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  1. Guess what? Took it to the dealership for a diagnostic... Ignition coil 4. Replaced the coil and it runs better than it has since she purchased it. Moral of the story, if your car has a mystery problem like this take it in for a dealership diagnostic.
  2. All of the ground points are clean and secure. Have not checked the compression, it never occurred to me as the engine is fairly clean internally. Judging from everything I've seen so far, oil changes were the extent of the previous owners maintenance. It's a 4 cylinder. I wish I could... but without knowing that the coil packs are the issue I can't justify it. We're talking about 400.00-450.00 for 4 coil packs.
  3. Hey, new to the forum. Posting this in a couple other places as well, I'm absolutely stuck. Car in question is a 2003 Toyota Rav4 2WD, around 150,000 miles. The problem I'm having is random accelerator hesitation, engine misfires and stalls. Sometimes it idles rough, sometimes it doesn't. When it does idle rough it will die periodically. The stalls, misfires and fail to accelerate typically happen from a dead stop to anywhere under 40mph, but it has happened once while I was on the freeway at around 60mph. The acceleration issue is intermittent, you'll be accelerating and it will just d
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