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  1. Meld


    After 5 years and just shy of 18,500 miles, the little IQ has been sold today. I will confess to being a bit sad to see this lovely little car go, but it is surplus to requirements nowadays. Thanks for the info etc over the years and I wish all you current IQ drivers well and I hope her next owner looks after the car.
  2. Meld

    Starting Quirk?

    I've had the same thing, although mine's an automatic so just the brake pedal to press. Each time, I have just taken my foot off the brake, pressed it again and all has been well so I have just out it in the category known as "unexplained".
  3. Meld

    Clocking up the miles

    I know, remiss of me, but today is the only day this week I was not up at 5am to drive to the station and go to London, instead it was a nice leisurely lie in and a drive in rush hour traffic to the local office. I hate rush hour traffic!
  4. 50,000 miles in a couple of months short of its 8th birthday, my IQ seems to do more running about than I realise. Only 17k of those are under my ownership of 4 years, but it all mounts up. Here's to a few more years trouble free commuting to the station.
  5. Meld

    IQ newbie

    As you'll have seen from my photo, this household has an IQ and an RX! They're very different, but both great cars. Glad you're enjoying the new motor.
  6. Meld

    IQ newbie

    Hello and welcome aboard! I washed the IQ this morning (for the first time in ages) and must admit that I stood back and thought "this really is a great little car". It's only my commuter, town runaround and the car which gets left parked at the railway station, but it is brilliant at those chores. The picture is from back in the summer.
  7. Keyless is so convenient, you sometimes forget all about the fob, as I did the other day. I took my phone and my wallet out of my jeans pockets, and then chucked the jeans in the wash with a load of other stuff. When it came to emptying the machine, I was absolutely horrified to find the IQ's keyless remote in the bottom of the machine. For the next 2 days, the wet remote was in my airing cupboard, more in hope than anything else. But 2 days later, and much to my amazement, it's dried out nicely and works absolutely fine. I am much relieved, a replacement would have been an awful expense I really don't need. Lucky or what?
  8. As expected: Lamba Sensor. Inchcape Derby can't get the part until Monday, but that's no major problem, the car wouldn't be used over the weekend anyway.
  9. Yesterday, just a few hundred yards form home after a cold start, I got the set of lights up. As has been suggested elsewhere on this forum, I disconnected the battery for an hour, reconnected it and was optimistic when the lights had all disappeared. But within 300 yards, they were all back. So it's off to the local Toyota dealer on Friday for the diagnostics to be interrogated. Hopefully, it will end up being something simply. (2010 model IQ2 CVT, now at approx 44000 miles).
  10. Hi, and welcome. My 2010 model CVT IQ has now done 43,000 miles and is still going strong. With the warranty now history, it was recently serviced my local mechanic, no problems whatso ever. As you say, it's a Toyota..................!
  11. I have just checked my 1.0 IQ2, 60 plate. Not affected, so it looks like it's just the very early 1.0 models.
  12. And don't dismiss the automatics, it's a totally different box to the horrible thing on the Aygo. I am extremely happy with the IQ as a second/commuter/town car.
  13. Meld

    Air Conditioning

    Towards the back end of last year, the IQ didn't seem to be cooling as well as it ought. Over the winter, it's not been an issue, although it has been noticeable that the drying effect of the air con on damp mornings has become almost non existent. Now we've had a couple of warm(ish!) days, i decided it was time to do something about it. A work colleague recommended a local guy, so I got him to do a home visit and check the system. Sure enough, there was no gas and a leak was found at the bottom of the condenser. I dread to think what Toyota want for the part, but this guy charges £250 all in, which didn't seem like a bad deal. It took him about 90 mins to fit it and re-gas, all done on my drive. Apparently, it's the only IQ he's ever worked on, but was a pretty easy job. He did contrast that with Smarts which apparently need pretty much the whole of the front of the car taken to bits. So, if anyone in the Derby area has similar problems, I'll happily recommend
  14. Meld

    Iq Not Starting

    Very useful info and worth remembering, thanks.
  15. Meld

    New Owner Of An Iq3

    They're great city cars, aren't they? Welcome aboard.