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  1. Hello Pat, sorry you are having problems with the gearbox. We all would like trouble free cars to drive, in reality there are going to be problems some time during a cars life. As already stated some of these can be put to poor driving or poor maintenance. Some not the current owners wrongdoing. How many km/miles has the car covered??? How many owners has it had??? How many service stamps on the service record??? When did you start to own the car??? Have you had any other problems??? Or know if the car has had any other problems anytime???
  2. Hi Trevor, we both in our 70’s now, I just turned 75, and our mileage is not like it used to be pre covid, and I don’t think it will go up substantially, so I took advantage of the high prices given for used cars. For example the Auris hybrid which was my first hybrid, we had it almost 5 years and got £700 less than I paid for it. My CitiGo is 2015 with 34k miles. It’s the 75bhp petrol model, wife’s is a bit older 60bhp. They very nippy, surprisingly so, yet still got weight in the car, more so I think then the Aygo I was thinking of. Hi Chris, yes I was enthusiastic about the Prius Excel, and still am. Best car I ever had (and likely to have). Again, for the mileage we now do it was a lot of money tied up in a car, so again, took advantage of the high used car prices. Within reason, I not too bothered what I drive, big-small, lots of toys-not so many, I have no hang ups. Actually I like driving the CitiGo. The wife said she wanted a smaller car too, and plumped for a CitiGo while I was driving mine back home up through the centre of Wales after I bought it (Bridgend to Chester). Yes, I loved the Prius, sad to see it being driven off, but memories will last.
  3. I had a 2016 gen 4 Prius Excel until recently. Got it when 20 months old and kept it for 3 year 9 months. I was told it had 3 year free upgrade of maps, which would have taken it to sep/oct 2019. My local Toyota dealer did it for me whilst under the three year free. I stopped updating it when I had to start paying for it. Perhaps your on a sililar scheme but you need the dealer to do it free. best ask them.
  4. Because I was changing from a 66 Prius Excell to a 15 Citigo the premium came down, same with wife from a Auris hybrid to a Citigo, hers came down. No asking for it, it came down. However they do charge a £15 admin fee for changing details such as cars. Fair do’s, it is stated in the policy details and I was aware of it. if I remember correctly the premium came down for both of our cars this year, and then we started the joint policy so it came down a bit more. Each year I have checked with the the internet businesses and invariably I find the price, like for like, cheaper than the reminder I get from LV, so I always renew via the internet. Works for me, though it does sound silly, but I just do it, no huffing and puffing, I just do it.
  5. Re car insurance when swopping cars. I am with LV, as is the wife, it is a family policy that gives extra discount. Recently we have changed both cars on different days. The day before exchanging mine I rang LV to say I was changing and was told on the day of exchange both cars involved in the transaction will be insured from 00.00 to 23.59. So on that day I had the whole 24 hours where both cars were insured. No hassle of timing the swop, no hassle hanging about counting down the minutes making sure you don’t drive off too early risking not being insured. The same when 10 days later I rang LV to notify of the wife swooping cars. We both been with LV for 8 years or so now, they give good service, even when one year I had a my fault claim, and the prices are VERY competitive for us two.
  6. Thats fine, Sol, if you can get a £129.99 unit for £52. Just show what profit margins there are.
  7. That is fine if you want to spend £99. You dont need anything that powerful to kick into life a Toyota hybrid. Notice it will start a 6 litre petrol or a 3 litre diesel, you are not even turning an engine in a Toyota hybrid...... you are firing up a computer and a few other important bits, none of which needs anything so beefy. Save money and get something for around £40-£50
  8. Have a look on eBay or Amazon, lots of protection stuff for doors and corners of cars. Sick on, just make sure area is dry, clean, free from polish. I just put black carbon fibre lookalike strips on the area that gets kicked by heels on exit and entry to cars. I did the wife’s car first, perfected the skill and then did mine. 😄
  9. The bottom one - could be your sandwich box on the rear seat.....maybe the drivers side.
  10. Yep, I got a colicky clutch pedal. 😁 Yes, but mine is a stop/go system and I know from the past they need a healthy battery for them to work at all situations. There again, at the push at a button I can disable stop/start until the next fresh start.
  11. Gerhard, I think you may have got the message now……… just relax, let the car computer handle everything, do not stick at one speed cruising for too long, accelerate and decelerate gradually (though nothing wrong with an odd brisk acceleration), don’t worry about hybrid battery bars, they look after themselves, no harsh breaking for a few hundred miles of normal (non MWay use). Personally, I wouldn’t bother changing the oil at anything but the Toyota recommended miles (they designed the car so know best), plus, remember because the car is running on hybrid battery up to 50% of the time, the 15,000 kilometres to first oil change is actually around 8,000 km engine movement ie approx 5k miles.
  12. They do have a cam belt, so needs changing. Seems to be some dispute as to when. It appears the change period on the uk is more frequent then for other countries. Why? I haven’t figured that out yet but I will. There is a dedicated forum for VW UP cars. They allow Skoda CityGo and Seat Mii owners to join. It is a lot “quieter” forum then TOC.
