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  1. Catlover

    Screenwash level check

    If you use a lot in the winter then that's the best thing to do.
  2. Hi Pete, I must have a completely different Gen4 to you (its a "standard" Excel - not plug-in). I can turn the auto headlights off, in fact, to turn them on I push the light stalk backward (toward the dash) to activate them. I getting confidence in them as I use them now in darker nights. And I am 6ft tall, and get sit in the back seats comfortably with clearance for my head, and I got short legs (28" inside) so from waist up must be quiet long, therefore I should be hitting the roof, but that's no the case. Strange.
  3. Thanks for that link, I saw some review of Honest Johns list yesterday but now can see whats behind the listing. Certainly enjoying my purchase of a 2016 Prius Excel, such a joy to drive, but probably not found all the gadgets yet.
  4. Catlover

    What's up with my brakes??

    Yikes! To me that sounds excessive. Sure the 3 hybrids I driven (Auris, Gen3, current Gen4) creak and groan when I been stationary overnight, especially if its been raining or very damp, but sure couldn't put up with it to an excess. But if its not an excess to you, Jay, that's fine.
  5. Catlover

    Gen 4 Prius, PiP and Hybrid C-HR Recall

    Just got my recall letter today for the Prius.
  6. Catlover

    What's up with my brakes??

    What Keith says may tie in with the fct you had all brakes changed last year, at a non-Toyota dealer, and they may have fitted parts in correctly.
  7. Catlover

    What's up with my brakes??

    Altocumulus mentioned doing emergency stops. Obviously this has to be done safely, but it can keep the brake problem you had before (seized caliper) from occurring. Why not try this, going forward and going backward too. The thing is with the hybrids is that, as I understand, when you apply the footbrake for normal braking the motors do the braking, its not till you press heavy on the brake pedal do the actual brakes start to work - that's why you had a seizure. Its worth a go at emergency braking, but do it safely. Might be worth going across to the Auris par of this forum. Whilst all Prius are hybrids, the Auris can be petrol, diesel, and hybrid, and the hybrid engineering is the same as the Prius. That means Auris hybrid owners may have had a similar problem, but you wont read of that on the Prius forum.
  8. Catlover

    What's up with my brakes??

    In the video, is that situ that the car has been parked up overnight and you just come to it for the first time that day? or is the noise there throughout the day? Is it only when you apply brakes whilst going slow (like in the video)?
  9. Catlover

    MMT concerns

    Sorry, I was looking at the age of the OP Avensis 2005. So that means there is still a problem with the life of the newer Aygo/C1/Pug107 ?????
  10. Catlover

    Gen 4 Prius with 15" wheels - Combined (mpg)

    Hi Mujeeb, now with just over 1650 miles since getting the car, it is still doing 79.6mpg. Went as low as 79.3 on Sunday morning as I was doing a journey mostly taking in 3 M-Ways, but came up again to 79.5 when I was returning as it was more downhill. No I don't warm up in the morning, never have done with cars. I live on a small estate off the main road, which forms a square. If I have enough hybrid battery in store I may choose EV to get me to the main road. Most journeys I turn right which is a hill, not steep but long, and I know it will go onto petrol there, so I just be careful on the throttle (so long as no cars behind me - its is a 50mph road). I let the car get to 40 by the top of the hill cause I know there is then a 40 limit, and the road starts going down. And that's what I do, I use the features of the road to my advantage, reading the road well ahead and driving accordingly. I don't hold traffic up, neither do I "foot it" (well I did las night when car in front was driving 35 on a 50 road which was clear of traffic and good weather). As much as possible I use "pulse and glide" technique, if I see red lights I start to ease off throttle hoping they on green by the time I get there. As long as there is Hybrid battery power, I will get to the speed I want to almost certainly using petrol, but the I will "force" the car into EV by taking foot of throttle for a second or two, then continuing with gentle throttle pressure. Over time the speed my drop (unless downward of course) so sometime I know I will have to use petrol again. My onboard computer is telling me I am driving 57% of the time on battery. Also my computer is telling me some journeys I am doing over 84mpg for that journey - even I am amazed, but I guess to be doing average of 79.6 I got to be doing journeys in the 80+mpg. My normal journeys are not long. Perhaps the journey I did on Sunday, 37 miles each way, was the longest since I drove the car home from dealers in July (100 mile journey, over 90mpg - post on here somewhere). Occasionally do a 35 mile return trip to where we used to live, 22 mile return twice per week, other then that more local. So no big long drives. Knowing I am light on brakes and knowing when take foot off throttle there is some motor braking, I regularly (weekly) find a quiet safe piece of road and do some hard braking to try to keep brake parts moving, especially rear brakes.
  11. Catlover

    MMT concerns

    Re the clutch. My wife had a Citroen C1 (same as Aygo and Peugoet 107) and at around 32,000 the clutch was slipping. The internet should this was a common problem with these cars, some starting as low as 28k miles. The official solution was to replace the clutch drive plate with a larger diameter one. The original clutch fitted to these models was 7" diameter, solution was to put in a 7.5" (or maybe 7.25" - cant remember) which is what used in the Yaris. Problem solved. Seems sad that the designers were saving a couple quid each car by fitting smaller clutch only for all the customers having to pick up the tab 30,000 miles down the road - literally. I presume its the same clutch in yours.
  12. Catlover


    and that sounds completely logical. Its not important how far you gone with the first bar still there. Its how much is left when you get down to the last bar. Especially driving at night and you find fueling stations closed. S the less bars you have and the quicker the next ones drops means you should be filling up again.
  13. Catlover


    I would think that's the computer looking after the ICE. It would be bad for an engine to get cold and suddenly fire into life when you may be doing some mph. So the computer fires the engine up to keep some heat in it. I think.
  14. Catlover

    Another recall

    My Gen 4 Prius wont be affected but the wifes 2010 Auris Hybrid will. Waiting notification of the previous recall as well - the cable under the bonnet.
  15. Catlover

    Another recall

    Didn't catch all the news this morning but I think it was saying Prius and Hybrid Auris from 2008-2014 are in for a recall - something to do with cutting out (if I heard right) Anyone get the full story or in the know.????????