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  1. Catlover

    Sat Nav installed by Toyota or use a TomTom (orphone!)

    No need to look down, the voice instructions are good enough, came as on a TomTom/garmin etc. And on the Prius the direction come up on the windscreen.
  2. Catlover

    Sat Nav installed by Toyota or use a TomTom (orphone!)

    As others say, integration in the dash looks neat but it is said when an update comes out not only is it pricy, also it’s out of date somewhat. Not tried all it’s features yet so can’t fully judge. i have a TomTom, comes with free updates for the life of the software (as do other makes like Garmin), but you have to put up with a usb cable and a stand on the dash for the unit. Go on eBay and search for stands/holders, There are bean bag type things that has some weight and won’t move except if violent braking etc. If you want to use a mobile phone as a sat Nav, there are small cradles to do the job.
  3. Already suggested that furtula, but it got poo poo’d by someone. ☹️ still thinks it’s best idea without the hassle of sending back, which will be costly.
  4. Catlover

    High fuel consumption

    From a reliable source I have heard Costco fuel is good quality. And they do 95 and 99 octane. The other week I filled up at Costco and it was 111.9 per litre, whereas my local Shell station was 121.9, thats 10p per litre, or 45p per gallon......... that 9 shillings in old money, thats some saving...... and my Prius runs just fine on it. Here is a copy/paste from the Costco fuel web site - Q and A Deposit control additives: Every grade of Kirkland Signature™ Fuel contains deposit control additive that keeps your engine protected and running like new. Variations in deposit control additive formulations are the main difference between brands of fuel. Kirkland Signature™ Fuels have been proven to clean deposits and restore dirty engine components to like-new performance. Station Maintenance: Good station operation and maintenance means the fuel is filtered and that contaminants, such as sediment and water, do not find their way into our members' vehicles. Costco fuel stations are well-maintained by our capable attendants so you may be confident that the fuel going into your car is clean. Costco uses fuel filters in the petrol pumps to catch particles or debris larger than 10 microns in diameter. For comparison, the average human hair is seventy microns thick. Costco uses ethanol-compatible filters designed to catch sediment, water, or phase-separated ethanol and water mixtures. Costco's electronic sensors continuously monitor our underground storage tanks for water. END
  5. Catlover

    C-HR Hybrid question

    Yes it is replacing the Auris. Apparantly the Corolla name was so popular (a good car) that they want sales to hit a high again in that sector. There is a thread on here about the new Corolla. Looks nice, especially the saloon (if UK gets it), but personally I much prefer the versatility of a hatch/estate, which they have as well.
  6. Catlover

    C-HR Hybrid question

    In my Gen4 Prius the engine comes in at about 20mph if accelerating. However, at 40 or even 45 I can be running on battery only if the conditions are good - a flat road is ok, so long as you get the speed in the first place with engine use. re rear leg space, I have heard the same complaint about C-HR lacking space. Why not try the Prius, rear leg room is very good, the boot space is probably greater then C-HR, and fuel consumption will be better as the Prius is designed to have a low coefficient of friction.
  7. But what if the electrics were not totally disconnected, just the wire (wires) causing the mirror to fold in. 😉
  8. Catlover

    Yaris diesel fuel consumption - 3rd gen vs 1st gen

    Trying to determine mpg by looking At pointers on a fuel gauge are not going to give you accurate readings. Try going from full tank to full tank, the more miles you do before filling up the more accurate the result will be.
  9. Catlover

    High fuel consumption

    Tesco fuel the problem? Seeing as the original post was quoting 30mpg, then the most recent post stated 40mpg using Tesco fuel, that implies Tesco fuel is doing ok. A friend of mine was a tanker driver supplying fuel to petrol stations and he says supermarket fuel deliveries were the same as he delivered elsewhere.
  10. Catlover

    Key not detected

    "the car wont start because the key is not detected" - when this comes up, where do you have the key? Do you have any other electronic keys near when the key cannot be identified? Do you have the Auris Hybrid Owners Manual? That gives a lot of info how the key works efficiently, and lot of info why it may not work. Have you tried holding the key onto the POWER (Start) button? Even a very low battery holding near to the POWER button should activate. You say you already put a new battery in and you THINK Toyota did just before xmas as well. Lets just forget the "thinking" bit, best to know what Toyota (or anyone else have done), but the battery you put in - was it brand new or one thats been lying around for some time? Where do you store your key when back in the house? Other electronic devices nearby can mean the battery is always active, thus wearing it out quickly. All in the Auris Hybrid owners handbook.
  11. can you disconnect the electrics to it - no power means no movement surely. Or am I missing something here.
  12. Catlover

