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  1. Since the "Beast from the East"....

    Due to the much warmer weather this last week or so, last Thursday I zeroed the dashboard mpg and started again. Not done a lot of miles since (maybe 65 miles) but doing 66.1 mpg at the moment. This is obviously going to settle down somewhere, but does reflect that weather does make a difference as well as how you drive. Last summer best I got from the now wifes Auris hybrid was 62.3.
  2. Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    Ok, this morning I fitted the dashcam to my Prius, as our friends said earlier it is achievable. True, the fabric is not as soft as the Auris but I managed to hide the cable. Just tweaking the cam position now. Thanks guys.
  3. Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    I had a dashcam in what is now the wifes Auris Hybrid. From top of windscreen driver side I hid the wire behind the trim. The trim was soft and I could push the wire in, down the door behind the rubber, under the dash, along tunnel to cig lighter socket where I had a 2x USB adaptor. Now I have a Prius, I would like to do the same, but the fabric along top of windscreen is hard and I not sure I can hide the cam cable the same as I did in the Auris. Has anyone fitted a dashcam in a Prius?? If so, how did you do it?? Be nice to hard wire it in but hav'nt a clue where any wires are to connect into. Any ideas, hard wire or wire all the way back to the cig lighter connector under gear change tunnel??
  4. Since the "Beast from the East"....

    You doing well, Danny. One week since my last post and not been able to improve on 59.0, in fact it fell as low as 58.7, but just got back to 58.8 yesterday. All due to the cold weather we had last week. Looking good for tis week though, weatherwise.
  5. 2013 Auris 1.6 Touring Thrust Bearing

    It wasnt you missing something Gerg, it was me missing an odd brain cell or two when making the reply.
  6. 2013 Auris 1.6 Touring Thrust Bearing

    Should have bought an Hybrid Auris - no clutch to worry about, and as they have CVT transmission then ideal for stop start city traffic
  7. 2013 Auris 1.6 Touring Thrust Bearing

    Does sound like the thrust bearing. What you probably dont know is how was the first 26k miles managed. Was the clutch abused by someone resting their foot on it (assuming thats not how you drive). Thrust bearing wont be too much to buy, getting at it takes time, time=labour charges. What you may find when stripped down is that the clutch is heavily worn as well, so you may have to factor in a clutch change as well, and seeing you already paid strip down labour it might be a good idea at 58k to change the clutch anyway. Edit - mrpj and myself must have been typing at the same time.
  8. Auris hybrid tyre wear

    As Dean says, no point leaving the problem and fitting new tyre - just chucking money away. Problems rarely solve them selves, the front end needs checking out. Could be multiple of things.
  9. Since the "Beast from the East"....

    Another warm day, just got to 59.0mpg by this afternoon. Slowly getting better.
  10. High mileage on a used Auris Hybrid- OK?

