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  1. A friend wants to change cars to something smaller but with auto gearbox. I suggesting a Yaris about 10/11 plate. Are the only auto boxes available MMT. If so I couldn't recommend at all.
  2. Be cheaper to get on the ferry to UK and have a battery fitted over here.
  3. Last June the wife and I were going on holiday by car to Essex from west Cheshire. We were on the new Crewe by-pass, just south of the town, when I saw in my rear view mirror what was obviously an older car, but what I couldn’t make out. I slowed a bit to let it come by........ and it was a beautiful Toyota Crown. i wonder if that was you?? It would be Saturday 16th June 2018. I remember it well.
  4. 720 euro - is that a dealer supply. That’s a lot of money. Have you done a search on the internet using the battery deatils on the existing battery and then check physical dimensions and connection details. Are batteries that dear in France, Germany, Belgium etc.?
  5. One exactly the same as the already fitted will. 😀 What are you looking for - a cheap one, a good brand, what??
  6. My 66 plate Prius Excel doesn’t speak to me saying I over the speed limit. I didn’t know you can turn it on/off, so mine must be off, thankfully.
  7. Somewhere on the wheel are they not stamped with the actual size deatils?
  8. Catlover

    Tire Advice

    Of course, there may, or may not, be some legal rules applicable to South Africa.
  9. Was your local garage a Toyota dealer? If not, maybe you need to take it into them.
  10. The wife has had a C1 (Aygo) and a mk2 Yaris. The C 1 was fun to drive, but the Yaris was a better class car, and that much more comfier. The point FBalls made regarding 2 door cars the doors are wider and therefore can pose problem getting in/out is very relevant. A 3 for car has never been on my shopping list and never will be, even though vast majority of our journeys are just one at the most both of us.
  11. These sensors do need to be kept clean of road dirt. Just try an occasional wipe, and I dont mean whilst your driving. 😎
  12. What’s this rollover all about. Not heard about it.
  13. With 24 mile round trip daily, plus weekend use, have you thought of getting an all electric vehicle? Ie
  14. Is it still rattling? Any worse?
  15. I had a squeak, think it was my Yaris. I lifted up the rubber gearstick cover, dropped a few drops off oil and worked it around.
  16. Interesting you mention hip problems. Back in 2015 I bought a Hyundai i30, nice car. However I found that after driving just a 20 mile journey my right hip was killing me. Didnt matter where I put the seat height, nor back or forward, nor alter the steering wheel up/down/in/out, nor the use of a cushion did anything to alleviate it. After 6 months I had to sell the car, bought a Nissan Qashqui and everything was ok, no problem at all. So when I was buying my first hybrid, the Auris that the wife now has, which is lot lower then the Qashqui, I made sure I went on a long test run, must have been 25 mile or more. That was no problem at all. Neither was the Gen3 Prius nor the Gen4 Prius I got now. I done long trips in both and no problem. Shame about the i30 but it al least taught me to have a decent test drive and not "just around the block" type of test.
  17. So, a Gen3 ground clearance is .2" better then a Gen4. Does that really mean anything, .2". That can easily be nullified by possible seat height from manufacturer, and certainly by preferred seat height by the driver. And regarding rear seat headroom Gen3 compared to Gen4, I am 6 foot, with 29 inside leg, meaning my torso to top of head must be a lot. I can sit in the rear of my Gen4 and not touch the roof with clear space as well. My trouble, when I sat in the back I cannot reach the steering wheel nor pedals. 😂
  18. Thanks FB's. My registered email address was from 2 providers ago and specific to that network. Now changed to a gmail.
  19. How do I check what email address I using on this forum????? Been into my profile and couldnt see how to see it/change it if required.
  20. Catlover

    Beep beep

    Have you got a sat Nav? I couldn’t understand the 2 beep beep I was getting. Then someone pointed out it was telling me there was a fixed speed camera ahead, and sure enough there was. Maybe yours is the same. Let us know.
  21. Alan Abl, Just been checking the reviews for Archoil 6400 and they all seem good. Go to and check the Archoil products out. Powerhenancer also gives a discount if you join the (free) club, as well as other discounts.
  22. I have used Archoil products for the last couple years, but I don’t think the one you mention. Currently I using AR 6200 which is for petrol and diesel. Price seems a lot but then it’s only 5ml every 50 litres of petrol/diesel. When you first use it recommends 10ml for every 50 litre of fuel. I had to buy a 10ml blunt needle injector for it - no way to guess 10ml never mind 5 ml. Does it work? My Gen4 Prius seems very lively and I get very good mpg - high 70’s just recently with warmer weather. The wife has a 2010 Auris hybrid and that seems to do well. I will stick with Archoil, and consider any new products they bring out.
  23. Have you gone for the 15" wheels????