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  1. In the UK we get lots of man made road humps, traffic calming devices. Some are so high proper sports cars have a big problem because they low to the ground. With my gen3 there was no problem. Gen4 is a bit lower, no problem with just me and the wife, but if I have a passenger in the back (not a common thing) then i can hear the front bumper scrape the top of the hump.
  2. What was your question about “before a long hill”
  3. Dont know the answer but, the Prius Gen4 battery is different to the gen3. I getting at approx 10mpg more from g4. So maybe the Yaris battery is more g3 then g4. It will be smaller I would think anyway, to fit in. Maybe the engine design is different, I know the g3/g4 is an Atkinson cycle, which may give better mpg. Shape - definitely a factor. The coefficient of friction for the g4 with 15” wheels (mine) is .24, just look at its shape - it’s designed to cut thro the air, and not just its frontal design, the whole lot front to back and underneath. The Prius is closer to the ground too, even g4 lower then g3. so,yes, probably all three in one way or another. The Prius is such a pleasure to drive. Go and have a test drive, preferably of a g4.
  4. Copied from my original post. We had been on hol in Gloucester, decided not to come home using mways so Gloucester-Tewskbury-Worcester-Kidderminster-Telford-Chester area. Then coming home on Saturday 22nd June116 miles (remember no MWay so shorter) 88mpg, pretty amazed. However, if you look bottom right of screen, it shows the last 50 miles (we stopped in Telford for a comfort break) it shows 96.5 mpg The 88mpg was over 116 miles from Gloucester to Telford. We stopped for a short break, then completed 50 miles from Telford to home near Chester at 96.5 mpg.
  5. On a Prius, back brakes are worthy of looking at. Rust/seized due to lack of use. Because the electric motors have a braking effect the back discs are not always in use. Over time this can cause sticking callipers and rusted discs. Cant remember any other serious points.
  6. Thats a good point Ziga, well thought out. Its the same in the UK, there are cars popular for thieving, so keep away from them. The Prius is not considered a fast car, so thieves after quick get away cars are not interested. My Prius is in Hypersonic Red, not a common car, so can easily be spotted. I got it because I liked the colour.
  7. £150 (ish) - and thats why i used a TomTom with free updates for the life of the software. £150 is just ridiculous.
  8. No doubt about iy, Ziga, you will enjoy the "interesting: tech in Toyota Hybrids.
  9. Mine and the wife’s car has been with Start Rescue for 9 years and have used their services. Used the. 4 times in that period and got quick response, max 45 minutes, once starter motor went on wife’s C1, they came and carried wife and car to our local garage. They do give a loyalty bonus (without asking). I changed my 59 plate Prius for a 66 plate Prius and the premium came down, younger more reliable car. For my 66 Prius and wife’s 60 plate Auris Hybrid I pay around £67 for both, inc home start, not bothered with European travel.
  10. I cant believe so many seem to be against this latest regulation. If one of your loved ones had been seriously injured or killed by a very quiet vehicle then I reckon you would be out campaigning for some action. Well, you got the action before you suffered an injury or death to a loved one. I bought my Prius because it polluted the atmosphere less then my other cars, plus it does very good mpg. I didnt buy it particularly for its quietness, though it is.
  11. Hi Ziga, I have seen that video before, I watched a lot of you tube in my early days of having Prius. Note, he started off with a fairly full HV battery. Reversing out of his garage the computer chose to run the car on battery. He started driving forward, went a few hundred yards, got to about 25 mph and the computer chose to run on ICE. Then it went back to battery a short while after. The computer will ALWAY look after the engine. Would you want to be doing 40-50 mph on battery then the engine starts from cold? No. So on the Gen3, from cold, the battery will drop out and let the ICE start at around 18mph, in a Gen4 it is higher, somewhere around 27mph, but these are the maximum with a cold engine. Back to the video, he didnt travel to far on the ICE before the battery took over again, all computerised. The engine would not be fully warm as if you done a 10 mile journey, it was a short distance, but enough for the computer to switch back to battery, some time later the computer would recognise the engine is losing temperature (whilst on battery) so it kicks the engine back in. He did remark that on the highway doing a reasonable speed the ICE would be running most of the time, but whilst doing so would be charging the HV battery. If the computer says the engine is warm enough you can "force" the battery to kick in by taking your foot of the throttle for a moment, and if there is enough battery charge, it will kick in again and allow you to cruise or gentle acceleration, but no more. A technique used in my hybrid, learnt off You Tube and fellow forum contributors, is to "pulse and glide". This means you accelerate moderately to the speed you want to go, say 50, then ease off the throttle and glide on low throttle pressure. Accelerate is the Pulse, easing off is the Glide. You get good economy that way, but you not too bothered about mpg you have said. On your daily journey of 2.5 mile each way, its hard to say what the car is going to do. The car in the video had a nearly full charge to start with, this can only be achieved if the ICE is running a lot, whether 2.5 mile is far enough, I doubt it. So you may not have enough battery charge initially to run on battery, so you run on ICE, so the car needs to run on ICE to charge the battery, but 2.5 miles is not going to put much into the battery and some of it may be used to run on battery during the journey. You will be what we call a "vicious circle", that is not enough battery in store to run far in EV mode, so runs in ICE mode, but not enough to charge the battery up much, so round you go in a circle you cant get out of. You looking at a car, the Prius, with lots of technology to keep the environment cleaner and achieve good mpg, but the use of the technology restricts it working to its maximum efficiency. I agree with whats already been said, to suit you it with what I know of your normal driving pattern you be better sticking to a ICE car like you have or an all electric car.
