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  1. After all that, when I took the aux belt of, there was nothing wrong with the alternator, or the water pump, or the idler pulley, or the power steering pump which only left the one job that I didn’t fancy tackling myself - the a/c pump! Now fixed thanks to local indy workshop. 🙂
  2. Many thanks to flash22 for taking the time to steer me through the alternator maze! 🙂
  3. Thanks will PM Vin. Not really a screech more of a howl or whine like a very loud fan (no the fan is not on) and using a screw driver as a stethoscope, something is definitely not well with the alternator or something else very close to it. Shouldn’t be the belt as I did that a couple of years ago and still have the scars to prove it! Would be surprised if alternator has been changed, I got the car at 12 months old from a Toyota dealer but who knows. Many thanks. J
  4. Hi Folks, Looking for some help sorting out the alternator on my 2004 RAV4 automatic. The screeching from the front drivers side of the car (which I had hoped was just a stone stuck in the brakes) seems to be coming from the alternator so tomorrow when Storm Francis has finished, I’ll take it off and check the bearings - I’m really looking forward to the rematch with the serpentine belt from hell! 😉 My alternator is the original Toyota Denso with serial number 27060-28110 which from the research I have done seems to be a 90 amp one. Having looked at the options for a replacement (see link below), they start at around £100 for various brands I have not heard of (but with a 2 year warranty), including one with the same serial number but there are others some rated at 100 amps but with slightly different serial numbers. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/alternator-10450/toyota/rav-4/rav-4-ii-cla2-xa2-zca2-aca2/14907-2-0-vvti-4wd There are two Denso alternators listed; one is a 100 amp one with serial number 27060-28150 for £152 and a 90 amp one with the same serial number as mine for £258. FWIW, the 100 amp one is listed as suitable for automatics (which my RAV is) and the 90 amp one for manuals. I can justify £152 for a new alternator but not £258 so am wondering whether there is any reason (different connections etc) not to fit the 100 amp one and save £100 or whether any of the off brand alternators are worth a punt? Many thanks for any help. Jerry
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. After much trawling of the various links, I managed to get a complete gear shift handle plus cable in good condition from the Bay of E for £37 inc delivery from Lithuania which was bit less painful than the £250 from Toyota! Fitted today and back on the road - just need to buy a few clips to replace those that broke while strippiing things down. Its worth keeping an eye on the end of the cable wherever it bolts onto the lever on the auto box, it's intended to swivel to take account of the change in angle as the gears change but mine as seized causing the plastic to flex and eventually fail. Worth giving it a squirt of lubricant every now and then to avoid an expensive and fiddly repair. :)
  6. Will give my local independent garage a call tomorrow but I can't wait too long to get I to back on the road and might just have to admit defeat and order from the local main dealer and fit it myself. 😩
  7. Thanks Mike, I've had a further look this morning and the plastic end of the cable which bolts onto the lever on the auto box has sheared off. Those Utube vids cover the other end of the cable, short of fabricating a metal replacement for the plastic part and welding it onto the end of the rod attached to the cable (which is beyond my ability), it is not repairable. Spoke to local Toyota dealer and part number is 33820-42090 and only available a single unit at the rather eye-watering price of £210 plus VAT! Which is about four times the price of the manual equivalent on th Bay of E. The only cables I could find on find anywhere were on the Bay in the USA and UAE for about half the price but not really worth the potential hassle and inevitable extra duty. If anyone has any thoughts for alternative sources sources for this part at prices better than main deale I would be very grateful. Decent used at the right price would be fine. Cheers Jerry
  8. Hi All, I've been a member for a while but rarely visit as my UK spec 2004 RAV4 Auto has been impeccably reliable until today when it nearly left me stranded in the middle of nowhere with a boot full of chickens and no drive. Basically the shifter went slack and I lost drive. The problem seems to be with the shift cable, it has either snapped or become detached at one end. Got home by shifting the lever manually under the bonnet and fortunately did not have to reverse. I'll have a closer look in the morning but assuming that it is not going to be a case of tightening a clamp or a nut at one end or the other, if someone could advise me of the part number and stockists for the shift cable and any ancillary parts, I would be very grateful. The Bay of E has plenty of manual shift cables but I couldn't find any Auto ones. Many thanks, Jerry
  9. Thanks for the replies on this. I went out this morning to give the "5 second" reset a go and then if necessary to try to make sense of the wiring diagram and guess what - window working perfectly! Don't you just love intermittent electrical faults! I did the "5 second" reset anyway and fingers crossed that is the end of it but have ordered the Haynes manual in case I need to investigate further - I'm more used to playing with 40 year old VWs and 20 year old Land Rover Defenders so I wouldn't even know how to get the trim off without breaking something. Thanks for help and if it recurs and/or I find out what the problem was I'll let you know. Cheers, JK
  10. Hi, I'm new on here but have had a 2004 RAV4 5 door auto for nearly 10 years with no serious issues. I got back yesterday after a week away to find an annoying fault on the electric window on the rear driver's side (RHD) door. As soon as I turned the ignition on, the window opened fully. The control on the drivers door would not work for this window but worked fine for the other windows. The control on the door itself worked fine while door was opened but as soon as the door was shut, the window opened fully - I haven't tried the control with the door shut. I currently have to drive with the window open and the only way to shut the window when parked is to wind it up using the control on door itself, then turn of the ignition, close door and then shut door and lock using the keyfob. Although the control on door had worked fine before I drove it, it wouldn't work initially but after I fiddled with it a bit then left it alone for 5 minutes it worked. I'm keen to get this sorted ASAP so I don't get stuck somewhere unable to shut the window at all. I assume/hope that this is a simple sensor/switch fault but I don't know where to start looking - I'm used to working on older cars but don't have a manual for the RAV and electric windows are new to me. Is the Haynes manual any use or are there any free/cheap alternatives out there? Many thanks for any assistance. JK
  11. Hi All, Had a 5 Door Auto RAV 4 since new in 2004 - been good as gold (apart from fuel consumption!!!) just stating to get a few niggling faults so I thought I'd join here to see how it is all done. Thanks, JK
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums RAV4-2004 :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/