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  1. Procedure When Stationary

    Well you almost there with the name calling. I have my eyes checked every 2 years and have new lenses if required BUT I still feel "blinded" by the car in front brake lights being on, especially in wet weather. Of course I can look elsewhere and often do, but still have the necessity to look ahead from time to time to see if traffic is moving. I know I was the original poster, but I think every scenario has now been covered. I know what my practice is going to be in the future, so thanks to all for their experiences.
  2. Procedure When Stationary

    What I saying next applies to non hybrid cars. If I see a car stationary at traffic lights or stuck in a queue for a longish time and the brake lights are on, not only do they dazzle, more so in wet weather, but also I assume the driver is holding the car in gear and potentially riding the clutch - which is doing the clutch/mechanics no good at all. Often say to myself "I wouldnt like to buy that as a used car - more an abused car. Of course thats not always the case but thats what I think.
  3. Procedure When Stationary

    Didnt know that Pete, thanks for the info, perhaps I should read the manual again and then again cause there are probably other snippets I dont know about.
  4. Procedure When Stationary

    When on a longish anticipated stop I now got used to pressing the left foot "handbrake" and slipping the gear selector into N. Starting off is then simply the case of having my right foot ready on the accelerator pedal, snicking the box into D and releasing the foot pedal, at the same time applying slight pressure on the accelerator. Actually, glad I got used to this because I was wondering what do I do on a hill start - now I know, its exactly what I am doing except with more co-ordination over right foot accelerator and left foot releasing the foot "hand" brake. .
  5. Front External Door Handles Sticking

    I would have been inclined to try the WD40 with the tube to get as near to the problem as possible. If WD40 released it then I would have sprayed some Lithium grease (white grease) again using the thin tube.
  6. Procedure When Stationary

    Thanks for all the replies/suggestions so far, keep them coming as to what YOU do. So far, I am with Joseph D, but open to more experiences.
  7. Procedure When Stationary

    Just to clarify.... when I said "foot brake" I meant the "hand brake" operated by the left foot. I dont like holding a car on its foot brake (right foot hold) especially at night or rainy weather as it blinds the car driver behind, and I have been taught (Institute of Advanced Motorist) that by holding a car on the foot brake (right foot) you havnt got full control in case of a shunt up the back ie your foot will likely come off the foot brake and the car then has no control.
  8. Procedure When Stationary

    I reading different things so bit confused. When coming to a stop ie traffic lights, what is the Toyota approved way of remaining stationary. I used to press "P", but recently read if someone smashes into the back of me and sends the car forward it will damage transmission. So I now started putting the foot brake on whilst still in "D", is this doing any harm? Is there a Toyota approved way???
  9. Activating the front seat passenger airbag

    What do you understand by "But on the dash it says it is not" ? Is there a warning light on or off?
  10. Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    I followed the instructions, sprayed (and its fine), used a microfibre cloth to wipe in a circular overlapping motion, left to dry (did other windows), used a second (clean/dry microfibre cloth) and buffed up. Note I use microfibre cloths - brilliant as they "grab" any dust/dirt about.
  11. Find Me An Auris Hybrid!

    I bought some from Aldi last Friday for £1.99.... they had Automate leather cleaner and Automate car polish as well. I thought my windows were clean but this shifted some muck. Rain just blobules now and rolls off. Did side windows and front/rear lights and the rear view camera on both our Prius and Auris.
  12. Hybrid Newbie

    Hi Dan (flandaddy), welcome to the forum. Re driving in town on EV. First of all the battery has to be well charged up, I am finding 3 bars or less and its a no go what ever you do. Once the engine is warmed up, when in "town" a light throttle should put the car in EV mode - your mpg reading should be at max ie 100mpg. If you have good battery charge you can press the EV button and it will go into electric mode but only as long as the battery charge is good enough and also as long as you are light footed and dont exceed a mph criteria - my Auris Hybrid tends to be about 28mph, above that speed or sharp acceleration and the engine kicks in. Another way is to "force" the car into EV mode. Do this by getting to the speed you want too (say 30mph) then lift you right foot off accelerator pedal for say 2 secs and then gently press the accelerator pedal and you should glide along in EV mode - until the battery drops below 3 or 2 bars, or you accelerate too hard. Doing this last method I can "force" EV mode at speeds of say 35-40 but I have to be be very gentle on the accelerator. What I dont do is hold traffic up trying to eek out better fuel consumption. ps you may want to amend your profile to show you have an Auris Hybrid (HEV), not just an Auris. You may ask a question some time in the future and it may not be so obvious you talking about a Hybrid Auris as opposed to a petrol/diesel Auris. If you had a Prius this would not be a moot point as all Prius are Hybrids (albeit some now are plug-in as well as hybrid ie PHEV)) Cant help you with the tyre pressure monitor system - seems to be a bit of a nusance.
  13. many mile from a full tank?

    I noticed the cold weather last week, despite the snow, was dry, and I started seeing the mpg in the hybrid getting better. Today after a 100 mile return trip to Llandudno I am about 2mpg better in from one week ago. Now at 55.6 on the Toyota computer.
  14. many mile from a full tank?

    Well I pretty sure that both our Auris Hybrid and Prius Hybrid wont reach 0-60 in the same time irrespective whether eco mode or pwr mode. Top speed, yes, ican understand that but acceleration seems speedier in pwr mode. And I thought 0-60 is about 10.6 secs in the Autris isnt it.
  15. Brake calipers

    That explains the noise I hear when I open the drivers door - sounded to me like a fan, but it’s a pump.