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  1. Hi Does this aerial affect the DAB reception ? or is the DAB reception done through another aerial ?
  2. Thanks Kencat, will have to be gentle with it in future.
  3. Hi, I have a 2009 2.2 diesel Rav4 with manual gearbox, for the last few weeks i have been getting a slight clunk when changing from 1st to second gear. I was wondering if this if a common problem with the Rav, or a fault with the gearbox ?
  4. My 3 year old Rav4 failed its first MOT a week ago with both rear shocks leaking, my local Toyota dealer says it cant get any new ones for at least 12 days. The only reason I can think for the delay is that they don't usually fail. Anyone got any ideas ?
  5. Hi Davrav, I have tried what you suggested, but it reverts back to how it was. the motor seems to run on longer than it should it goes about 180 degs from its folded in position.
  6. Have you tried pushing it fully forward and then clicking it back again?
  7. Many thanks I have tried this, but when i switch the engine on this mirror moves it's self out a couple of inches, and you have to pull it back in again.
  8. Hi can anybody help please, when i reverse my 2009 XTR Rav into my garage i have to retract the electric door mirrors so it fits in easily. On a recent occasion i forgot, and bent the drivers side door mirror back, when i operated it again it would move, but not back into it's original position and there seems to be a slightly bigger gap between the mirror and the bracket. Does anyone know how to take the mirror apart to inspect for damage etc. Many thanks Charlieboy
  9. Does any one know how much it costs to convert a radio on my 59 plate Rav4, to Digital. The radio has already got a push button on it for DAB but it does not work ?
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