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  1. Assuming you have no furry toy animals, or anything else, obstructing the microphone in your Yaris, and you are talking loud enough, I would let the dealership handle the problem.
  2. Looks a lovely car. What’s the interior like? Where is the vehicle kept?
  3. Be best to record it and post on this thread.
  4. What would I want to do to my complex car it in the wilds - not much I suspect.
  5. A younger generation wouldn’t probably be bothered having to use online manuals, those of a certain mature age hasn’t got used to the idea. Probably costs quite a bit to produce a 1000 page book, and if one manufacturer starts not printing can be sure others will follow to save costs and remain competitive.
  6. If your battery is in the boot, you need an AGM battery for safety sake. If your car gets slammed up the back, the battery may burst throwing acid everywhere (if non AGM battery).
  7. Have you overfilled the engine oil.???? Check when engine is cold and standing on level ground. Pull dipstick out, wipe clean, replace, leave for 30 seconds, remove carefully and check. There is a max and min mark. The oil should not be below min mark, nor above max mark.
  8. I would imagine if you need to go into London on a regular basis you would be very happy if you have a hybrid that qualifies for zero charge due to low emissions. The fact is as of today, battery only operated cars don’t do a great mileage before top needed, and then the infrastructure isn’t there to support the need. Obviously as technology of battery size makes them smaller, and technology makes them last longer, and more charging points, new petrol cars will cease to be produced. Alas, that is all a good few years away. Until then I think a hybrid is a very good compromise. Toyota hybrids have been on the road in the uk for the last 20 years, but I think it’s only in the last 3-4 years that new hybrid vehicle sales have really took off, and their seems to be a good market for second hand vehicles. Virtually all the major manufacturers have got hybrid or battery vehicles in the market, and more appearing every year. It’s called progress and your can’t stop it.
  9. The wife has a 2010 Auris hybrid and in the summer can get over 60mpg. Figures dip in the winter as the petrol engine kicks in more. Servicing is no dearer, just get the hybrid battery checked out at the same time 9not really heared anyone have problems with the hybrid battery). The auto box on hybrids are a dream to live with. Very simple, really nothing to get used to except your left leg is redundant. Dont listen to anyone who tries to put you off a automatic by saying they use a lot more fuel then a manual gearbox. That may be true with conventional auto boxes with a torque convertor, but the Toyota auto box in Auris and Prius are fuel efficient and I have not read any report yet that says someone has had a problem. Just 4 settings - D for drive, R for reverse, P for park, and B used when going down steep hills to give a braking assist. And the gear engages electronically, no crunching etc, and being auto there is some help with hill starts. Just beautiful and so relaxing to drive. You will pay more for a hybrid then just a petrol model, but you will also get more back when (if) you sell. Go test drive both and you will see (feel) what is being talked about.
  10. Is that every time you drive the vehicle, or was it a one off.
  11. I understand that most solicitors will give you half hour interview in which they/you can decide whether to persue deeper. I would check this out, and go for it if deemed advantageous. You use the term "I believe", it doesnt matter what you believe or not believe.... what matters is the law and arguably the only one that will know the intricies of law is one who is qualified in it. The start of your 2nd para may be one such case. Its as if you are rejecting the 30 day rule because you had a short test drive, took the car and it was "only later when the car had throughly warmed up and encountered stop/start traffic". For all you know this may well be admissible for a successful claim, you dont know that, but a solicitor would. In 30 minutes free with a solicitor you can get through the detail like you shown in the 2nd paragraph. Is it worth a 30 minute interview with a knowledgable person? or keep trying forums which are full of amateurs (no disrespect to anyone). If you keep going on the forums, no doubt you will find someone who agrees with your thinking and bingo!..... they are right, I just give up and accept this lemon of a car.
  12. Here you are Jeff, a link to some good interpretation of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and rejecting a car. It covers the 30 day rule, the 6 month rule, and even after 6 months rejection. Interesting re the 30 day rejection - if your used car has a significant fault that was present when you bought it (as opposed to developing afterwards) you can reject the car within the first 30 days and get a full refund. the under 6 month rejection - (more then 30 days but less then 6 months), you have to give the selling dealer one attempt to fix the fault before moving to reject the vehicle. If the repair has not fixed the fault, you can reject the vehicle. After the 6 months - then the onus comes to you to prove the fault was present when you bought the car. So you complained within the first 30 days, have you kept a log of dates/times the fault came to light, you contacted the dealer, posted on here, contacted outside bodies etc. You need to build a case on facts. See the link that was simply a search on the internet. Go to the botton of that link and you will see Toyota (among others) are The Car Experts gold partners, whatever that means, but may prove useful.
  13. What do I have.? June 2018 I had a 59 plate Prius Gen3. I bought it late Jan 2018 with 100,000 on the clock, private sale in Liverpool, been a taxi. I loved the car so much I traded it in at the end of July for 66 plate Prius Gen4. Best car I have owned in 55 years of driving. yes, let me know of shows in Cheshire this year please.
  14. I am very impressed you do so much work on your vehicles, but I am sure you agree you are not the typical vehicle owner. I would like to think all check their engine oil and tyre pressures regularly, but in reality I would think the numbers fall short........ some cant be bothered/know how, to check their windscreen washer bottle. 😀
  15. Thanks for that Fballs, that makes the big battery warranty even more impressive then I thought.