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  1. Hi Jon The recommended rim sizes for your tyre combos are: 215/70/16........6-7.5" rim 225/65/16........6-7.5" rim 235/60/16........6.5-8" rim You could use a 235/60 on your standard rim but they will look a little stretched. Why not go for an after market alloy, say7.5". hope this is some help, Stu
  2. The shock (or dampers) don't actually hold the vehicle up, (unless they are air type shocks), the best way for you with your vehicle's saggy rear, would be to drop the front end to match the rear, makes the vehicle look less like it's dragging it's bum along the road. I would suspect if your super custom is sagging in the rear because of it's age/use then your shocks(dampers) are probably stuffed as well, lowering your front end and replacing the dampers should even out your vehicle without any 'bounce'. Stu
  3. Anything to help a fellow Kiwi.................or Starlet owner. :D :D
  4. Be careful, we just brought a Glanza turbo out of Japan and when they steam cleaned it the water got into the spark-plug tubes and shagged the plug leads, NZ$200 after a day of thinking we'd brought a dud when it started to run on only 3 cylinders!! If you get it steam cleaned in the engine bay get the person that cleans it to blow out the sparkplug area with compressed air. Then make sure the leads are dry at the bottom where they cover the plugs when you get the car home.
  5. What do I do now? The remote for our central locking in our Glanza has crapped out, (not the battery) can you get new once's or am I better just to fit an alarm with central locking capability?
  6. Thanks C & H, I have already lowered our previous '88 Hiace but it had leaf springs on the rear and we just fitted 75mm lowering blocks and longer u bolts. The coil springs on the coach are a little more complicated as under NZ regs the coils must be retained in their holders firmly when the vehicle is jacked clear of the ground with the suspension hanging down on it's own weight. If you cut the coils you run the risk they will be loose in their retainers and the cut coil will be at an angle. The lowering of the front doesn't make the front 'bouncy' as the spring still works at the same
  7. Try getting your plug leads checked. Water gets in and shags them specially if you have just washed your ride or driven in the rain. :) :) :)
  8. Gees, I guess if you own a bike you have more knowledge of how to fix it that you can pass on, after all there's not much to them is there, I know I have two motocross bikes in the family. As for manuals, don't fret, you can probably go to a library and look up what you want, library......... you know........big rooms.....lots of things made from paper and cardboard, called books! If you are p..sed at the forum then stop coming back and checking it out, I have only just found it and I think it's awesome!
  9. I'm sorry James you can shave all you like off the block but your cc's will still be the same. Cubic capacity is the measurement each cylinder using the bore and the stroke of your engine, the only way to reduce capacity is to decrease stroke length or bore diameter. By shaving your block or head you will only increase your compression ratio, not reduce engine capacity.
  10. I hope someone might have had some experience with lowering a Hiace coach, mine is a '95 LWB 3 litre turbo 5 speed and is coil sprung on the rear. I would like to drop the Hiace 50-75mm at the rear, front end is no trouble, just wind down the torsion rods and re-align. Any advice would be gratefully received. I'm in New Zealand. The van is going to be set up for Motocross bike transport.
  11. Further to that, does the cat sensor cause problems when there is no cat or can you just ground it on the body to turn the dash cat light out?
  12. Has anyone tried gutting the cat and just bolting on the mt body on a turbo Glanza? Would it increase power by doing away with the restriction or?? In New Zealand we can get away with no cat at all.
  13. Jees Traps you just had to b n Aussy with a question like that
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