  13. In reality, I am comfortable driving smaller cars and bigger ones, with lots of toys or few, as long as they are practical and reliable. I started out looking at used Aygo’s, even contacting someone on the forum who himself changed down to an Aygo. The wife had a new C1 back in 2006 for the next 6 or 7 years. I found it fun to drive, so the thought of an Aygo X-Pression was buzzing in my head. We went to see one at an independent garage locally, got there and it had been sold the day before. So we looked at his stock and there stood a 2014 plate VW UP, took it for a drive, couldn’t believe how nippy it was for 60bhp, liked the drive, the comport, the practicality of a small car that didn’t feel like a small car, the economy, the build seemed better than an Aygo. Alas we couldn’t strike a deal even without part ex. Eventually I found a 15 plate Skoda CityGo SE Elegance 75bhp down in Bridgend, a long way from Cheshire. A week last Sunday, wife and I went down by train, bought it, drove straight up to Chester through centre of Wales…. Beautiful countryside both from the train and drive home. Still had the Prius at that point but was “doing business” with some online buyers ie Motorway, Better Car Buyer, HeyCar (no way for WBAC). Did a telephone deal with Better Car Buyer, was told a driver would collect, he is not going to haggle, he is collecting the car, he came (from an independent collection company), very professional looking, he checked the car was as described (not even a test drive), he rang Better Car Buyer, they took my bank details, money in my bank within 15 minutes. That was me sorted. The driver drove it away in the direction of Hull. Whilest that was going on, I was contacting the same firms for a deal on the wife’s 2010 Auris hybrid. Motorway did a strong bid but then cooled off. A company called Car Dough (or something similar) called me, we “agreed” a figure over the phone, they sent two “unprofessional” looking guys with a flatbed car carrier truck. They went round the car, took it round the block (literally 200 yards), come back, called me out and promptly told me what was wrong with the body (I was tempted to get my magnifying glass out), and told me there manager was offering £750 less then agreed. I promptly said thank you very much but you are going back empty and they did! Then out of the blue, Motorway sent an email, they had my car details distributed with dealers and the “auction” would end at 3pm (this was last Thursday). At 3:15 I got an email of the highest offer, and the dealer should be in touch within 2 days. Well I text him Saturday morning and he wrong and sounded rough. Not covid he said, but a bug, he really did sound rough. Anyway, he came round with his brother Tuesday just gone, we got on really well, chatting about our common interest, haggled a bit (£200 off, that was ok), and off he went. Meanwhile, the wife wanted an Aygo (she like that C1 as I did), but when we drove home in the CityGo she wanted one too (or UP or Mii). Last Thursday we went to see one in Wales (again) but this time on Anglesey. It as a CityGo, a 60bhp version, we put a deposit on, they were going to spray the rear bumper (couple deep marks) and we went back this morning to pick it up. So we both happy with what we driving now. It will reduce our car insurance quite a lot, we won’t have 2 cars at zero road tax, my car is zero (stop/start) and the wife’s is £20 (no stop start). Today I did a return journey of 170 miles, was putting into practice the hyper mile techniques I learnt in the Prius and got 69.4mpg, not as much as the Prius would have done (probably 75mpg) but I well happy with 69.4. Plus, I spent on the 2 Skoda CityGo’s just over half of what I got for the 2 Toyotas, so money in the bank! And I now have found a good independent VW garage that will look after them, and he is a motorcyclist like I was, so had lots to talk about. It’s a Win Win situation (but I will miss the Gen4 Prius…..an amazing car).
  14. That's right, I have "jumped ship" and sold both my beloved Prius Excel and the wife's Auris hybrid. About 3 weeks ago I decided to take advantage of the high second hand value of cars and decided I would sell the Prius Excel, the car I have owned for over 3 years and my "forever" car.......... well we can all change our minds! The 2nd hand car value being high is bound to flop one day, so I moved. And as I was looking to the internet "we buy any..." type companies to make offers, and I was searching for a replacement, the wife joined in saying she would like to change too. It has been 3 weeks of hectic, sometimes frustrating and definitely exhausting work. Today it ended when we picked up the wife's replacement car, having got my replacement a week last Sunday. So its all over and now I can settle down again. So, its the first time in 10 years we not had a Toyota on the drive. (two Yaris 1.4 diesels, Auris hybrid, Gen 3 Prius, Gen 4 Prius).
  15. There has to be something more in the original pots agreement, £30pm for 4 years is a lot more than the cost of the services. Mostly the same and some can work out cheaper, then you have a no increases in service costs, so thats another saving.
  16. I would recommend you put your queries directly with whom you agreed the plan and find out what is included for your £30pm presumably for a total of 48 months. It may include more than servicing.....but you wont know until you ask.
  17. Sandro..... not worth the hassle, but your choice....but take not what Bernard above has said.
  18. If you got a CTEK in mind look at the blurb, it should tell you if suitable or not I would think. Get the CTEK 5 and it is for use with AGM as well as "normal", problem solved
  19. Saw a headline yesterday, but didn’t have time to read it, that a business in China has done a breakthrough on battery size/performance.
  20. You are not going to get a new 12v AGM battery for your hybrid car for under a £100. Normal price for a Yuasa is £150+. As said, for safety reasons, if the 12v battery is in the cabin area then you need an AGM battery - Absorbant Matt Glass
  21. That’s good Kevin, just don’t put it in the boot. As you know you can’t get in the boot if the battery flat. Keep it somewhere in the driver cab area.
  22. Could this be the longest running thread without a solution, It has now been over 9 months. 😄
  23. A “little drive around” may not be enough Kevin. Unless you had it on a slow charge for 5 or 6 hours there will not be enough charge in the 12v to sustain little drives around. We are approaching warmer weather so you may get away with it, but come autumn/winter when a cold snap comes it will test that battery and the battery will probably fail. You either need to drive it 2 or 3 times a week for 40 minutes or more each time, or sit the car on your drive in READY mode for similar time/frequenc.That let’s the big hybrid battery to charge up the 12v battery. The engine may fire up occasionally but that is to charge up the hybrid battery (which you cannot do with a standard charger).
  24. No one would buy a car as all manufacturers will have detail that annoys someone.
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