    Bad rust on 2010 hybrid + Some questions

    At one time, dont know if its still the case, but buying from an auction, especially older cars, there is no warranty given or implied. IIRC you had some time after the auction to inspect and reject, perhaps 30min but then that was it. The "professionals" who go to the auctions frequent them and get to know what to look for, and who sells regularly ie councils, water/electriccompanies. Unless you are a top mechanic, or taking someone who is, I would not recommend auctions to any normal member of the public - definitely buyer beware.
  13. Catlover

    Bad rust on 2010 hybrid + Some questions

    Re mpg, the wife now has what was my 2010 Auris hybrid. During colder winter months does about 52-55mpg whilst in the summer, 62-63mpg is the norm.
  14. Catlover

    I can't take passengers in my Aygo!

    Rear shocks about £50 pair on eBay, fronts about £100. Rear fitting can’t be much, fronts bit more work involved.
  15. Catlover

    White residue near battery

    A search showed someone replaced his battery and within a month white substance was on battery clamps but not terminals. Sound familiar? Reason given was normal gasses from the battery under the bonnet reacting with the metal on the clamps. solution given, mix 2 tablespoonfuls of baking soda in 2 litres of water, remove battery, and pour over the parts affected. Rinse off, remove affected parts with oil based enamel paint spray.
  16. Catlover

    White residue near battery

    Type into a search engine “ what is the white residue around a battery”. You will get the answer. in the meantime don’t touch the stuff without protection. It’s nasty stuff, caused by a reaction as the battery is not charged enough. Do the search.
  17. Catlover

    Voluntary Recall

    The Aygo was built in Czech I thought, along with C1 and Peugeot. And havnt Yaris been built in France for some time, but perhaps not for British market
  18. Catlover

    Noise from clutch after 70% pressed

    What parts of the total clutch assembly did you replace????? and who did the job???
  19. Catlover

    battery light on for a while

    I got the wife a mk2 Yaris 1.4 5-gear diesel few years back, loved it so much that I got myself one, same 1.4 diesel but 6-gear. Both really good reliable cars but the 6-gear so much better because of that extra gear. Very happy with them until I "discovered" the pleasure of driving Toyota hybrid cars.
  20. Catlover

    Flashing Key Symbol Switching OFF Car

    The Toyota keys I have had (5 cars) have all been easy to open and replace battery, your car manual may describe the action needed. Batteries have been large button battery similar to what goes onto a computer motherboard and can be got from Toyota, probably around £4 fitted, or at Tesco etc for that sort of price for 2 in one pack.
  21. Catlover

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    I thought there was a stipulation any parts used in a service/repair at a VAT registered garage had to be car manufacturer approved to keep warranty going.
  22. Catlover

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    Why not state when you book in that you want 0W-20 engine oil. They either will sorry Sir, we use engine oil approved by Toyota but it may not be 0-20, or No problem Sir, or we do have to charge extra for 0W-20 which will be £x. If they offer to put 0W-20 in just make sure when you get their to remind service desk. Basically what I did. If "you and I" simply accept ehat they want to put in they will continue to do it thinking it acceptable, when in my case its not.
  23. Catlover

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    I had the wifes Auris hybrid 2010 serviced and MOT'd under the Silver Service deal at £100 and I specified when I booked in over the phone 0W-20 must be used, repeated when I went to the service desk. The invoice states 0W-20 oil was used.
  24. Catlover

    A Pleasant Experience Today

    I arranged with my local Toyota dealer, Chester/Deeside area, to have 2 new tyres fitted today. All 4 tyres were hanging around 3 mm but I decided to have 2 new on the front. I have a Gen 4 Prius Excel with 15" wheels. Originals were Toyo and the dealer quoted me about 2 months ago £50 per tyre, that included balancing, new valves, disposal etc and included VAT. That matched any price I could see on the internet so booked in for today. When done I started chatting to the service guy about satnav map updates, and he offered to update today if I had time to wait for about an hour - it takes that time for the software to do its job. Job done, just had to hand over the £100 for 2 tyres. If there is another map update before my car is 3 years old end of September then they will do that freebie as well. I know some on this forum are not too impressed with their local Toyota dealer, so I thought I would give a good comment about my local dealer.
  25. Catlover

    Replacement seats for Yaris HSD ?

    I sat in a new Yaris in my local Toyota dealer today, can’t remember what model but it was an hybrid - the front seats were real huggers, comfortable too. Reckon they would cost a lot to buy, that’s the seats I mean.