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  1. Hi Jon, I not a fan of cruise control, it’s a convenience I can live without, and especially since I got a Auris hybrid about 30 months ago (now with a Prius). I find I can get better economy without ccontrol, by accelerating smoothly up to the speed I want, then lifting foot off throttle just for a moment, then lightly squeezing throttle. This usually forces the car to use the hybrid battery (assuming there is battery power available). Over a period of time you may slow down somewhat, but then you repeat the smooth acceleration followed by taking foot of throttle momentarily. It’s called “pulse and glide”, one of the techniques used to get good mpg from hybrids (see You Tube). I view Norfolk to be a flat county, don’t know if that is true on the journey you make. I find flat roads driving more difficult to get good mpg then roads with gradients, that’s my experience of hybrid driving. I used to get about 62mpg during the summer in my Auris. The wife has the car now and she does about the same. During winter this drops to early-mid fifties. My experience of using eco mode, normal, of PWR is similar to yours, it doesn’t make much difference to economy. I find the difference is the sensitivity of the throttle alters. In PWR mode, just a touch will mean sharper acceleration, whereas in eco mode more pressure has to be applied. lots of tips on You Tube on how to get best mpg from a hybrid, I found lots for Prius, it Auris hybrid principles are the same.
  2. Did Toyota customer services not elaborate when they said it maybe the way it is driven?
  3. I just had my last free update in my 3 year old Prius.
  4. If that is to route the wire, can you not push the wire carefully under the trim carefully. Did that with my Prius all the way from top of windscreen down to the lighter socket near the centre armrest, tucked in all the way, in parts I used a blunt instrument just create a gap.
  5. Where are you likely to be doing 25mph or under? More then likely built up areas? In built up areas it is more likely unexpected circumstances will occur requiring the driver to act quickly ie pedestrians walking into the road, cars making unexpected movements, traffic lights changing to red etc. All of these need driver attention and possible reaction. iMO activated cruise control in such situations is not conducive to safe driving . Where is your right foot when using control? More then likely resting somewhere away from the accelerator pedal. Imagine driving along at say 25mph, ccontrol engaged, right foot relaxed. Situation arises requiring you to brake. If your foot was on the accelerator (ccontrol or activated) then just taking your foot off to put on foot brakes would start to !Removed! the car, quick application of the foot braked would apply brakes. Not so with ccontrol engaged. So, I consider it unsafe to use control in built up areas when under 30 mph for the stated reason. Whether or not that is Toyotas reason in your Prius i don’t know.
  6. Love my Gen4 Prius. Extremely comfy, excellent mpg - during this summer many journeys I have taken returned mid-high 80's mpg, very common high 70's mpg. This is with the 15" wheel option which I wanted for a) better fuel consumption 2) comfier ride (the extra rubber on the 15" wheel gives extra "suspension" = smoother ride. I can understand Pets reason fro ditching the Prius for a Rav4 due to his hip problem. I bought a Hyundai i20 a few years ago and had to part with it after 6 months due to my hip pain. I dont have that problem in either the Gen3 nor Gen4 Prius I have owned (nor any other car I owned). I dont have a problem sitting in the rear of the car either. and I am 6' tall, and have head clearance. Rear leg room is very good. I dont sit in the back normally - cant reach the steering wheels nor pedals 😉, nor do I carry a lot in the boot except when the 2 of us go on holiday, so thats not a problem for us. As PeteB says the dash in the Prius is amazing and IMO far better to look at then the new Corolla. The Corolla estate car and the saloon are longer wheelbase then the hatchback, so should get the benefits of the Prius inside (may be the same wheelbase as the Prius).
  7. That makes the situation worse, Keith, May maps were updated by my Toyota dealer just 4 weeks ago, the last of my “free” updates, just before 3 years from new expired. other thing I noticed this last week is the map more often then not gets the speed limit right but the voice is still wrong. But then, the map is not always accurate, typified by the fact when I turn onto the main road, A56, when I come out of my estate, the map shows 60mph limit, whereas for the last 4 years it’s been 50 and in parts 40mph. I come to the point I cannot trust the systems in the car at all, I just rely on them as a guide (as I should I suppose).
