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  1. Your right FBalls, but it would be nice to have "lifetime" support even knowing that lifetime is not the lifetime of the vehicle owner, nor of the life of the car but will stop sometime. I dont even know if the 3 year I have is across the whole Toyota range. I do have a TomTom, bought before I got this Gen4 Prius/ I will use the Toyota sat nav until it is out of date to the point it is causing me navigation problems, then go back to TomTom, though by then it probably wont be the TomTom I currently own.
  2. Thought I had done a reply earlier Keith, saying thank you, but must not have pressed the Submit button. Dummy (me not you) Keith, mine was registered 30 Sept, so I got just over 5 weeks to go. I will book it in for its MOT, get the map upgraded, and a new wiper blade on the rear at the same time.
  3. Is my Prius Gen4 sat nav map up to date??? Currently shown as 6.12.OWH 2018v2
  4. When you try to start.... do the dashboard lights go dim?
  5. Catlover

    Eco map

    Not headed of it, what is it? And why does it appeal to you?
  6. According to your service book, what was the mileage at the first service?
  7. Assuming your info is correct, Stevie J, that was a very informative post. If I was the original poster I would be checking when the transmission was last serviced and fluid changed first. Seen so many posts where an oil change solved so many problems..
  8. Catlover

    Clutch life

    Have you had the car from new ie can you categorically say it’s done 139,000 miles on the original clutch? Replacement, genuine Toyota parts? Who fitted the replacement? Any change in driving habits? Additional drivers?
  9. Watch the next Formula E race to see it is NOT science fiction. It’s happening “today”.
  10. Any one watch Formula-E, the alternative to F1 petrol driven cars (although they have a Hybrid system). Formula-E, all electric F1 type cars, came on the scene about 4-5 years ago. They race mostly in cities, not race tracks, around the world ie Rome, Paris, New York etc. When F-E started, drivers had to pit about half way through to change cars. Their batteries would not last a full race and stopping to charge is not a viable option. SO, a spare car with a full charge had to be available. When a driver pitted was up to race strategy built on how well the driver had "looked after" his battery. This year a car can, and does, a full race on one battery. You see, technology has advanced to make batteries smaller and more powerful. That technology in F-E is transferred to road cars. Further, a race driver can choose if he wants, to run (race) over a different part of track to normal racing line, and pass over a booster station within the road surface. SO, he gets a battery boost meaning he can put his foot down more, because he has extra energy available in the car to do it. Going off the racing line will cost him time, so he has to weigh up the advantage of an extra power boost, against the disadvantage of taking a second or two longer. Point is, the battery charge came from a "charging station" under the road surface. Thats where F-E is today - that technology will be available in electric road vehicles "tomorrow", its there, being tested and refined in racing situations where reliability is key to being successful, its not fairy story, its real. Just think where that technology could be............ M-Ways (inside lane?), approaching roundabouts (cars slow enough to pick up large chunk of charge), entrance to supermarket car parks (extra slow speed, bigger charge picked up). How would that suit the house/flat holder with no drive and no easy prospect of using a "home" charging point.? Problem solved. The start of the industrial revolution is what, less than 200 years ago. Just imagine what will be done in the next 20-40-60 years. Mind boggling
  11. First mentioned in this thread July 20th, then again July 21st and then July 22nd
  12. Michael, I must be missing something here...... you soak leather trim in fairy liquid overnight and then wring it out....... how do you do that with. For example, a car seat?
  13. Thing is Pete, I truly cannot remember when I last had a flat, and thats in the 2 cars we have had at the same time for the last 30 years of so. So, is there a need for a full spare, or spacesaver? Views will differ I know.
  14. Been said (many times) before - its not just about fuel economy savings. Its about the car travelling without burning fossil fuel for longer, ie driving past schools, busy pedestrian areas with no exhaust emissions etc that appeal to some drivers.