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  1. That is truly a respectable mile for the little Aygo engine 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. I did put that in my post (3 posts up )with photos could have saved you a good few hours ....anyway glad you have a dry boot now .
  3. I’ve also fitted Pagid to my daughters car..they are the best kept secret in the motor trade quality and pre painted 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. I’ve cleaned our headlamps twice now, used a machine polisher and G3 compound. Not as bad as the ones you have but should be fixable 👍🏻 Before & afterwards.
  5. If I was in your position I would buy the 2014 engine, if it came out of a mk1 model and then fit you organised inlet manifold and any sensors that look different on the new engine 👍🏻
  6. That old chestnut raised its head again today ! Water in the boot after a big downpour ,turned out to be a quick fix👍🏻 Rubber bump stops that keep the tailgate glass tensioned would spin freely by hand sealed then with engine gasket 😎
  7. This is a clock spring from the peugeot/Citroen /Aygo well worth a punt at the price ....
  8. I replaced the bearing on the front of my daughters Aygo...just bought a second hand Hub complete and swapped it over, that way no garaged involved 👍🏻 I done the job about 6 years ago when the used parts were newer on eBay but if you can find low mileage parts you should be ok and I use the Peugeot 107 parts as the same as the Aygo .
  9. Ebay has the answer to no spare wheel....... 👍🏻
  10. I’m guessing the Toyota ones are 3 year warrenty ..the Yuasa is 5 years so to my mind better value for money 👍🏻👍🏻
  11. Petrol Aygo battery spec....... 40AH 360CCA Length.....175 width.....175 height.....190 diesel spec battery brand Yuasa YBX5012 ( sold in Halfords) 52AH 480CCA Length......205 width.......174 height.......190
  12. First off petrol spec as a comparison......
  13. My experience of a low mileage Aygo user is my daughter’s car , does around 600 a year ....trips to local shops and run out to railway station a few times a month....secret it a good battery in the first place , although our Aygo is a petrol model I have fitted a diesel battery with more amps and reserved capacity, also the brand you buy ....Yuasa is in my opinion the best on the market and allows us to leave the Aygo sometimes a month without being used. When out using your car use all the electric as normal with maybe the exception of heated rear screen ( a major power drain if in traffic ), the alternator will charge the battery at almost 14v so no worry’s using lights ,Heater and radio ,a run out to the station of a 4 miles round trip is enough to keep the battery happy ....hope that helps
  14. Sounds like some of the Seat foam is falling out 🙁
  15. All semi automatic Toyota Vehicles can be driven in pure auto mode 100% of the time so don’t worry , there is a position on the gear lever for manual usage but you need never use it .....your choice 👍🏻