  8. On my Gen4 Prius the volume is ok but the accuracy of the message is “iffy”, as in not always correct. For example, the system may pick up on 20mph limit,that’s fine, later I could be in 40 but the voice is telling me the speed limit is 20 even though the sign on my dash is 40 as well. If I turn the voice down then map instructions, when I use, are also just as low. Very frustrating.
  9. It seems that Barrie, the original poster, last visited at 10:40pm last Thursday, a few hours after posting. This means he probably saw the first 3 replies. Why do people join, ask a question, then disappear.
  10. Take it back to the garage, tell them to sort it (if you want them to) or reject it.
  11. Perhaps he meant Raleigh Shopper, you know, the bike older ladies ride with a shopping basket on the handlebars 😁 Thats some seriously long hill. I wouldn’t like to be going down that on a bike with dodgy brakes (not suggesting you were)
  12. I might have seen the same article or a similar one. I remember it said if you can park between 2 cars (so the sides access is restricted) and nose the front up to a hedge/wall/fence then that makes it more difficult.
  13. Adaptive cc does not work below a certain speed - 25mph sounds about right. Going down steep incline is exactly what B mode on the gear selector is for. Never even thought of using cc going down a steep hill. Is this car new to you? You can pick up loads of tips on You Tube
  14. Catlover

    Charging PHV

    Hi Paul, referring to your original post. When rechargeable batteries first came popular for “everything “ the instruction was to let a battery run down before charging. This was because the batteries had a memory, and if you keep charging a battery only partially used then it would memorise this and thus the battery never worked to its full capabilities. Now, technology has improved the memory issue has gone, so it’s generally acceptable to only partially discharge a battery before changing it.
  15. I not a particular fan of the cruise control aid, I suppose it does have its uses. It’s purpose is to keep a constant speed, thinking for the driver, as once you set it the system tries to keep a constant speed...... it increases engine power to maintain a speed going up a slope, and you can feel the engine holding back coming down a slope. Radar cc takes the aid to a different level, slowing your vehicle down if the vehicle in front slows down, increasing speed up to the driver chosen max if the vehicle in front speeds up after travelling slower for whatever reason. However, it is my opinion, that if the driver decides to overtake the vehicle in front that is no longer requiring the use of the cruise control, and therefore, in order to execute the overtake safely the driver has to take full control of the vehicle and thus turn off aids that might interfere with safety ie turn off radar cc before the process of overtaking begins. Irrespective of what driving aids are purchased and used by the buyer of a vehicle, the driver must always be in control of the vehicle. The days of driverless vehicles have not yet arrived.
  16. There have been plenty of threads/posts on this forum from car owners as to what they think of the standard fit sat navs. Do a search yourself and determine if you think it’s worth the hassle or not.
  17. To me, if the manufacturer of a vehicle recommends not to tow with all, front only, rear only wheels in contact with the ground then that is good nought for me. I wouldn’t do it. Why would you want to when the maker says don’t. Car handbooks are thick enough as it is without the manufacturer having to explain every technicality.
  18. The thieves have to get underneath your car to get at the CAT. Advice is to make it as hard as possible for them to get at it. If you know, or get to know whereabouts the cat is helps you to put your car in a difficult position for the thief. An exhaust pipe does not always run down the centre of a car (front to back), therefore find out the run of the exhaust pipe, then park the car so the exhaust is furthest away from an easy access ie the exhaust being closest to fence, wall, kerb. I take this to mean as in parallel parking, if the exhaust runs along the near side of the car then make it hard for the thief to get at by making access only from the drivers side. When talking about parking in a public car park, parking your car alongside others makes access difficult from the sides, and if the cat on your car is towards the front, parking with the front close to a wall or fence means the thief has it more difficult to get to it from the rear end. Just a case of making life more difficult to steal YOUR cat, “go away and do someone else”.
