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  1. I agree, the big screen seems somewhat off putting and also I'd love the sat nav to use a Heads Up Display (like some Prius).
  2. I agree with you both although my new commute (1.1 miles) means I don't really need a car at all (except for bad weather). If money were no object (upto and including if I were a billionaire!) the Tesla S is my 'dream' car.
  3. I'm almost tempted to drive around a few places to see what I get offered for mine :-)
  4. I'd say that makes more sense, although I went for the T4 (the model below the T-Spirit) as the satnav (got it on my phone) and parking assist (managed to park for 25 years without it) weren't worth the extra thousands to me and I still got cruise control (godsend on long journeys) but that's why cars have different models and options, we all like different things!
  5. Just for a bit of comparison, I recently bought a December 2008 (2nd Gen and generally reckoned to be the most reliable version) with 60K on the clock (which is nothing for a Prius) for £6,000 and mine has the longer warranty etc. I know it's all down to personal choice etc but paying maybe £8-9,000 more for a car maybe 13 months older and 10-20K less miles seems ridiculous to me. However, I must add that mine was a private buy, not through a Toyota dealer.
  6. Makes sense, guess I'll have to see what happens once I start the new job.
  7. I will be using the car for some 3 mile journeys once or twice a week and 200 miles once every 3-4 weeks so hopefully no 'harm' will be done apart from my fuel economy.
  8. Sorry, should have said, live in a flat and my garage doesn't have mains supply so plug-ins not practical (even if I had the money!). Definitely won't run the heater, thanks for that. Will be walking it when weather decent etc but in this country I reckon that's only half the time if I'm lucky!
  9. I've just heard I've been successful in my application for a new job which is great! However, as I recently only bought my late '08 Prius (for my 30 mile commute) and from December my commute is going to be 1.1 (yes, just over 1 mile) each way I'm now wondering if keeping the Prius is worthwhile and if I do the most economical way to do so. Don't get me wrong, I love it etc and I will use it (around) 50% of the time to commute due to weather and/or time issues but as it's a 2008 it doesn't have ECO and in the 3-4 minute journey the engine is barely going to warm up which means my fuel consumption is going to be horrible. Does anybody have any bright ideas? (and I don't have the money to buy a PIP)
  10. Thanks to Bibsy and Korat, good to know, should I use recirculated air or 'fresh' air and should it be just at the windscreen or the 'whole' car on the selection?
  11. But doesn't running the aircon constantly negatively affect the mpg?
  12. "Speaking of wind deflectors, they all seem to fit into the channels where they, presumably, add friction that the motors weren't designed for. Anyone had any issues with these things?" That's a good point, although minicab drivers wouldn't use them in that case surely?
  13. Thanks Everyone, I had completely forgotten about wind deflectors (shows how long ago I last used a minicab ;-) ), will buy a pair and hopefully not get too frustrated fitting them! (and yes, I know I could just shut the window but I like a cracked window to reduce the misting up issue :-) )
  14. Hi all, I've got a peeve about my 2008 Prius (which I love generally) and it's that if I have the drivers window open any amount, even a tiny bit, whilst it's raining or drizzling then the water from the windscreen sweep / support strut / door seems to come in the drivers window. Is this normal and does anyone have a sensible method of dealing with it?