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  1. You could enquire via We Buy Any Car type of business, then possibly add 1 or 2k for private sale. Being an Excel Plus.... is that the 7 seater?
  2. Could have been the heat, also could have been lack of fluid intake. Keep drinking water in this weather.
  3. and I think the garage you use has to be VAT registered as well.
  4. Catlover

    Sump Plug

    Parts-King will do that for you. He is the parts king for a main Toyota dealer, the dealershiip I use.
  5. My Prius has a charging pad built in, dont use it because I keep my phone, now a Google Pixel (great phone) in a case and cant be bothered to take it out of its case even to see if the charging unit will charge it. Phone left in its case in a cradle connected to a USB point. Its a slow charge for a modern phone that comes with an 18w charger, meaning it will fully charge in couple hours. Lots of the newer phones have 18w (or similar) chargers these days. Even if a car charging point only keeps the same charge you had at the beginning of the journey at the end thats some result. But technology is moving so fast I wouldnt be paying extra for a charging pad, even for £200 (CH-R) you get an arm rest as well.
  6. Catlover

    Car washes

    I agree Tim, you just got to cut through the hype. QVC is the same, but both do some good deals sometimes, just got to spot them and decide if they for you.
  7. The best I have achieved in my Gen4 Prius is shown on the dash photo below. 96.5mpg over 50.5 miles, a journey from Telford to Chester area. It was a hot day last June, the engine was already hot when we started that 50 mile run, we had stopped for a comfort break in Telford as part of our journey home from Gloucester.
  8. Catlover

    Car washes

    In the above post I said Ideal World do a pack of microfibre cloths 20 for £10, actually the offer is on Ideal World now and it is 40 for £20.
  9. Catlover

    Car washes

    To be open and honest. I have seen demos on Ideal World with Williams and Renault waterless wash/wax and some cars are really dirty. I prefer to give the car a wet down first (a light wash). The technology in the Williams/Renault you cannot see (surfactants encapsulate the dirt particles), so it is difficult to put faith in it. But I have been using waterless wash/wax for over 10 years (some American stuff I cannot remember the name). I have never seen any swirl marks I can put the blame on the product, so it works. In your case Tim, with “debris” on your paintwork, You could set the spray on the fine side, rather then a squirt, and coat the area, stand back and leave to soak the debris (you would do that with dirt poo anyway). After a while you can wipe lightly, no need to run, to remove the debris. You will need more then one microfibre cloth to do the whole car though. Then with a clean microfibre cloth polish that panel, then move on. Altrrnatively, do what I do and give the car a light wash, again ,no need to be heavy with any washing, let the water soften the debris. Then do the Williams. Often Ideal World along with the Williams/Renault, sell good sized microfibre cloths, I think it’s 20 for £10. Very good price, they decent quality, and a good size. you can do all areas of the car with Williams/Renault, paintwork, rubber, glass, plastic, interiors. Cleans the lot, including the green fungi growth you get when on top of window rubber. Only place I don’t do is windscreen, reflects a bit much at night.
  10. Catlover

    Car washes

    O yes, I accept some people have a passion for cleaning their car, you obviously are one, no problem, your choice. I like a clean car, and people get in and many say how clean it is, but I not going to spend too much time on it.
  11. With all the pot holes around these days, and some are very deep I would imagine spring damage as well as tyres and wheel rim damage are more frequent then before. As FBalls said, speed bumps can be very severe, hit them at speed and a lot of damage could be the result. Common these days, especially with Toyota main dealers is they will take a photo/video of damage whilst in situ if possible, for customer info. I have knowingly only had one spring breakage, but that’s the point, “knowingly”, sometimes you don’t know, no Ill effects to the driving experience so you just don’t know,
  12. Catlover

    Car washes

    I do use the 2 microfibre cloths per session method. I find if the cloth is folded correctly I can apply Williams to the whole car, and a fresh cloth to the polishing. I do the car section by section ie apply Williams to a section, then polish, move on to next section. I do wash the cloths after in washing machine but no softener, that reduces effect of microfibre technology. i buy Williams off Ideal World TV, £20 for four 1 litre sprays, but recently from Ideal World I bought Renault waterless wash/polish 5 litre container with one refill spray for £20. I get at least 5 car polishes per litre, probably 6. The Carplan Number 1 is like a ceramic coating, that only costs £8 and one bottle would do 5 Prius sized cars and I do twice a year. The wife bought herself a new Citroen C1 back in 2006 and paid about £250 to have it dealer coated to protect the body work. Waste of money, never again. I love my car, but certainly don’t want to spend a whole day, or even half a day keeping it clean. An hour is enough for me and that would include a tidy up inside as well. i have often give 1 litre of Williams spray to friends, I think it such a great product. Timmon, you say you are too frightened to use the Williams especially to clean after winter. Why is that?
  13. Catlover

