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  1. Hello, i have a 2004 Toyota Corolla TSport and i am wanted to know if a set of 17" 8j 30et will fit? i am going to have slight stretch to the tyres?? Any help is good. thankyou in advance!
  2. hello, i have owned my Tsport for about 4 months now and it has developed a very loud squeak when the car moves from about 0 - 30mph, the souund isnt there when the clutch is engaged however there is no movement of the gear knob and the clutch and changing gears is as smooth as the day i got it, i have a friend that is going to get it up on the ramp and have a look soon but i would like to be prepared for whatever it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. excuse me mate, what wheels are these?? they are amazing
  4. When they did the test they didn't remove anything they just moved the driveshaft around and saw there was movement where there shouldn't have been! i went and get the car diagnosed yesterday and there is a fault with the O2 sensor in the exhaust, lights get reset and after a while they came back on again but only when i turned my headlights on which is what happened the first time, do you think that maybe it is an electrical fault??
  5. my front right headlight (which has been converted to HID's) has been very temperamental the last couple of days going from on and off where as the left has been fine. today i was looking under the bonnet to see if there was any look connections and when i was fiddling around with the wires i found one that made the light work. upon touching it the lead fell out and icant seem to get it back in. how do i get the headlight out so i can get the lead back in??? any help is great!!
  6. hello. yesterday i took my car to the garage to get a knocking noise checked out and it turned out that i need to get a new frontside driveshaft. however on the drive home i had three light pop up on the dash board. These were the Engine Managment light, TRC & VCS. i would like to know if anyone has had the same problem or any idea what it could possibly be?? thankyou
  7. the previous owner swapped the original wheels back onto it before purchasing so they are the right wheels. the wobble/noise only happens up too around 30mph and on all road surfaces?? i will get a friend to look it all over but i would like a little knowledge on what it could be before hand!
  8. i will get someone to have a look at it for me then, hopefully it is only something simple and cheap haha!
  9. hello, i have recently bought a Corolla TSport and the front wheel makes a rattling noise when i am rolling along, it stops when i hit the break or go on the gas. The man who i bought it off of said he had recently changed his wheels over to his new car and they may need to be balanced or aligned. would this be the problem?? any help would be excellent!! thankyou in advance!
  10. hello, i have a 04 Corolla TS and my HID headlights flicker between full and main beam! is there anything i can do?
  11. what fascia are you using? they all seem to be different sizes??
  12. i have a 04 TSport and i am walking to put a single or double din audio system in the dashboard. My question is, will the audio adaptor that i have in my Yaris have the same connector in which i would need for the corolla? thankyou in advance
  13. thankyou very much, i didnt consider the change it may make to the speedo!! i will contact my insurer aswell just to make sure!
  14. hello, i have just bought myself an 04 TSport. i have two questions that i need answered: 1 - i have also bought a set of H&R coilovers, are they easy to install or shall i take them to a garage to install? 2 - i want to get a set of 18"s for it, will this effect the drive in any way? any advice or comments is welcome!
  15. Thankyou mate that means a lot! i will keep of these points in mind when going to view one. I did think about getting the compressor edition but i think that normal tsport will suit my needs a little better haha!
  16. Hello i am looking to get a 03 - 05 1.8 Toyota Corolla T Sport and i am wondering is there is anything i need to know about these cars as in pros and cons or what bad points of the car that i could look for when viewing them. thank you in advance
  17. hello, i am looking for a spoiler that will fit onto my green 1999 toyota Yaris. or some advise to where i can purchase a cheap one.
  18. That's good mate well done! When I put my sub together I found it hard to get a decent earthing point aswell!
  19. Alright there mate, I have recently installed my sub and amp into my yaris! It does need to be attached to the back of the head unit! What sub are you trying to install?
  20. Yeah that's what I was thinking! I'm going to get in contact with them and see what they say!
  21. That Is a very good way to think about it! I suppose many people just don't declare there modifications to the insurers however I don't want to risk doing that haha! I'm going to find my insurers soon and see what they say can and can't be done!
  22. There is no harm in seeing what they say! If they don't allow it then that is no problem I just won't do it haha
  23. Thankyou I'm going to talk to the insurance company about ascetic additions like lowering and weight reduction due to the plain fact that I have come to the conclusion that I will just wait for a couple of years and get a faster car! I'd rather get a project car and wait till I have a couple of years no claims than do stuff now and run the risk of ruining the car etc! I completely agree with you with the quote, in the week that I have been driving on my own I have learned a hell of a lot! I feel a lot more comfortable on the road in a car now I have had the chance to suss everything else out for myself!
  24. I will do mate! I doubt they will so much about just lowering it and adding an exhaust back box however I just want to ask if anyone has installed an exhaust back box or bucket seats and how easy they are to put in?