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  1. I always use supermarket petrol, and some times Costco, BUT I always add Archoil AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex from Powerenhancer. Check it out.
  2. Are you the original owner? If not, it may be worth looking into any documentation you have. In the past I have written the code on the front of the service book, or just inside, also the car manual/entertainment manual (if separate).
  3. As you rightly say. Peter, engine oil in a diesel will get dirtier much quicker then on a petrol engined car. Your assumption is probably right as well. As the dealer had the sump off they took the opportunity to clean the inside of it. Just draining the oil will not give that effect, just shows (or not) what residue remains. A flushing oil may help at engine oil change times, it will circulate the engine and help clear somewhat the oil ways as well- you can imagine how dirt they get, potentially blocking oil ways and thus greater chance of causing engine damage. I assume as technology has increased there are more efficient ways of keeping the inside of an engine clean, like there are more efficient ways to lubricate an engine, and lets facew it, taking a sump off at every oil change is not really practical, you had to do it for other reasons.
  4. Catlover

    Loss of power

    That is a fan to cool the large hybrid battery under the rear seat. Yes the intake can get blocked with air borne matter. The intake needs to be kept clear at all times ie no coats etc hanging over it etc. Is it "normal", well it happens, it will be mentioned in your handbook, but obviously not desirable. Go on YouTube, the Prius system is same as Auris, so you will find plenty ways to clean it, but prevention is the best way.
  5. For the microphone, look toward the interior light cluster/switch’s up near the windscreen on roof lining .
  6. My experience with stop/start is the whole battery system has to be 100%. I bought a 24month old i30, and took it back to the dealer when the stop/start realty worked. They put the car battery on slow charge for 24 hours which improved the situation greatly, but there were still so many circumstances that it would not work.
  7. I have tried to register the wife’s 2010 Auris hybrid but after entering all the details and pressing the correct button nothing happens. I don’t get anything back so I presume it’s a duff system.
  8. Just done a quick search on the internet, asked a general question "what pressure does a air con unit in a car run at". Answer came back indicated 75-100 PSI (thats about 5-6.2 bar.
  9. The wife’s 2010 Auris hybrid shows fuel range, not a clue with new Corolla hybrid. Was at my local Toyota dealer yesterday for my Prius third service. Again, no Corolla in the showroom. There was an estate outside, looked like the test car.
  10. Of course, Keith, thats obviously it. 👍
  11. I just had my Prius serviced today by Mr Toyota. I usually specify when booking in over the phone and when I actually drop the vehicle off that 0w-20 is used. Today I forgot, BUT when I went back to collect (and pay😪) I asked what oil was put in and it was actually stated on the Invoice/Service sheet , 0w-20. So not all Toyota dealers are going for the option of biggest profit margin (if indeed many or none are doing that). Though 5w-30 is acceptable, in the case of the Prius (and Auris Hybrid), 0w-20 is mentioned first so that in my mind is the preferred choice and thus what I want. I dont know what the service handbook says re 2009 petrol Auris says. As for changing from semi to full synthetic I dont know if there would be a negative reaction, I suspect not. What is important, and all the more so you doing short runs and not a lot of annual miles is to change the oil and filter regularly in accord with manufacturers recommendations or even sooner. Every 2 years is way to long. Compared to potential engine problems the cost of 5 litre of oil and a filter is cheap. The way to longevity is to change the oil and filters, no secret to that.
  12. Why not ask your Toyota dealer for their opinion on 5w-30 v 0w-20 and semi syn v full syn. Hopefully they would know best from their experience.
  13. Oil, how come “never buy a second hand Hyundai”. Hyundai is the mother company of Kia, Hyundai give A 5 year warranty and Kia a 7 year warranty. Nothings free, so o suspect Kia charge a little more for their equivalent car to Hyundai. Be interesting to know why yo u”down” a Hyundai, a car I have a lot of respect for.
  14. So, the computer recognised what was required, kicked in at 2 bars and put enough into the battery to keep you going. Computer programmers at Toyota must of been thinking of you, Mick, when they did the design.
  15. In 2015 I bought Hyundai i30. Lovely looking car, nice extras etc. Thought it was to be my car for good few years. Alas, any journey over 20 miles and my right hip was killing me. Adjusted everything I could, added a cushion (of different types), but nothing would sort out the problem. Just under 6 months later I part ex it for Qashqai, no problem, the mk2 Yaris I had before the Hyundai was no problem, nor the Auris hybrid after the Qashqai, nor the gen3 Prius after the Auris, nor the current Gen4 Prius. Why the i30 was a problem I don’t know, and I never sorted it. What I do know, when I was changing the Qashqai for the Auris Hybrid I insisted on a test drive in excess of 25 miles. I now 72 and the Gen4 is no problem, one of the comfiest driver positions I ever had.