    Car washes

    I am with you on this. I been using waterless wash and wax for around 10 years, Williams is a good product. I also coated the car with Carplan Number 1 after a Williams clean. Stunning look.
  14. Neils, so you bought a brand new hybrid in the last 12-18 months and you seem to be already worried about degration of the hybrid battery, don’t get too worked up about it, life’s too short. The hybrid battery is not like the 12v battery stuck under the bonnet or in the boot, that is one composite lump where if one cell goes down the whole lump becomes inefficient. The hybrid battery has I think, in the Prius/Auris 27 cells, so if one goes down that one cell can be replaced - not the whole lump. Toyota test the cells on the hybrid battery health check. Add what Frostyballs has said in his most recent post above, the hybrid battery has a warranty for 16 years and potentially 260,000 miles......... I ask again, how long do you want a warranty for. If, Neil’s, you had bought a pure electric vehicle then I could see your concerns about battery degration. The early Ev’s had a short mileage, say 90 miles, before running out of juice. Now maybe EV cars may do 250 miles(not talking about the really expensive EV cars). Battery degration in those types of cars would be very important. 20% less after say 5 years could seriously affect the usage of the car, and batteries I understand cost in excess of £7k. What adds to battery degration is heat management, or in some cases lack of heat management. One of the most popular ev’s in Europe and North America is the Nissan Leaf, and I understand there is no heat management system on these, no fan, nothing. With that I would be worried, and the battery warranty on one of those vehicles is, I understand 8 years/100k miles........ yes I would be worried. I have looked at owning an EV, lots of merit in doing so, but for me at this moment in time there are lots of downers. Whereas a hybrid, even if there was battery degration it would not affect the journeys I could make - if after 5 years I had 20% less battery range then I know the petrol engine would allow me to continue to use the car exactly as I had before, and cope with any change of circumstance that may have increased my usage. i have had no experience yet of using Toyotas hybrid battery warranty personally, neither in my 6 years of being on this Toyota Owners Forum have I seen any owner reporting they have had to use it and how they went on. Not saying no one has had the need to use the warranty, just that it doesn’t appear to be a common thing judging from what I have seen, or should I say, not seen (read). Perhaps you know someone whose had a bad experience, or maybe a good experience.
  15. So if the report says its dropped 5%, 15% 50% whatever, what can you do? what good is it knowing? I know if it fails within 15 years (assuming it has had an annual health check) it will be sorted Individual cells can be replaced if need be.
  16. How many years warranty would you like on the hybrid battery? For 2020 model cars Toyota have extended the Hybrid battery warranty from 100k miles/8 years to 150k/10 years PLUS if you have a Toyota service every thereafter (up to 15 years) they will do a Hybrid battery health check every year and extend the warranty by 12 months accordingly. 15 year hybrid warranty, name another manufacturer that matches that. and the price of Hybrid batteries have fallen a lot over time, now a Prius battery is just over £1200.
  17. Something definately lacking for sure at some dealerships. Just a point on car wash/clean. The main dealer I use for our two Toyotas do state that a car wash will be included IF TIME PERMITS - it not a given thing it will happen.
  18. Best for you to do a search on Autotrader for Toyota Prius cars. You will get the full range being sold nationally. You wont find many plug-ins, nor a lot of Prius Plus, meaning you will find a lot of Prius of which the vast majority will be Gen 3 (2009-16) and Gen 4 (2016- to date). Autotrader will show you if you want a plug-in or a Plus you going to have a search to find them locally, especially if you looking for a colour or a spec, or be willing to travel.
  19. No. Majority of Prius sold have been hybrid, even the gen 4 Prius is hybrid only, although the latest plug in Prius have a larger battery and can do about 40 miles on pure electric. 40 miles is actually useful in the uk as majority of trips are less the 40 mile return
  20. Annually I use internet comparison sites and every year LV are always no 1 or 2, usually 1. They send me a written quote about 4 weeks before renewal, I go on the internet and get it £25-£50 cheaper for the same thing. I due to press the button tomorrow as it’s due next Tuesday but we “going away” Friday (cat sitting for our son while he holidays). I have had 3 claims in 54 years, 2 against the other diver, 1 against my own, which was with LV last November. Simply rubbed paintwork whilst reversing, no dents, but it cost a staggering £2900 for the 2 cars. Took my car in to the paint shop 9am one morning, picked it up 27 hours later. I expect the other car would be the same. Both of us would have had a hire car for that time. I was staggered when they told me the cost.
  21. When stationary I would always ensure the handbrake is on. I dont know whether the Corolla has an actual HAND brake, in the Gen3 and Gen4 Prius (had both) the "handbrake" is foot operated.
  22. Yours Prius is a Gen 2, dig up "Pete B" on this fourm (he posts almost daily, he has owned Prius since the Gen1 and is very knowledgeable about Prius things.
  23. Obviously your visit to the Toyota dealer should be productive. Do ensure they are aware you would like them to take the car out on the road - that would be good if you could be the driver and them sat by the side of you. Do let u know what goes on.
  24. Not sure a garage can adjust the clutch, it may be what it is. Maybe others have a different view, that will be interesting. I would love to have a drive of it, get the feel of it myself, but you too far away.
  25. So, when stationary, in neutral, hand brake on 1) does it idle at constant revs? Or. Is it erratic ie goes up a bit, goes down a bit? 2) if you press on the throttle slowly do the revs go up smoothly.