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  1. Hope the tests go well Bernard, and I look forward to hearing the mpg for the journey.
  2. Jay, you correct in saying Toyota hybrids do not have an alternator. However, the 12v battery is charged via the big hybrid battery, but if the hybrid battery gets to a certain depletion level then the petrol engine will kick in to charge the hybrid battery which can then continue to charge the 12v battery. The computer does all the thinking fortunately for us. The sales guy is correct in saying leaving the air con on, or other electrical items, will drain the battery quicker and thus mean the petrol engine will run more...... but this is not needed. As a
  3. Wheat you do not want to happen is the hybrid battery going flat. I know it was a couple years ago, but I was told by my Toyota dealer there are not many hybrid battery chargers on the country, and they have to book it to get it. it’s been said elsewhere on this forum, the amount of time the petrol engine will fire up to charge the hybrid battery during an hour will be around 4 times lasting just a few minutes each time. Now the weather is warmer, and vehicles are getting used more the number of owners reporting dead batteries on this forum has reduced dramatically, and will continue
  4. Catlover

    Usb hub

    I got an adaptor to fit the 12v aux socket, that gives me a 12v aux socket plus 2 usb and it shows the voltage state of the 12v battery. I have seen a triple usb adaptor that’s fits into a 12v aux socket.
  5. Uh uh. I can see someone sometime telling the forum his Corolla hybrid battery has gone flat for no reason at all.
  6. If I switch my Prius hubris to aux mode and play the radio (for example), as the 12v system deplete I get a warning on the dash somewhere. If I ignore that warning I can expect problems . However, if I put the car into ready mode, the big hybrid battery will charge the 12v battery (silently), but when the big hybrid battery gets depleted (but way before it’s empty) the petrol engine kicks in to recharge the big hybrid battery, which in turn continues to charge the 12v battery. I would suspect your Rav hybrid works the same way. The principle I outlined ready mode is what Toy
  7. Logic tells mme a link to your problem is doubtful. You have had your car up in the air with the wheels revolving under power and you could hear the noise from the gearbox, your tyres were not in contact with the road at that time.
  8. HI Sam, you might find this info interesting http://www.partinfo.co.uk/files/INF12216_GB.pdf
  9. How long ago was the fresh oil and additive put in? 3 weeks? It will be clean, so a visual examination will be easy (if caught in clean container). That will show up and metal pieces there OR NOT. Of course you can just put fresh stuff in. one month warranty on the gearbox - give it a good thrashing, and see what the box tells you. Leave your “rose tinted spectacles” at home and really listen for sounds, and good movement through the gears. Of course you could Jack it up, like you just done with the existing box and listen for rumbles.
  10. 1) So, Sam, you back to March 10th when replacing gearbox was discussed! A 2nd hand gearbox for £175 delivered. Any guarantee? If you don’t replace the gearbox that means the car is useless, maybe not exactly now but sometime in the future. What does that mean to you? 2) Have you asked Eurocarparts if the kit they recommend for a 2008 Aygo is the larger clutch? The original Aygo/C1/107 fitted was 7”, the Yaris clutch is 7.25” (had the clutch on the wife’s C1 changed after 30k miles). 3) get you mechanic to catch the oil in current gearbox - in a clean r
  11. What the hybrid warranty actually means is:- when the standard warranty on the hybrid battery expires, an annual hybrid battery Heath check (included in the annual/10,000 mile vehicle service) extends the hybrid battery warranty by one year. This continues up to total 15 year from new. Repeat... that is a 15 year warranty on the hybrid battery. What other motor manufacturer has confidence to put a up to 15 year warranty on a major component in their vehicle.???
  12. Advantage of a hybrid engine - less pollution to the atmosphere as you travel along, more mpg then a petrol car, about same mpg as a diesel car but without the pollution, less vehicle tax, much quieter when in "electric" mode (up to 45% of the time)
  13. Hi John, that charger would work very well on a hybrid like your ch-r. The 12v battery on Toyota Hybrids only used to do some basics including waking up the big hybrid battery. You probably know there is no starter motor in a Toyota hybrid, a starter motor takes a lot of power to turn an engine. If that charger started a 3 litre petrol car then it will easily do a Toy. hybrid. By the time you contact that unit across the terminals under the bonnet and got back to the car cockpit it should be ready to light up the dashboard. With no mains power available it looks a good option. I got a simila
  14. If you touch the sensor twice within 5 seconds it activates a double lock, more secure. It’s probably covered in the car owners manual, it is for our 2010 Auris. There is a safety warning. Never double lock the doors when people in the car..... they will not be able to open the doors.
  15. Toyota charge what seems to be a standard £250. Get a cat plate off Ebay starting about £30 and either fit yourself or get your local garage to fit for a few quid.
  16. Had the "Slow" problem for at least a week now, been meaning to comment, but the thing is so slow it takes so long to bring up a page that I fogot what I was going to do - but thats an age related thing. 🤨
  17. Hi Howard, and welcome to Toyota Owners Forum. Prius are popular cars with taxi drivers, particularly Gen2 and probably more so Gen3. Why would that be...... reliability and low running costs. With taxi drivers, to earn money the car needs to be on the road. Toyota hybrids tend to be very reliable and the Prius engineering now is over 20 years old in the UK. Body rust is not a problem. What does rust are the rear discs, and that is through lack of use. Initial braking is via the hybrid motors, so there is little use of brake discs until hard
  18. It’s a cat lock not a Catloc if that’s what you mean. Not sure how thick a Catloc is but 3mm is thicker then others I seen on eBay. For £95 total I got two, my Gen4 Prius and wife’s Auris hybrid.
  19. My filter didn’t look too bad at all, so gave it a shake and soft brush clean.
  20. Do you mean you been to see them or seen the advert and dismissed them.
  21. Trevor, back in December I think it was I got a Gen4 and an Auris catloc from a firm south London, both 3mm metal (which is much thicker then “standard”), delivered, with security bolts for £95 plus £30 to my local friendly garage, so £125 for both. It was on here, along with a lot of others fitting the catloc. Pity you missed out. It is just a deterrent, “go away and do some other car that’s straight forward”, it’s society that’s wonky.
  22. Just seen the £1900 @ 97 k miles has been sold but all the details/photos are still there for comparing.
  23. There are only 3 on Autotrader 2 @ 2001 and 1 @ 2003. Clapton, Luton and High Wycombe, £1900, £2200, £3500, 2private sales, 1 dealer, 36k miles, 80k miles, 97k miles, 2 @ 3 door, 1 @ 5 door.
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