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  1. You are correct, you should be able to share info and support others…. BUT only where the forum members have the knowledge to share with others. In general, members on this forum are very knowledgable and very willing to share the knowledge they have, but there are times when they are stuck. So many technicalities with modern day cars such that trying to keep up with things can be very difficult, sometimes impossible. The hourly rate at a main dealer, no matter what manufacture of car, can now easily exceed £150 per hour. That covers for all the training courses mechanics have to go on in this modern day. Even then, some problem may crop up (and yours may be one) where it is not common and even manufacturers bulletins and courses are not up to date…… it happens. Leaving your car with the dealer for a short time may be the only solution… one of the “joys” of modern day motoring.
  2. Prices seem to have increased a lot. So £25 pm for 24 months = £600 seems ok, and if price increase protected.
  3. Would have thought for 1 major and 1 minor service that is a bit steep. Nothing else in the deal?
  4. Sorry you going through all the hassle when it’s not your fault. I would imagine your beady eyes will be going over the repair to ensure jobs done well.
  5. You probably already know that a Toyota hybrid does not have an automatic gear box like is normally associated with automatic cars. No automatic changes at all. Movement through varying speeds is free of any jerks no matter how slight it may be. That’s why it’s so smooth. It’s the genius of Toyota hybrids. Most taxi drivers liked the Prius because of its good fuel consumption its well documented (with photos) on this forum 1) the day I collected my used gen4 Prius I did 100 miles from the dealer in Solihull back to Chester area and averaged 92mpg. 2) returning from a holiday we had a short break in Telford. The 50 mile from Telford back to Chester it averaged 96mpg. Different type of journeys, no1 was mostly Mway, no2 was A roads. The gen5 Prius is already getting rave reviews and it’s not on the UK roads yet.
  6. The procedure you outline for a hill start is the same for a manual “ordinary” car. 1) handbrake on/footbrake on 2) put car into 1st gear/select D 3) decree accelerator/depress accelerator 4) release hand brake whilst hoping the car isn’t going to roll back/release footbrake. I had a gen4 (2016) Prius for over 3.5 years. Very quickly got used to foot brake. It was the best car I ever had, and I don’t see taxi drivers going around with long faces.
  7. I was talking to a lady a week ago, I asked her does she still have her Honda Jazz. “No” she said. About 5 years ago she went to renew her insurance, she didn’t say who with, but had been with them a good few years, and the annual amount had shot up excessively, so much she chose not to reinsure but to stop driving. She was 81 when that happened . Now 86 and bright as a button, but dumped at 81. Sound familiar Herbie? 5 more years and that is what is likely to happen to me. Not looking forward to that. 😒
  8. I had no problem insuring a 60 plate Auris hybrid. We had it 5 years, first I was main driver, then my wife became main driver. Fully comp, no claims for years and years. And that was with LV. Been with them about 8-9 years now, not always the cheapest in a internet search comparison, but those that beat them were “unknown” to us and the most was only by £20 max so never changed. Last July on renewal I got the internet quote from them, rang them up and asked can you do it cheaper and immediately got £40 off for the same terms.
  9. Some sat navs give you a choice like “shortest route”, “fastest route”, “no M-way route” “scenic route” etc. if you havnt done already then take a look.
  10. I had a 2016 Prius for 3.5 years. Toyota service started off with 0w-20 then in the last year it went to 0w-16. I assume 0w-16 only became commonly available a few years ago. I ALWAYS informed the service desk when booking in I wanted 0w-20, and then later 0w-16. Coming on this forum aways kept me up to date what oils Mr Toyota recommended and that’s what I wanted.
  11. Just read a news snippet. A guy in California woken up about 2am to the sound of cat thief’s working on his car. He confronts them, and he stabbed and killed one. Wouldn’t recommend confronting them, would not do so myself, but it’s at least one scumbag gone.
  12. I live in Cheshire, got a friend who has been told how much dental treatment for a few fillings is going to cost him privately (he moved from Glasgow about 5 year ago back to Cheshire, no NHS dentist has vacancies). He reckons it would be cheaper to get an appointment with his dentist in Glasgow, jump on an early morning plane (Liverpool/Manchester) up to Glasgow, get treated, and back home for the evening. Crazy.
  13. 10 year old car getting a new hybrid battery foc, great news. A good dealer working for you - nice one.
  14. Going back to filters..... I just bought a MANN oil filter, £12. Could not get a MANN engine air filter so got a Crossland for £14. Reasonable prices I feel, both from Euro Car Parts.
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