  19. Hi Mark, and welcome to the TOC here in UK. Congrats on the new car. I understand limited numbers of the Supra are sold in the UK, but I do remember the car from the 1980’s-90’s. Nice looking car then, probably still is. Serviced every 6000 km (3600 miles) doesn’t seem to be any miles with the technology that now goes into engine oil manufacturing. Is there a reason why you would want to change oil and filter so frequent? i have 2016 Prius hybrid and it’s service is 10000 miles (16000 km) 0w-20 oil, it considering it could easily be running on petrol engine only 50% of the time means the service in the engine is every 5000 miles (8000 km), and I feel that is too soon.
  20. Thanks bewA (Si) for the “like”. I just read your earlier comment and seen my conclusion is same as yours...... the driver has the responsibility of being in control of the car.
  21. It is the drivers decision to actuate radar cruise control thereby use it responsible. He/she knows that when radar cc is set the vehicle will automatically slow down if the vehicle in front slows down, speed up if the vehicle in front speeds up (up to a limit set by the driver). And of course the driver ALWAYS needs to be alert and in control of the vehicle, and that includes being in control of any aids the vehicle may have. So, we now talking about the situation where the driver makes a decision to overtake the vehicle in front. Inevitable that means the vehicle speed has to be increased, and that increase in speed has to be under the full control of the driver, after all it is potentially a dangerous action if not executed correctly. Whilst radar cc is activated, a following decision by the driver to overtake means that the requirement for radar cc is negated, thus the driver needs to deactivate the radar cc so the driver is in full control of the vehicle to execute the move. So it is my opinion the driver needs to cancel radar cruise control when wanting to overtake. Lets face it, Acer, and others, may be writing to the DVSA but action, if any, may take some time to implement, during which time they, and others, will be driving their vehicles fitted with radar cc. So, I want to ask those persons to indicate what they would do out on the road knowing what action their car, fitted with radar cc, may do if the driver was to set the radar cc device and then at sometime decide to overtake a slower vehicle?
  22. Catlover


    Just googled how old should tyres be discarded purely on age. Seems to be between 6-10 years. Have a look at the side walls of the older tyres, if any cracks appearing then I would change them now. Although 3mm is above the legal limit, winter is approaching and you may consider changing them now, especially if you get bad winters where you live. When you consider that the rubber contact with the road is about the size of your hand, that is not a lot, and if the tread is getting low and roads bad, and for less then £50 per tyre, I would seriously think about changing them before the bad weather arrives.
  23. Seen via the BBC news app this morning..... ”Toyota does not make money when replacing stolen catalytic converters in cars, and it is also bearing the cost to discount the Catloc device for its customers, while it researches more anti-theft technologies, the BBC understands”. the report from bbc went on to say it has been illegal to pay cash for scrap metal, but there are some dealers who do pay cash fo catalytic converters, which tempts thieves. The police need to put people in jail for paying cash for scrap metal, as soon as the do that, the trade would slow down and stop, the report said. so, the real problem is there are too many tea-leafs about, and too few places to “punish” them, so they flourish and multiply.
  24. Marcus, are you complaining you getting 3litre/100km in gear 1-3, and 1.5litre/100km in 5-6 gear?
  25. Reading a report yesterday that stolen cats in the last 6 months is more then double the total for the whole of last year. Seems like the more press exposure ref the problem attracts more scumbag opportunists. Perhaps if there was less press coverage the problem would be less, and that goes for all crime - “advertise” it less will probably reduce crime rate generally. ots only small quantities of precious metals in a Cat, but I think I right in saying one precious metal is now £4000 per ounce! lets not forget that all modern cars have Cats (except for electric) not just Toyota.