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  1. Yes no problem, it was the auto gearbox overheating due to worn parts that had to be replaced it did cost over £600 at the Toyota dealer I would suggest you take it to your local dealer and let them have a look . hth
  2. Hi all , I have bought a dash cam with hard wiring lead just wondering which is the best fuse box/fuse to piggy back on to I have a 12 volt tester. Has anyone else done this on a Auris 2013 Hybrid thanks any info gratefully received
  3. Finally got the update it took 90 minutes but they also gave it a mechanical check all ok but front brake disks need doing soon, they also washed the car and cleaned the interior thanks to Bentley s of Warrington
  4. Ivegotfivedoors


    I my Auris 2013 hybrid 1.8 needs a map update I was sick of driving using the satnav only to find a street as vanished or maybe the odd ring road as moved I have tried using my tomtom app on my phone but why should I when I have a toyota satnav fitted is there another way to get a updated map instead of the overpriced Toyota one from there web site Thanks
  5. Japanese car giant Toyota has announced a recall of more than 2.4 million hybrid vehicles worldwide because of a fault in their systems that could cause them to lose power. ... However, the carmaker said that in "rare situations", the fault could cause vehicles to stall when entering "failsafe" driving mode I phoned my local Toyota dealer in Liverpool. I told them mine was registered in 2013 and they told me they are sending out letters to those effected and I should receive one soon you can check on the My Toyota web site if your car is included in the recall, just enter your reg number .
  6. Hi all , Unfortunately winter is on it's way and I have been looking for a windscreen and front door windows cover to protect my Auris from bad weather ahead of us and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I have looked on the internet but there are so many covers with bad reviews it’s all so confusing . And I wondered if any of you any good recommendations ? Thanks
  7. My Auris Hybrid Registered 2013 sat nav map needs updating erm how do I do this ? Looked on the Toyota site but they are charging £100 plus is there anywhere else I could get a map update ? Thanks
  8. Sorry if this as been asked before. I have a Auris 1.8 auto hybrid and was wondering why when starting off on a journey that the EV is not available I can use it after I’ve been driving for a while but not from the get go .......any ideas ?
  9. Hi all not been on here for a while just swapped my little Aygo for a auris excel vvt i cvt hybrid 1.8 vvt-i automatic 2013 been in the car studying the owners manual all seems straight forward then I noticed a little square hole just below the right hand nob on the aircon and above the electric park button it looks like it's ment to have something in I can't find it in the manual has any body any ideas ?
  10. I've had the car for about 3 years, it had about 54,000 on the clock when in bought it . I've had to have the bearings in the gear box replaced about 8 months after I purchased it, that was nearly £700 at a Toyota dealer it's been ok since only noticed the oil usage about 3 months ago still no oil dripping signs on my drive where it's parked every night ?
  11. Ok I'll monitor the oil level and see how it goes............ I will post my findings on here ............Thanks I did read on other web sites something about the piston ring sizes where manufactured wrong from day one on the Aygo and that someone used thicker oil and that that seemed to work ?
  12. No there are no leaks that I know of its parked on my drive and no oil anywhere and I don't drive the car hard I should have also mentioned it an automatic model thanks
  13. Ivegotfivedoors


    Hi all , I have a 09 Aygo with 90 thousand miles on the clock yesterday the oil light flickered on and off so I thought I would check the oil level mmmmm there was nothing registering on the dip stick I already had 2.5 litres of 5w 30 so I popped this in and the level now reads half full , Is it because it high mileage that the oil was so low as it had a full service 6 months ago I have read on other forums that this is a common problem with the Aygo also I read of some one using a different thicker oil to solve this is there any truth to this?
  14. Hi Devon Aygo thanks for the info 😄 can I order these parts online 🤔