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  1. I have just ignored that Bernard Foy said Highway Patrol was on 60 years ago - I used to watch it! 🙈
  2. At 33 secs that car in the slip road was very close to you, I pretty sure the adaptive cruise control would have acted in my Prius. But by then you are both too close, they were in the wrong, but you should have acted sensibly before the 33 sec mark.
  3. Pity there was not a traffic cop around when you undertook the black van - he would have stopped you, give you a strong caution or better still a fine, and the delay caused would have meant you wouldn’t have been in the situation with the car coming along the slip road to join the motorway. I agree, and voted, you had the right of way re the slip road incident, but voted “yeah” you should have slowed down and let the car into Lane 1. Maybe you relying too much on ACC, or in this case OpenPilot. Remember, these things are selective aids for the driver to choose.
  4. Should be interesting when a man in blue stops you for a serious chat. 😀
  5. Every year I search the internet to compare quotes. As an example I get quotes lower then £300 fully comp, but they go sometimes up to a £1000. Obviously either the car or me, or both, are not in their catchment so they price themselves out. I retired now, but I was a professional carpet cleaner. If I went to give a quote and I didn’t fancy the job I would stick a high price in. If I didn’t get the job then that was fine as I didn’t want it anyway. If for whatever reason the customer chose my high price, well then I would do it knowing I was going to get well paid for it. Same with the car i
  6. Probably Warrington Guardian just about 3 weeks ago. I got the item from news pop up on a regional basis. If I remember right one got 2 year and the other 21 months. I did post it on here at the time, will be on another catloc thread.
  7. Most worrying future time is now, just after you had a new cat fitted. If you park in the same spot they can come round again knowing you will have a new cat fitted. Catloc, already been said, is a deterrent. They don’t spend much more then a minute to chop a cat off, then they on to next one. If a catloc is going to slow them down then they may just not bother with yours and pass on. My advice, don’t park your car in a lonely quiet spot. They will love that. Here some good news, 2 cat thieves recently jailed up in north Cheshire.
  8. My Toyota dealer had a brilliant deal on for the tyres that were the original fit on my Prius with 15" wheels - Toyo at £50 inc vat, fitting, new valve, disposal. Ideal for my usage and a bargain price. For tyres I think the Toyota dealer is worth getting a quote from.
  9. That’s the first time you mentioned this. Maybe if you mentioned it in your original post you would have been sorted earlier.
  10. A I, my Prius shows a screen that tells you what %age of the time I running in EV mode. During the summer this could be 60-70% of the time, winter about 40-45% of the time. Normally I do approx 7500 miles yearly, so we’ll below the 10,000 miles max before a service. Add to that the amount of time the engine not turning probably means the engine has travelled the equivalent of say 4800 miles. Due to the pandemic this will be down to approx 2000 miles, but I still have to have a service every 12 months or 10000 miles whichever comes sooner, and it’s always at the 12 month point. Just got to suc
  11. Hi Hossam, it seems you have done your research well, read instructions and watched videos. You know the theory, now need to CAREFULLY put theory into practice. I suggest that is where others have gone wrong, they have not been careful enough. If you get the crankshaft and the camshaft teeth in the right position (get the manufacturers markers right place) then it should be ok. Just take your time, be careful, check your work carefully, you should be ok. Get it wrong, even by one tooth, then you will have problems. As Dean (furtula) says, take plugs out, revolve engine slowly by hand to check
  12. Lets face facts..... the roads in Britain are atrocious. Yhey have been neglected for so long now due to cutbacks etc, and with what the government has spent on covid this last 12 months, can anyone see milliions being spent on roads anytime soon? Actually, the government can borrow money virtually interest free, so why can't they borrow money to repair the roads. Not everyone is going to be travelling on HS2, whenever it is up and running.
  13. Andue, a lot of sat navs allow you to avoid places, or choose the shortest, fastest. Maybe the journey you dont want to do is the shortest (sat nav usually shows the route before you choose). Take a look and see what options you have.
  14. Couple years ago my Prius needed front tyres replacing. The originals were Toyo and were fine for my needs. My Toyota dealer offered a price of £50 each which included everything, fitting, valve, balancing, vat and disposal. No brainer, I had them fitted over a quiet gap inbetween Xmas and new year.
  15. You can claim from councils re damage to car via potholes, but you need to report to council and they will want evidence ie photos of pothole and damage, so don’t dispose of the damaged tyre/wheel. Do a search for “(your council name) pothole damage to car” or something like that, and get these bad potholes reported and genuine claims put in. The more claims on a council the more likely they will want to sort out the pothole. The lock down would have been a good time for road authorities to sort potholes but they claim, maybe genuinely, they been starved of money. My local council is spen
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