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  1. Most odd. Does it have regenerative braking or anything? For the Cross where does the app have it currently- still in Derby, enroute to dealership or with the dealership? I had no updates from my dealership at all between order and delivery
  2. Did you get delivery yet Roy? Were the cameras what you expected or were they aftermarket cameras (assuming of course that you weren’t expecting aftermarket cameras!)? Is your paintwork hydrophobic?
  3. Mine did…but then they definitely forgot my camera…and didn’t even realise when I went in to query how I connect to the dashcam! It was only when I went back again and said ‘Erm I think probably you forgot to fit my camera’ that they realised that they hadn’t done. I also didn’t receive any paperwork regarding the SMARTGUARD and GardX so am hoping that they did them! The salesman is chasing up so will know soon. When you take delivery I would be interested to hear whether it is a Toyota branded NextBase on yours.
  4. It’s month end - I wouldn’t be surprised if arrives with your dealership today so they can get it into their July figures.
  5. I think they must have stopped (or not yet started) using the train as mine definitely came in by boat through Grimsby.
  6. Thanks. I have contacted the dealership as I haven’t received anything yet and have a small stone chip that I want fixing.
  7. Did anyone else take SMARTGUARD and or GardX? Did you receive any paperwork, details of how to contact about stone chip repairs etc.?
  8. It was a day to Zeebrugge, 1 week in Zeebrugge, a day to ship, 2 weeks to get to the hub and the 1 week from hub to dealership. I was contacted straightaway when it arrived with the dealership BUT they didn’t do the PDI (or at least didn’t check the car against the order properly).
  9. Hi, Not certain what stage your car is at but certainly the map appeared on my app about 6 weeks prior to build & remained until my collection day. So, if Brian’s car is built and en route I would have thought the map should appear? It could of course mean that the car has arrived with the dealership?
  10. I think the issue is and has been that Brian can’t see any tracking information in his MyT app, the map doesn’t show.
  11. There isn’t a blue triangle, there are no visible buttons at all which is why I am wondering whether the camera has actually been fitted.
  12. Thanks, they didn’t. I have emailed the salesman to see if he can provide. I am actually wondering whether they forgot to fit it and I am looking at one of the other cameras as it doesn’t look like this!
  13. Hi Did anyone have the Toyota fitted front facing dashcam? I did BUT don’t know where it outputs to/ how to add it to my NextBase app…and neither does anyone at the dealership!
  14. Snap on the Saturday pick-up. I was given the option to pick-up today but had too many work appointments so had to be patient and push it to Saturday.
  15. Mine is due to arrive at the dealership this week 🤞it will and they get the PDI completed promptly.
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