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  1. Got it, as 1.2 is dropped that only leaves Corolla being sold as an Hybrid with choice of 1.8 or 2.0 engine.
  2. Out of interest Lee, what % sales of Corolla were hybrid??
  3. And as I understand, apart from commercial vehicles and Hi-Lux they are stopping selling diesel engined vehicles by end of this year, but for different reasons then cam chain failures.
  4. In a prius, there is no way I can see that you could see anywhere near the front of the car, except by sticking vertical "sticks"at the two "corners". You know, though, its about 6 foot in front of where you sat. My Prius Excel has front beepers anyway, which work like the rears and warn you when you getting near an object. The same when both wife and I had around year 2010 Yaris Mk2, couldnt really see any of the bonnet, but we knew where it was.
  5. If you go to “glide” and take your foot off throttle you will soon find you drawing to a stop. It’s glide as in light on the throttle so you keeping the vehicle in EV mode. You will slow down but very gradually, and as you are in EV mode you are using some battery power, how much depends what you doing with the right foot. Lots of You Tube videos demonstrating plus and glide. Take a look.
  6. IMO, Pete, a darker colour shows swirls more then lighter ones iewhite, silver. My red Gen4 Prius can show marks much more then the loads of silver ones I have had.
  7. Generally, batteries don’t like the cold, they perform less efficiently, therefore one reason why hybrid mpg figures take a dive in winter. Add to that, the engine takes longer to warm up and quicker to cool down, thus meaning the computer tells it to fire up more, then, again mpg goes down. Then you have ancillaries like cabin warmth, demisters, heated seats, lights, wipers etc, so mpg again takes a hit. In the wife’s 2010 Auris Hybrid, and my Gen4 Prius, last year we noted a 8-10mpg drop. Once the outside temperature drops below 10 degree I am expecting a drop in mpg.
  8. Does using the air con not help to clear the screen, and keep it clear.
  9. What have other manufacturers done to solve the problem?
  10. Perhaps I not understanding your question. The bonnet slopes away so it is not seen, the seat can be adjusted up and down. Some people like sitting in a car (that’s low), others like sitting on top of a car (that’s high). I am happy with the view I get of the road ahead, no problems.
  11. The problem is not that the car design makes it easy for Cats to be stolen. The problem is the thieves who do the stealing. Have you thought of asking your MP to ensure the government makes sufficient provision to ensure would be thieves are deterred from doing acts of stealing.
  12. When I am sat in my Gen4 Prius I cannot see any of the Bonnet (Hood), and when you see the bonnet profile from the side of the vehicle it is easy to understand.
  13. Hi Jon, I not a fan of cruise control, it’s a convenience I can live without, and especially since I got a Auris hybrid about 30 months ago (now with a Prius). I find I can get better economy without ccontrol, by accelerating smoothly up to the speed I want, then lifting foot off throttle just for a moment, then lightly squeezing throttle. This usually forces the car to use the hybrid battery (assuming there is battery power available). Over a period of time you may slow down somewhat, but then you repeat the smooth acceleration followed by taking foot of throttle momentarily. It’s called “pulse and glide”, one of the techniques used to get good mpg from hybrids (see You Tube). I view Norfolk to be a flat county, don’t know if that is true on the journey you make. I find flat roads driving more difficult to get good mpg then roads with gradients, that’s my experience of hybrid driving. I used to get about 62mpg during the summer in my Auris. The wife has the car now and she does about the same. During winter this drops to early-mid fifties. My experience of using eco mode, normal, of PWR is similar to yours, it doesn’t make much difference to economy. I find the difference is the sensitivity of the throttle alters. In PWR mode, just a touch will mean sharper acceleration, whereas in eco mode more pressure has to be applied. lots of tips on You Tube on how to get best mpg from a hybrid, I found lots for Prius, it Auris hybrid principles are the same.
  14. Did Toyota customer services not elaborate when they said it maybe the way it is driven?