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  1. Annually I use internet comparison sites and every year LV are always no 1 or 2, usually 1. They send me a written quote about 4 weeks before renewal, I go on the internet and get it £25-£50 cheaper for the same thing. I due to press the button tomorrow as it’s due next Tuesday but we “going away” Friday (cat sitting for our son while he holidays). I have had 3 claims in 54 years, 2 against the other diver, 1 against my own, which was with LV last November. Simply rubbed paintwork whilst reversing, no dents, but it cost a staggering £2900 for the 2 cars. Took my car in to the paint shop 9am one morning, picked it up 27 hours later. I expect the other car would be the same. Both of us would have had a hire car for that time. I was staggered when they told me the cost.
  2. When stationary I would always ensure the handbrake is on. I dont know whether the Corolla has an actual HAND brake, in the Gen3 and Gen4 Prius (had both) the "handbrake" is foot operated.
  3. Yours Prius is a Gen 2, dig up "Pete B" on this fourm (he posts almost daily, he has owned Prius since the Gen1 and is very knowledgeable about Prius things.
  4. Obviously your visit to the Toyota dealer should be productive. Do ensure they are aware you would like them to take the car out on the road - that would be good if you could be the driver and them sat by the side of you. Do let u know what goes on.
  5. Not sure a garage can adjust the clutch, it may be what it is. Maybe others have a different view, that will be interesting. I would love to have a drive of it, get the feel of it myself, but you too far away.
  6. So, when stationary, in neutral, hand brake on 1) does it idle at constant revs? Or. Is it erratic ie goes up a bit, goes down a bit? 2) if you press on the throttle slowly do the revs go up smoothly.
  7. Had the bonnet release stuck in the open position (as you said you opened the bonnet that morning). The mechanism needS to be cleaned/lubricated occasionally.
  8. The computer system is programmed such that the battery will never be full, nor will it ever be empty. It’s to protect the battery, complete fill to empty apparently hurts the battery and will shorten its life. Just let the computer do it’s job, relax, and enjoy the drive.
  9. I prefer to stick with a UK based company.
  10. Catlover


    Good point FB's, but who really wants the hassle of debating whats what. Keep to a recommended service plan at least through warranty period. Of course, if you own the vehicle you can take the attitude "I can do what I want", but I dont think thats a clever attitude.
  11. Catlover


    Very likely thats your warranty gone to pot Mary - no up to date service recorded with Toyota (or an approved independent). Now it is important to keep them up to date to protect your investment (your car engine etc)
  12. Those Prius with the battery in the boot, just be aware what type of battery is standard. Apart from batteries giving off fumes, which Toyota sort by venting the battery via a tube through floor, there is also another serious consideration. With the battery being in the cab area of the car, if in a crash that bursts a battery open which is a standard acid battery, it is likely the acid will be thrown around the cab area causing serious injury to passengers/driver. The battery Toyota fit at factory is an AGM type, which stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. This type of battery was developed 40 years ago for military aircraft (in case they crashed I suppose).
  13. I reckon you going to find it the most relaxing and easiest car to drive you have had. re retro fit sat nav. I pretty sure it will already have been done. Suggest you do a search on this forum. Be careful though, map updates can be very expensive and still not fully up to date. My opinion is buy a stand alone sat nav with free updates - likely to be a much cheaper option.
  14. Have you lifted carpets to feel if the backing and under felt is damp?
  15. Catlover


    Lots of people buy service plans for many reasons including 1) you can pay monthly 2) it’s usually cheaper then paying for services annually 3) you know you getting main dealer service 4) warranty is kept in tact. My Prius and the wife’s Auris service books include an air filter inspection at 20,000 miles, and change the cabin filter at 20k. Of course you can ask the dealer to change them every 10k if you want. Filters only costing a couple quid, my search says even the cheapest cabin filter is about £8, but if you want a better quality charcoal filter you paying more. And as for recommending an owner with a car still in warranty to “ go to a local indie garage with some kind of good reputation”. It’s ok to go to an indie garage for service whilst under warranty, but you forgot to add that the indie has to be VAT registered and in case of a warranty claim it is on the car owner to prove parts used meet Toyota standard. Other main car manufacturers will be the same. You may have a grump against Toyota, it when advising others what they should do, don’t forget the facts need to be right.