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  1. Catlover

    Arriving Early March

    Re the colour, good job you will only be test driving the car. Presume they do other colours.
  2. Catlover

    Gen 2 CAT stolen

    This is a growing problem and it is all cars that have a CAT that are vulnerable. I was only reading a report last week how bad the problem is and growing, and like Pete B said, it’s the precious metals that they tealeafs are after.
  3. Catlover

    Rear left lamp brighter than right! Help!

    On dual fillament bulbs I thought they used to offset the bayonet pins so the bulb could not be fitted incorrectly.
  4. Hope the OP pocket is deep and full...... a Prius + and Gen3 Prius Plug In
  5. Catlover

    Prius an oil burner????

    Hi Anthony. Stated in the first line the source - a Toyota dealer.
  6. Catlover

    Prius an oil burner????

    A friend of mine last summer bought a 60 plate Prius from a Toyota dealer. Turned into a bit of a nightmare. The problem I highlighting and want to know if others have suffered is that the engine used oil at the rate of 1 litre per 1000 miles. No blue smoke, but was drinking oil. After much discussions the seller stripped the engine and declared the piston rings were a problem and fitted new pistons and rings. Apparently the pistons were of a different design compared with original. The car had done about 65,000 miles, which taking into count some of that would be on electric, probably engine done say 40,000. Has anyone had similar problem or know someone who has. Before I bought my Gen3 59 plate with 100,000 on the clock I did a search of the internet and cant recall reading of this problem.
  7. Catlover

    Sudden drop in MPG

    What is a "go" petrol station. The only unmanned petrol station around Chester that I know of is Costco and I been using their 95 petrol on and off for 2 years and dont notice any difference.
  8. Catlover

    Not a good introduction

    If you bought it from a dealer you surely have the right to get them to sort, having a fresh MOT adds to you case. Having bought a defect vehicle with something important as brakes, with a new MOT they will be tripping over themselves to sort. However, for the sake of other people in the area I would be referring the garage and mot tester to the authorities.
  9. Loading a Prius up will definately affect the fuel efficiancy. You can pick up Gen 3 Prius privately for around £6k, Auris Hybrid (which has same Hybrid mechanics) for around £5k privately. Thats an option - zero road tax, insurance not astronomic.
  10. As much as i love the 3 Toyota Hybrids I have owned (1xAuris Hybrid, 1xGen3 Prius and 1xGen4 Prius) and find they suit my needs very adequately, I think a Prius would not be for you and your needs, and although not owned or even been in a Prius Plus, I have doubts that would too. The Hybrids are good on fuel consumption, the Auris is doing 60+mpg in the summer, the Gen3 I had was doing 66mpg in the summer, and now the Gen4 is doing 75+mpg in the summer. They all drop about 10mpg in the winter months - car engine runs more in the cold weather. I find all 3 comfortable, the Gen4 the most comfortable. If it was just a family of 2 adults plus 3 kids, the Auris would be just ok, the Prius perhaps more so. The Prius plus, giving 7 seats would be better for your family needs, but you do take a hit on mpg (the standard Prius design is more aerodynamic). Its the carrying potentially 4 adults plus 3 kids that will rule the "standard" cars out. And when you talk of carrying 5 bikes plus 5 passengers your mpg will drop dramatically. Physically the Prius Plus is the one more suited to you but you would have to make a very careful decision, and not just done on a test drive (which you would probably love). I dont know what your budget is for this "new" to you car is, but I think you need to look at MPV still. Could you keep what you have got (or even purchase a newer MPV), for the bikes/extended family and buy a used Nissan Leaf mark1 all electric vehicle for doing your local runs to school, shops etc. Mark 1 Leaf should do about 140 miles in the summer and 80-90 miles in the winter on a charge - thats a 5 day week running about covered before a charge overnight. Just my thoughts, though I will have to go and wash my mouth out after talking about Leaf electric vehicles.
  11. Catlover

    Service Plans

    Think that is a good reminder to all of us no matter who services a car, always ask questions to determine what is and is not in the deal being offered. when I have mine and the wife’s hybrid cars services at Toyota I always make sure I want 0W-20 engine oil.
  12. Catlover

    Service Plans

    At 15k miles per year, which of your Toyotas need more then 2 services per year???
  13. Catlover

    Battery charge problem

    The Toyota service and MOT is a really good deal. A MOT is about £40-£45, so a service for £55-£60 is really good. I just hope the offer is still running when the wifes Auris Hybrid is due end of May. Just for your info, Toyota Hybrid cars do have 2 batteries. A 12v which basically turns on the car computer which makes the big heavy voltage battery to make itself ready. Certainly the larger Toyota Hybrids ie Prius, Auris, Rav etc (dont know about Yaris) dont have a starter motor, alternator, nor clutch, so thats a lot of things that can go wrong not there to go wrong. The car recharges the big battery as it moves (wheel rotation), starts to move on big battery thus gets 1.5 ton of vehicle moving, has planetary gears which negates a clutch of any sort, and gives seemless gear ratios (always in the right gear for any given speed. Very reliable system. Even the big battery, which could baulk a potential buyer because of its high replacement cost, has a 10 years of guarantee so long as you have it Toyota tested annually for £40 (free if done with a Toyota service. Even a battery test towards the end of the 10th year gives an extra year warrant, effectively 11 years. Plus, there are 30 cells (think its 30) that can be replaced individually, and can be bought new or reconditioned, all of which makes the battery very affordable over its life - and I have not yet seen a car for sale with a new high voltage battery. Remember all of this if you ever going to consider a Toyota Hybrid.
  14. Catlover

    Battery charge problem

    So, the IQ is a Hybrid?
  15. Catlover

    Bloody Avensis!

    All these speed bumps and potholes can cause BIG problems with suspension and steering. Broken springs - yep I have had them as well but in a Vauxhall estate car. You got 10 year old car, can expect problems.