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  1. Not sure if there is a kind of factory reset, I think the cars left the factory with just immobiliser and it was up to individual Toyota distributors (in this case Toyota UK) to fit alarms, functions like the ‘Auto central looking’ where the door locks when you start the car came standard in some European countries where as in the UK it had to be activated by asking the dealers. As long as the basic alarm functions work as it should when you perform the tests in the manual, it should be ok.
  2. No Sorry it won’t work, sometime after I found the document (which I removed, hence the link stop working) I found the proper settings manual for the 2005 RAV4 Alarm functions and that function wasn’t included. You can see the document at this Toyota Site under Accessory Group pick Vehicle Security System then 'search', then its the last document called "TVSS V Setting Guide"
  3. That’s was one of the last things I wanted to do to the car before I emigrated, now my RAV4’s in a container on ship hopefully nearing Mauritius
  4. It fits under either the Drivers seat or the Passenger Front Seat, you can have read about the installation process on the Toyota Tech Website under Accessory Group chose Audio and then open the 'Audio RHD' Pdf Document.
  5. I wouldn’t recommend the Toyota Subwoofer, a friend of mine had it fitted to his RAV4 and the quality is not worth the money you pay it would be better to consider the Alpine compact subwoofer which fits neatly under the seat or can be fitted in the boot without taking to much space, it also has separate controls making it easy to control how much bass you want.
  6. I had the same problem when I bought my RAV4 and wanted to fit an ‘In dash Six Disc CD-Changer’ which was showing as an Option on the European Toyota Website but Toyota UK didn’t want to know, the dealers are limited to what Toyota UK will import and so in the end I went down the aftermarket route. It’s baffling why Toyota UK do this with the options, I want to know who decides such things and one day meet them directly and ask why they cherry pick and not simply just offer every official Toyota option available and order it when a customer wants.
  7. prince

    New Rav 4

    The new Hyundai Santa Fe looks like it will give the New RAV4 some stiff competition as well and the Koreans have gone one further by mating their diesel to a 5 Speed automatic and both engine and transmission have been given the thumbs up by ‘Test Drive Magazine’ The Autocar magazine is the first group test I’ve seen where the RAV4 has come top the previous two in other magazines it came third, so the New RAV4 hasn’t exactly blown away the opposition and gone to the top of the segment and my guess is it will have an even tougher time when Honda’s third Gen CR-V and Nissan second Gen X-Trail come out.
  8. There are various decent 16.5/17 cm DIN speakers that will provide a good improvement over the factory ones, but when I changed my speakers I personally liked the Alpine SPR-17LP speakers but it's a personnel choice, Halfords Audio display in their shops would be a good place to get an idea.
  9. prince

    New Car Taxes

    You can Search here; 2.2 D-4D 5 door 6MT Diesel 173 g/km 2.2 D-4D 180 5 door 6MT Diesel 185 '' 2.0 D-4D 3 door M5 Diesel 190 '' 2.0 VVT-i 5 door M5 Petrol 202 '' 2.0 VVT-I 3 door M5 Petrol 207 '' 2.0 VVT-I 5 door A4 Petrol 212 '' 2.0 VVT-I 3 door A4 Petrol 218 ''
  10. prince


    Click on this discussion and you will find some details on getting the door strap from Toyota. Side steps –Toyota can help, but there are some aftermarket 4x4 places on the net which do them try: http://www.4x4x4.com/vehicles/toyota_rav4.htm they have a few to choose from. http://shop.formula4x4.com/shop/default.asp?, also does some. or ebay on this page
  11. prince

    Mp3 Player

    In a nutshell, with the use of your PC and Burning Software (Nero or Roxio etc) you can place music files which are in mp3 format on to a CD-R Disc which you can pick up in Supermarkets or on the net in packs of 10 or more. The burning software does all the necessary you just have to pick which music files you want and because it’s in mp3 format you should be able to burn a 140+ tracks on to a 700mb CD-R disc depending on the mp3 quality (kbps) and the length of songs, then once it burns successfully you can listen to the CD in the RAV4 CD player or any Car CD player and Home Hi-fi as long as it has the mp3 symbol showing it can playback mp3 format Music.
  12. prince

    New Rav4

    As far as I know Toyota & Suzuki are neither partners nor do they have any Parts sharing agreement, and in fact the next Daihatsu Terios is actually based on the Mark 2 RAV4 parts and chassis and it's easy to see some of them on the car you can read more here about it.
  13. As sad as it sounds, in the UK the BMW badge and the Freelander Image counts for far too much then it really should it’s why the past Freelander even with there reliability issues and the X3 which isn’t a good car overall and yet both still sells well here and in the case of the new Freelander I can foresee some waiting lists. The Toyota badge can’t as yet compete with that at this level , so the next best thing is to appeal to the value as well as quality conscious consumer which are essentially Toyota's traditional traits , putting the engine in other variants will bring in more sales at least for the UK.
  14. prince

    Rav 4 Xtr

    Thanks, I am only an Occasional user of the Sat Nav so a Garmin Portable unit does fine for me. Instead I replaced the Toyota CD Radio with an Alpine unit using the Single Din fascia Adaptor, lost the steering wheel controls but the vast improvement in sound quality more then made it up for that.
  15. prince

    Rav 4 Xtr

    A forum member is selling one here or you could go down the aftermarket route, with Kenwood and Alpine who have combined DVD & Sat Nav units in a fold out unit ( fitted with a Single Din fascia adaptor) or Double Din that replaces the existing CD Radio.
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