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  1. Looks like it’s a part out of the oil filter.
  2. when you can buy some Williams waterless clean/wax which has Carnuba wax in. Also buy some microfibre cloths, one to apply polish, the other to buff. Wash them in washing machine but NO softener. If car is filthy, then use a water only wash, dry off and then apply Carnuba wax polish and then buff up. Its so easy to apply, spray a panel, you don't need a lot, use microfibre cloth to spread about, it will remove tar spots, bird dropping. Buff up with second microfibre cloth. Can be applied on real hot day and still easy to buff up, or even a slightly damp still dries and buffs up. Cost - 4 x 1 litre spray bottles - £20. Might get couple microfibre cloths included. On a popular tv shopping channel, they do online orders if not currently showing on TV.
  3. Whenever I polish my car, and I use Williams waterless car clean/polish because it has Carnuba wax in it, I polish the alloy wheels as well (as recommended). This makes the alloys slippy, some brake dust will not adhere, the rest can be washed off easily next time you clean with Williams.
  4. If the slats on the air vent are horizontal which in the centre I think they are then there are plenty on ebay that will fit. I bought one for the wifes 2010 Auris and those centre vents are at an angle but fitted ok. Don't think it wil say "fits a 2017 Auris" if that is what you are looking for.
  5. Keith, you asked that question on Saturday in a different thread and you got a reply on Saturday. Tonys answer above is also correct.
  6. Due to coved-19 you may find your dealership shut as well.
  7. 125 acres of actual zoo, 15,000 animals, £20 adults, £15.45 children 3-17 year old, dearer in school holidays. About 3 miles from centre of Chester. About 6 mile from Chester is lie Planet aquarium, prices there about £1 cheaper then the zoo. So as prices go you would have a good day at the zoo.
  8. Yes, Chester is the county town of Cheshire. Ever been? Its a Roman town, now a city. And Chester zoo has been featured in one of the longer running animal programs that concentrates wholly on Chester zoo. Chester and the zoo is worthy of visiting, lots to see, then a trip up the Wirral peninsula, over night stay needed. My son lives in Oughtibridge, north west Sheffield - any where near. He is in the NHS, qualified paramedic but now works from home. Just got exams results, now got his Masters (mature student, now 42). As he is severe asthmatic he has been in lockdown for 2 weeks now.
  9. Lovely and sunny here near Chester, with mostly blue sky with some clouds.
  10. Catlover

    Design Fault

    Luke, the original post was made in Sept 2008, almost 12 years ago!
  11. Just like everything else that’s manufactured...... you pays your money and have a choice......remember the old saying - you can buy a mini or a jag. Both do the same job but the quality of a jag is better then a mini. Same with brake pads.
  12. That certainly is good to know, Jay. The wifes Auris is due for service and MOT towards end of May, so now both will be able to be left a bit, though I will contact my local Lindop Toyota dealership to see where they up to nearer the time.
  13. What do you wash the car with????