    Hi Rebecca and welcome to the forum. So you have an eye on a Toyota Hybrid, a Prius or an Auris. Funnily enough I was in the same position last May. I researched the cars, found lots of useful info both here in Uk and US. Some Hybrids, usually the Prius (not sure whether the Auris is released in US) have done 250k miles and still look and drive well (according to the owners). For your info (just in case you didnt know it) both the Prius and Auris have the same Hybrid parts in - ie 1800cc petrol engine, a large battery pack under the rear seat (which owners dont need to touch) and a CVT "gearbox. If the "big" battery is charged you can drive up to about 20mph for about a mile on EV electric vehicle. Doesnt seem much but these cars are not wholly battery driven that need to be plugged in to charge up. Hybrid technology is petrol engine plus battery - at times the revolution of the wheels and braking charges the big battery up. Today I been cruising along a flat road at 40mph and the car showed it was doing its max on the gauge of 100mpg, so the battery is assisting the drive, petrol engine being used lightly. The CVT transmission is really good. You have D for drive, R for reverse, B for assisted engine braking when going down steep hills, n for neutral and P for park. For most driving it D for drive, no gear changing and unlike majority of automatic gearboxes there are no gear changes taking place automatically - its stepless and it is so smooth, and if like me, you will wonder why you didnt find Toyota Hybrids sooner. Prius or Hybrid, as I said the Hybrid system is common to both models. The Auris body is shared with petrol and diesel systems as well as Hybrid, the Prius is ONLY available in Hybrid form and is designed to slip through the air with little drag, so gets very good mpg, a bit more then the Auris even though the Auris being smaller will be lighter. The Prius costs more new, but both keeps there prices well, so year for year, equal condition, model, miles etc you will find Prius to be more expensive used - I was looking around the £7k range and the Prius was about £2.5k more. You get more boot space in the Prius and more rear passenger legroom (its huge in the Prius), so its your choice which you go for. High mileage vehicles. I not too afraid going for higher lies if the price is set accordingly. What I do look for on any car, and especially high mileage is service stamps in the vehicle service book, stamps (services) on time, and preferably main dealer stamps, but other dealer stamps are ok. With the car you looking at £180k+, it says 15 service stamps. This should be 17 (every 10k) but 15 not bad. Check to see if they done by Mr Toyota. I not heard any problems with the engines, and my research did not pull up problems with the main battery. Good job because they cost approx £4,000 to replace. But no where did I read any advert for an Auris nor prius that said "new Hybrid battery fitted", and you would definitely promote that if you were selling wouldnt you - I know I would. You just dont get problems with them. In fact for £45 Toyota will check the Hybrid battery. - well worth it. The dealer selling the black Auris is also selling a white one with 150k miles for about £800 more. I hate black cars, get dirty so quick, I would buy white over black any day and road dirt doesnt show up as much on white as it does on black paintwork (road dirt is grey) In fact my fav colour for a car is silver - its nearer to grey and I dont wash my car for weeks and it still looks pretty good - maybe brush wash the wheels - but, hey, thats a personal thing. As for the rest of the ccar (Auris or Prius) the interiors seem to last well, and all the other mechanics ie brakes, tyres, exhausts, etc are to be viewed as any other car, they need checking by any perspective purchaser. A long MOT is a good thing (both the black and white ones have Jan 19 Mot - good). I would go and test drive both cars, and if there is a Prius for sale within your travel range go and test that as well just to try the driving experience. My wife has an Auris Hybrid (8 years old like my Prius but only 67k miles as compared with my Prius 107k) and I prefer to drive the Prius. I notice both the black and the white Auris for sale have 15 inch wheels (quality tyres on them), both have kerbing scuffs (talk down the price). Alternative is 17" wheels. 17" tyres tend to give a harder ride but more stable on fast bends, 15" wheels give a softer ride because there is more side wall that flexes and adds to the "suspension" effect. Happy hunting, and do have a look at slightly older Prius cars, say 05-08 reg. These will be Gen 2 models which have a 1500 engine but basically the same Hybrid effect with CVT transmission. I have seen 05-08 models with 50,000-70,000 miles around the £4k mark, and still looking VERY good. Prius do hold their price. Added - try not to do a part exchange. If you can go in with no p/ex and cash you could come away with a bargain. Buy privately and you could end up with a better bargain - but no warranty. Choices....!!!!
  11. Since the "Beast from the East"....

    I was really made up today. Where I live, a village around 6 miles east of Chester, I rarely see a Prius, even in Chester city centre I cant remember seeing one. Well today, we went about 18 miles t Warrington - where we lived for just over 40 years. I was made up when driving into the town centre I was passed by not one but two white Prius taxis. I stopped at Sainsburys to fuel up (112.9p/litre-always cheap in Warrington) and a silver Prius taxi drew up - and that was a 59 plate like mine. Then we were just driving off a supermarket car park and another white Prius wizzed past this time a 55 plate so a Gen2. So that was 4 within about 50 minutes. I would loved to have had a chat with the drivers - compare notes and probably me learning something. A good day, and a warm day so mpg went up again by about ,6
  12. Since the "Beast from the East"....

    Wow, thats doing well. In summer in the Auris H is was getting 62-63 and though that was good, but high 60'2/low 70's thats brilliant. Harters, thanks for that.
  13. Gen 3 fuel tank size.

    I was chatting with Mr T at my local dealer just couple weeks ago. He said never run out of petrol in a hybrid. And if you do do not continue to drive just on what ever battery power is left, you will run out of battery power and that causes a big problem. Apparently to get the big battery up and running again it takes a special charging unit and there are only 2 in the country. Every dealer knows where these are at any point in time and can get hold of one within 24 hours - but its the time and trouble that flattening the main hybrid battery causes.
  14. Since the "Beast from the East"....

    Harters, how much did you dip due to winter weather. I only got my Prius in early February so still to run through a summer. However the Auris Hybrid which the wife has (was mine last summer) dipped from 62 down to 52. It is currently 54.2, and thats with the wife driving which I am very pleased about because she no eco minded as much as me, so she doing well.
  15. The Beast from the East reigned, what, four maybe five weeks ago. What I noticed since is that my fuel consumption has bettered itself by about 5 mpg (according to onboard computer. Before the BftE I was doing about 52.8 and now I am doing 57.7 and generally getting better. Anyone else noticed the same thing????