't do one of those cold air intake things cos they let lots of dirt into your engine. Change the oil often if you drive it hard and you'll be fine.
  12. Yeah its unfortunate because they're a great product that makes the car much more responsive.
  13. Rules are simples... - year and model - engine and transmission - mileage - photo (optional) I'll start: 2000 Yaris CDX 1.3L manual 164,000+ miles
  14. That's the thing that gets me. "life of the vehicle". I can't find any used Yaris' (Yarii?) with mileage as high as mine.
  15. The seats in my first gen suck. They're very flat and don't offer any side support in the corners, but I've never had any pain from them.
  16. Waste of money imo. Better to check you air pressures often with regular air than to pay for nitrogen in the hope that mpg will improve and that it will "last longer". Also I know that Prius owners and others over inflate their tyres to improve mpg. Its not something I would recommend but they use regular air from what I know.
  17. Look for poly bushes. They don't make them for my first gen unfortunately. They're the best product I've used on other cars for anti roll bar bushes and other rubber bushings.
  18. Does the engine crank when you try to restart it? Are you turning the key to the off position and then cranking?
  19. Is the timing chain and its components a life time part? Mine has 164,000 miles and FSH from Toyota and independent garages. Can I inspect it visually or is it a part that needs replacing after miles/years?
  20. Thanks for the responses. I'm actually looking for a firmer ride and am willing to sacrifice the comfort. When I'm older I might consider a comfortable and quiet car but until then its loud and firm . One of my biggest annoyances of the Yaris is that going over some speed humps / entrance ramps the wind deflector / bumper thing that sticks out at the front of the car scrapes. It only happens because the front of the car dives down so much so I'm not sure if lowering might make this worse, but if the springs are considerably firmer then it shouldnt make much difference. I think I will try the LO springs for ~£90. The others are more expensive and don't lower the car that much. I'm new to the Yaris modifications, other cars I've owned have all had 3 or 4 standard set ups that everyone pretty much picks one of those known good combinations and goes away with it. Judging by the number of responses I guess its safe to say the Yaris isn't really a popular stance car... oh well. I'll be looking at getting some camber going as well.
  21. Here's how she currently sits... as you can see the rear is particularly high and thats with over a quarter tank of fuel.
  22. Thinking about lowering my Yaris. My wheels with low profile tyres have actually increased the tyre - arch gap and tbh it sits (and rides) like a boat at the moment. I've seen LO springs on eBay, they're the cheapest and lower 40mm at front and rear. The more popular Tein ones are more expensive but only go 35mm front and 38mm rear. I'm guessing the Tein ones would ride and handle better. Does anyone have any experience with the LO brand? I've never heard of them and I was originally going for the Tein seeing as they got the JDM points and a better known performance but I don't think they're low enough. I measured out from the centre of the hub to the wheel arch and even 40mm doesn't seem enough. Apart from coilovers, is there a lower option?
  23. They think? My advice to you is don't throw parts at something without being sure what the problem is.
  24. The wheel is turned, the car is parked padly, took with my phone, but I studied photography for a year lol.
  25. That's interesting because I'm looking at a set of aftermarket springs which say they will fit 1.0, 1.3 and 1.5. I'm guessing that means that whilst the different models came with different springs/shocks from the factory, the actual fitment and set up of the suspension is the same and the parts are in fact interchangable (in that they would be wrong for the car but would fit). It is most likely that the fitment would be the same and as you say with differences in factory setup, this will down to differing weights of each engine, transmission, equipment fitted and market the car is destined for. Fitting a set would pose little issue as all the shocks/springs will be setup as a set, but interchangable is a very open ended term as the springs/shock from a 1.5 would be stiffer and shorter than that of a 1.3 so should not be fitted on its own and only if full matching sets, OE fitment parts excluded That all makes perfect sense to me. As long as matching aftermarket shocks are fitted with the aftermarket springs it should be fine. Thanks for the clear explanation.