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  1. Desirable to change I would say. Not a big cost anyway. Copper wash will squish and likely not be effective in keeping oil in.
  2. You may be sorry quickly. A recent thread highlighted a poster bought a used Toyota with multi mode transmission and immediately had trouble.
  3. Wife and I both had mk2 Yaris 1.4 diesels. Hers was a 58 plate and had a 5 gear box, mine was 59 plate with 6 gear box. The 6 gear was much better to drive and slightly better fuel. The 6 gear was doing just over 60mpg. You may find the back seats can slide forward to give more boot space ideal 2 people on holidays. The rear seat back rests would also recline a bit. probably just need to watch if you don’t want DPF and the hassle associated. we rated them very nice cars.
  4. Hi Aaron, how did you block the grill. Any chance of phots? And what sort of benefits?
  5. Agree, I think the front of many Argos look terrible, but there is plenty on the road so some people like the,. Citroen have the best looker out of the 3 cars in the “groups”
  6. It is up to the owner of a vehicle to know what the legal limits of his/her vehicle is, I would have thought.
  7. A good point Ian. I keep my jump pack behind the driver seat in the backrest pouch. Even with a flat battery I should be able to get in the drivers door then lean into the back for the battery pack.
  8. Re the 12v battery. My wife’s 2010 Auris hybrid battery went flat twice. Proved to be a dying battery and because battery is in the boot it really needs to be replaced with an AGM battery as is standard. This is because a conventional battery could split open in the event of a rear end accident, spilling acid through the cab and occupants - not recommended. A new AGM battery from Toyota is about £130 and that is a competitive price. The 12v battery is basically used to fire up the vehicle computer which then uses the hv battery, the big one under your rear seat accessible from the boot. i purchased a 12v battery pack about the size of a mobile phone, Suaki I think it manufacturer. This can be used to charge mobile phones and other devices, it does come with its own crocodile clips so can jump start vehicles, including the 12v Auris battery. This can be across the battery terminals, or the dedicated jump points under the bonnet. Works very well. About £35. There are more powerful units available costing more, it not needed for an Auris. I tested it one day when the wife’s battery went flat. By the time I connected it across battery terminals in the boot and walked to the driver seat, switched on and the system was ready to go.
  9. Some more positives of the hybrid system as fitted in a Prius/Auris, don’t know about other manufacturers,,,,,, there is no starter motor, no alternator, and no clutch assembly. All of those parts cost a lot of money when they go wrong, and they do. During 20 year production for the uk, the Toyota hybrid drive train has proved rock solid. Many Prius still on the road after 200,000 miles and more, particularly in the USA where they rend to travel more then uk drivers. And of course the Prius is very popular with taxi drivers, because they are reliable and of course can be zero congestion charges.
  10. Wow! I certainly did not expect that response. I thought I would be the odd one (wife has always said I am odd one 😄). I feel quiet normal now.😎
  11. Weather warmed up again over the last few days and with it up goes the mpg of my gen4 Prius. Just come in tonight and looked at what todays mpg was. 4 journeys totalling 27.5 miles = 81.1 mpg. Pleased with that. Yesterday wasnt bad either.
  12. Thank you for your observations. Most of what you said was with reference to electric only vehicles. All you said I took into consideration but still decided to ditch my Qashqai and bought my first hybrid - a Auris hybrid. Loved it so much I now have a Prius (all Prius are hybrid or plug-in hybrid). The battery now has a Toyota 15 year warranty so long as you have a battery health check every year - free if you have the car Toyota serviced. Even if a cell went down, they are individual cells and can be replaced individually for not a lot of money. Prius has been on the uk market now for 20 years and not a lot go wrong with them, other then what all cars have to deal with ie tyres, suspension, brakes etc. The engineering of the hybrid system as bullet proof as can be. I just done 27.9 miles today in four separate journeys and clocked 81.1 mpg, done in a very comfy car that I think WILL not depreciate as much as you may think. And there is more to like a hybrid then just good mpg. I pretty pleased on the switch and would not now like to go back. Hydrogen may rule the car sales in 30 years, but we living now, and I certainly wont see 30 years time or if I do I will not be capable of driving. So happy with what i got.
  13. I am finding I now driving virtually all the time in "NORMAL" mode. I used to do most in ECO mode, certain occasions going to NORMAL or even PWR mode. But one day, probably 6-8 weeks ago I tried defaulting to NORMAL mode and I dont really see any difference in fuel consumption. I am still easy with the right foot whenever suitable, but being in NORMAL gives me that extra surge when traffic conditions require it. What do you other guys choose.
  14. 45 litres should be good for 600 miles. Obviously depends on how you drive, less if you do lots of high speed MWay, and the weather plays a big part. Winter you will get less mpg, summer more.
  15. Hi Mick, I was'nt saying anything. Apart from the first line of my original post, it was a quote from an article I had read. The point of the article was to highlight since the government reduced the incentives applicable to the purchase of electric only, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Reading the quote carefully, I can see why what is written has concerned you, on the other hand I can see why the reporter has expressed it the way he/she has.
  16. Catlover