  12. And that same black box surely can be used to detect uninsured cars being used on the road. So, bring it on, welcome it, that should lower insurance premiums for others, more importantly potentially save all the heartache of parents/partners because loved ones have been killed by non insured/irresponsible drivers. Bring it on I say.
  13. The Auris hybrid does not have multidrive transmission, it has the same cvt as the Prius range, which is e cvt. Never read of any vibration problem with e cvt units - solid as a rock I think.
  14. Batteries will get smaller, charge times will decrease, new technology in the next 10 years will see lot more changes then over the last 10 years. Thats progress.
  15. I wouldnt worry too much Tony. A petrol car will make a noise all the time driving through the caravan park, and a diesel car even more noise. And the new regulations, the noise only kick in below 12mph, whats the speed limit on the caravan park, more to the point, what speed does traffic normally drive through the caravan park. I live on a residential park home site with a 5mph limit - that is difficult to keep to - easier in my Prius - but even I go at 10mph but you get visitors and delivery vehicles going round that would Lewis Hamilton at the back of the pack. They make some racket, especially the trucks.
  16. One tip I picked up on this forum re the use of B mode (apart from going down hills) was to engage it when driving slowly on ice/packed snow. Just to help keep the car steady with a slight braking effect drag. Not used the technique yet, think we only had very light snow in the Chester area this last winter.
  17. Ziga, do you have the Toyota Auris hybrid in Slovenia? The mechanics of Auris hybrid is basically the same as a Prius ie engine and hybrid system, slightly smaller, but a little bit higher from the road and less fuel efficient but you not concerned about mpg. In the uk the Auris is less cost to buy then a Prius.
  18. and what will the software update do? Obviously it cannot adjust the temperature of the sun.
  19. Numbers will be very similar EXCEPT for the number relating to purchase price - Prius number will be much higher.
  20. To be honest, having had a gen3 (for just 6 months but during the colder part of the year) and a gen4 (for the whole of a year) I couldnt say there was any real noticeable difference between the two in warming, though there probably was. Lets face the facts, you doing very short journeys to work, 2.4 miles each way..... whichever Prius, gen3 or gen4, there will most times the engine will have only just reached full temperature and maybe not even full temp sometimes. Certainly on those runs I would say you not going to get the benefit of the technology of a hybrid vehicle such as the Prius. Now here is a thought, forget the idea of a Prius altogether and get a Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe. You will get a full weeks running, no sorry, a full months running on one full charge. How about that for a thought?
  21. Why are you now concerned about a warmer engine? You not interested in better mpg which a warmer engine may give you. I would imagine, correct me if I am wrong, Slovenia has colder winters then UK, so warm engine may not happen in winter in so short a time period, and you travelling 2 miles to work anyway. I am a bit confused.
  22. The same will happen if you have a dash cam in the windscreen, that’s in full glare of the sun. in very hot weather I put protection over the windscreen. This is in the form of the frost protection I put over in the winter. Works just as well keeping the cabin cooler when parked in very hot weather.. it’s very unpleasant coming back to your parked car and the interior is uncomfortably hot, and everything you touch is a danger to the skin ie steering wheel. Makes complete sense to keep the inside as cool as can be.
  23. My 2010 had a sat nav (very expensive to update maps.... but you only travel 21 miles per day, you dont need sat nav), it had bluetooth and cd player. If you want smoother ride.....keep away from 17" wheels, 15" give much comfier ride, but there again you may not have a choice if Prius are so rare. I found nothing wrong with the trim inside, it was durable (wore well)
  24. My gen3 was 2010, so I dont know how the facelift version was improved. Am sure someone else will come along who knows.