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  1. Catlover

    USB port and a standard CD player

    It’s a shame you cannot get you in-laws to have a go with usb stick with all their cd’s on. Changing a cd after 12-15 tracks was a real pain to me, and storing my 6 or 7 favourite cd’s in the car a bigger pain, but yes I got to hear “my music”. The gen3 Prius I had, I could play individual cd’s, or copy them onto a hard drive (2010 model Prius) which I thought was fantastic. When I bought my Gen4 Prius I assumed I would have to go back to storing cd’s again in the car. But it was this forum that led me to sit down in front of my computer and copy my cd’s to USB. This also had the advantage of not copying tracks I didn’t like. Result is I have 1016 tracks on my USB stick which I can play in order, shuffle them automatically, select songs by artist name of by cd. So convenient, takes up very little room, no changing discs, no risking scratching cd’s, and the quality is still there. If I were you I would just get an 16gb USB stick, put all their favourites on it, set it up in their car, take one of your in-laws out to their car, tell him/she you couldn’t find a set up to allow a portable CD player to operate (which is true at this moment) then show them what you done and how easy, convenient, and safe it is to use a USB stick. Jobs a good un.
  2. Catlover

    Should I buy a plug in?

    You are right saying fuel consumption of 78/79 mpg would be low consumption, but I read Joseph D quote as his “fuel consumption” was high in the seventies ie maybe 78/79 mpg.
  3. Catlover

    How to disable passenger airbag?

    2008 Prius - if not in the same place, then perhaps in the passenger glove box..... maybe
  4. You doing well to ask re engine oil and anti-freeze if you not sure. Do you have a manual for the car? If so it usuallytells youin their whatthe minimum specs are, just go for something withthe minimum or above and you should be ok. As for the green coolant light, that should also be in the car manual. As said by Bathtub Bob, showing green when engine is cold is what it should do, and go out when the water temp gets to a set point. Its cheaper to put a bulb in then a temperature gauge. As Bob says, the red light should not come on, when it does it may mean the car cooling system has a problem.
  5. Catlover

    chugg and smell

    What sort of journeys is the car used for ie short local, longer journeys, m-ways, A/B roads???
  6. Catlover

    CVT life

    Just buy anyToyota hybrid, the engineering seems top notch, and that includes hybrid CVT. The Prius hybrid has been in use 19 years in the uk, and you dont read of any problems with CVT as far as I know.
  7. Catlover

    2nd gen hybrid battery failing

    In what way? - for better for worse?
  8. Catlover

    Carista App for Gen 4 Prius

    But for the £15.99 for Carista dongle, yes you get 1 month free trial, during which time you can turn the sound of indicator clicker dow (I turned it up!) but as listed by RWaggers you get access to alter loads of things and back again if you see no benefit.......... but also Carista dongle works with a load of other software available, some free, some you pay for, which will identify faults and clear the light. Some are available for Apple, some for Android, some no doubt for both. Monarchjock quoted Dr Prius as one, and I just found it on Apple store, maybe on Android as well.
  9. Catlover

    Water Leak At Windscreen

    Could try your hair dryer, drying first from the outside of the stain inwards. Have a damp cloth and keep wiping from outside of the stain inwards as it drys. I try to keep away from car washes, the power of the jets can easily strip paint if too close, and easily water will find a way through seals. Unless the operator is trained on proper procedures then damage of all sorts can be done, and you have no comeback. You might get away with it 100 times, its the 101st that can hurt you.
  10. Catlover

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    My friend has a Ford Focus with a small turbo petrol engine, his mpg is way above what you suggesting small engines do.
  11. Catlover

    Very Poor Fuel Consumption

    Your mpg does seem low, but no experience of a petrol only Auris. (Wife has a hybrid). Low tyre pressures will make mpg worse, as well as wearing tyre faster and unevenly. If tyres are losing pressure in days they need sorting ie testing for leaks, possible valve leakage or slow puncture.
  12. Catlover

    Carista App for Gen 4 Prius

    Cost of Carista subs :- £33.91 per year, or £9.99 for a week. However you get 1 month free trial (you sign up for annual subscription and have to cancel it before und of 1 month to stop payment). Not all aspects are available on all car makes/models. Carista adaptor cost £15.99
  13. Catlover

    Carista App for Gen 4 Prius

    Re RWaggers very informative post showing all the Carista settings for a Prius Gen4, I am coming to the end of my free trial (19th ie Monday) and whilst I find it interesting I dont want to be paying a yearly subscription. However I have applied 3 of the tweaks - my indicator clicker is now louder, my indicators now flick for 7 times then cancel if I only move the stalk a small distance, and also auto headlight activation threshold - I need some clarification please on the latter. There is Normal, Darker, Darkest, Lighter and Lightest. What I want to do with the Auto Headlight Activation Threshold to do is auto switch to main beam when the road ahead is darker then the normal setting. Is it a case of pure logic to say that Darker or Darkest is my choice to do that? Sometimes the main beak comes on when I am still in a lighted up area, albeit not the modern bright road lamps. Logic tells me to go Darker or Darkest..... confirmation my thoughts are right or not. Do I go Darkest or Lightest? Hope I explained it ok.
  14. Catlover

    Buying new Prius - got few questions

    I chose to buy a used Prius Gen4 Excel, one of my requirements was 15” wheels. This was based on 2 things 1) comfort of the ride, 17” low profile may look smarter but the low profile does give a harder ride and with all the potholes this was too harsh for me. 2) with 15” less chance of kerbing damage because they have a deeper side wall. I bought a used gen3 with 17” wheels, first thing I did was spend £300+vat to have them refurbished. re your extras, the gen3 had Toyota wind deflectors to all 4 doors, I liked them so fitted them to the Gen4. I bought direct from Climair in Kent, just under £100 inc vat. Easy to fit (easier on a warm day as they will bend easier). You can get cheaper makes, but from watching You Tube I don’t think as good quality as Climair. You can crack open a window and not have rain blowing in, wind noise is reduced etc, helps to keep car fresh and not misting up as easy. A good buy IMO. I do have fitted the genuine Toyota protection pack, all 4 door kick plates, rear load area protection, all in chrome. Plus I got load area rubber mat. Don’t know cost of these as they were already fitted. I have bought, non Toyota rubber floor mats - 3 pieces. Very snug fit, drivers side has the 2 fixing points (mot failure if driver mat loose I believe), and a one piece rear mat which goes across the very low centre tunnel and from door to door. Off EBay for about £25 - a bargain, very durable and good looking. For such an outstanding looking car (IMO), the Dacuma grey takes something away. Road dirt dries light grey, so for a taxi silver would be my best choice, though my Supersonic Red looks fantastic. If using as a taxi and as you may get time between some calls, I would recommend Williams waterless car cleaner/polish. Has Carnuba wax in, can be applied in high sun, or damp weather, is very easy to buff up (unlike conventional polish I have tried). Get some microfibre cloths, 1 to apply, 1 to buff, jobs a good in. Cheap too, get Williams off Ideal World shopping tv channel, four 1 lire botttles with a handy spray nozzle, For £20 + p&p. One litre should do a full Prius clean about 6 times, though you probably do part cleans whilst waiting.
  15. Catlover

    Clicking noise from steering

    Thank you for very clear photo Baki. From what I understand, it is the splines on the shaft sticking up through the floor that need greasing, and the bolt on part that fastens onto that shaft that needs fastening tight - so tight others have fitted a high tensile bolt to enable it fastening tighter. There is a similar joint further up, about 150mm, which is the same. I do not think it is the universal joint (your 4 closed bearings) that need attention.