    Dash cam

    Hid behind the mirror looks good. What make is that cam?
  17. Well done, Geoff. Interesting you find the display to be accurate.
  18. So the government on one hand wants to eliminate diesel and petrol cars but then takes away the incentives to go electric, or hybrid, or plug-in hybrid. I know it was announced last year, but now seeing figures showing the negative effect on sales of something they should be promoting. Very short sighted. Seems the only money the government wants to spend at the moment is to get a wonky deal with the EU, eager to part with the £39billion
  19. Saw this press release recently on Start Rescue site "Plug-in hybrid vehicle sales plummeted by a third in April, after the government reduced incentives. The fall was in contrast to all-electric or hybrid cars, which enjoyed a rise in sales of 12 per cent - to 10,254. But plug-in hybrids fell to 1,922 - a year-on-year drop of 34 per cent. Regular hybrids harness the vehicle's engine to recharge the battery, while plug-in hybrids are charged at charge points or from mains supplies. They can run on electric-only power for short distances. The situation was rosier for electric-only cars, which saw sales increase from 929 to 1,517 - although these figures are extremely modest compared to overall car sales. Nationwide, car sales saw a year-on-year drop of four per cent, to 161,064. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), that's the poorest performance since 2012. The fall in sales of plug-in hybrids is widely seen as due to a cut in the incentive for electric or hybrid vehicle purchases - from £4,500 to £3,500. The government also changed the eligibility criteria, effectively excluding many plug-in hybrids. Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, said the fall was “evidence of the consequences of prematurely removing upfront purchase incentives before the market is ready.” The government aims to end combustion-engine car sales by 2040, with some groups even calling for the phase-out to be brought forward. However, demand for electric and hybrid cars remains extremely modest given this ambitious target. Recent changes to the incentive program are viewed as unlikely to increase demand."
  20. Are you guys who are spinning up the wheels in “eco mode” or what.
  21. Is it a private buy or from any sort of dealer?? From a private owner you basically standing alone after the purchase, with any sort of dealer you have plenty behind you to go back if their is a problem.
  22. Catlover

    Dash cam

    Sorry, FB, but if you look back it was not me who made that statement that you quoted in the above post of yours.
  23. Catlover

    Dash cam

    I understand the dashcam should not intrude into the windscreen wiper arc. Thats ridiculous because unless the camera is looking through a clear piece of screen then camera is basically ineffective. Its about time dashcams become compulsory on new cars, hidden in the internal rear view mirror, and reduction on motor insurance.
  24. Catlover

    Dash cam

    I HAD the same problem, but no longer. I used clear silicon. Smeared just a little on the rubber sucker, offered it to the inside of windscreen, up top but on the nobbly bits ner the top centre. Been there good 12 months or more and only removed it when I exchanged the gen3 for gen4.
  25. The only reason I can think of why the lower part of the driver wiper arm wobbles is....... that part of the arm, the lower part, has a tighter turn to make then say the top part, and therefore wobbles. Has anyone put ona new arm? Did it stop the wobble or did the new one still wobble?