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  1. Catlover

    Air con

    Frosty.... why does keeping the air con all the time reduce the need for recharging.
  2. Catlover

    New Prius Excel - good deal?

    Hi Pete.......How do I get under the arm rest? yes, I noticed only one smaller glove box. Apparantly my iPhone 6s is not modern enough to use the flat charging point, is this correct,anyone know.
  3. Catlover

    New Prius Excel - good deal?

    Yes I noticed the reduction of storage space. Why the between front seats arm rest has not been used as a storage box I don’t know. I will miss the hard drive storage of my Gen3, together with no where to store cd’s in the Gen4 will make it a real pain. JBL sound system sounds real good, I got the JBL demo going.
  4. Catlover

    New Prius Excel - good deal?

    Well, today I took the plunge, not a new one, but a Gen4 Excel, just under 2 year old. Bought from Toyota dealer in Solihull, under 21,000 miles, Pearlescent Red, and with 15” wheels plus a spare. Collection to be confirmed but possibly next Friday 20th July. Looking forward to getting it.
  5. Catlover

    Clicking noise from steering

    Confirming what Furtula says, its common on the Prius as well. There are two joints, one just where the steering wheel shaft disappears through the floor (shrouded) and the other about 6 inches up towards the steering wheel. Some have removed the 2 bolts and replaced them with high tensile bolts and tightened a bit tighter.
  6. Catlover

    Needing Help With Prius Models

    Is'nt that just crazy about the VED, appears to be no logic. I suppose as the majority of cars will soon be PHEV, Hybrid or EV, zero tax would be no good for the chancellor of the exchequer, so tax em.
  7. Catlover

    Climate control

    When recharged my Prius couple weeks ago, the largish machine in the back of his van was pretty much automatic. Within 30 seconds the machine was connection, sucking out the old, then the noise changed, and he said "the test shows no leaks" and he done nothing, it was all automatic, then it was filled up with fresh charge. All done in less then 20 minutes. The leak test is part of the fixed fee (fixing problems is extra).
  8. Catlover

    Needing Help With Prius Models

    Thanks for the practical help, I will follow through
  9. Catlover

    Needing Help With Prius Models

    Hi Adam, yes I am in Cheshire, near Chester. I would be looking for 2nd user, 2016, 2017 if price was right. I like toys but probably couldn't afford something with all the toys, so just wondering spec differences. With me looking at 2016-17 I don't know if the latest brochure reflects the spec of 15-24 months ago. 15" wheels I would like too
  10. I am looking at Gen 4 models and I see.. Active, Business, Business +, Excell Don't know if that's the full range or which is the base model and how the specifications differ. I am sure some of you guys can help.
  11. Catlover

    Cabin filter - replace or wash?

    and even on the non "new" gas ones, you need to ensure that the stuff they recharge with has the correct oil. I approached a specialist and as soon as I mentioned Prius he said "that requires a different oil to most". There is a thread recently on this forum that dealt with the "special" oil. The £35 deal may prove costly if wrong oil used.
  12. Catlover

    Reversing camera

    I know its a 2010 Prius, nota 2016 Auris, but the reverse camera in mine shows a red line - go closer then the red line and you are VERY close to bump! Doesn't yours have a red line. Mine also has green lines indicating width, so when reversing as long as the green lines don't cross over into the space to the side (either side) then reversing into a gap should be without incident.
  13. Catlover

    First year with a hybrid

    13 months ago I bought a 2010 Auris Hybrid and grew in love with it. But I really wanted a Prius, so early Feb this year I bought privately a gen3 2010 Prius, the wife now has the Auris Hybrid. Just had a weeks holiday in Essex in the Prius. Before the hols I was doing a recoded 66,2mpg, came back and it was showing 65.9mpg. Was a lovely ride, and I figure it was happier, mpg wise, doing 60-65mph then it was doing 45-50mph. Lovely car.
  14. Catlover

    Wheel nuts replacement

    Why not look at these covers to Geof - I heard that if you use copper slip type stuff then you need to increase the torque when tightening
  15. Catlover

    Hard wiring a dash cam

    That’s exactly what I done in my Prius, and it works very well with no problems. I got the long usbcable off eBay. Used a piece string to get a rough length of cable required, added a bit just to make sure I got enough. Any spare cable can be hid under the dash somewhere.