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  1. I was very lucky.... But, to be truthful, I didn't find the link! One of the boys on the 'Corolla Club UK' group, on Facebook, pointed it out to me. Just a little note: This fault has happened to 5 Compressor owners, in Europe and the UK, over the past 2 months!!
  2. I think that the new parts are actually made by Ogura. They’ve got the same part numbers and there’s a identical Ogura sticker is on the new pulley >How did you manage to incorporate the wiring into the existing male connector?< I cut, spliced, soldered and then used heatshrink shielding.... It was one of the easier jobs
  3. Put the S/C back in the car and it's ready for another thrashing 🙂 🙂
  4. I think these instructions explain the job better!!
  5. Fit the flange/plate, 10mm bolt and to tighten to 13.7 ft.lbs Now check the 'air gap' using a feeler gauge. The gap should be 035 - 0.7 mm To adjust the gap, those little washers, in my 3rd picture, are used as shims. Add or remove the shims/washers to get the correct 'air gap'
  6. Install the clutch/pulley and another new circlip
  7. Install new magnetic coil, circlip and replace those little washers.. They're there for the "Air-Gap'"
  8. Once the pulley is off, there's another circlip. Remove the circlip to take the electric magnetic coil off. This is the part that failed on my S/C
  9. Charger off the car. Undo 10mm bolt and with a puller and take the flange and pulley off. Don't forget to remove the circlips first. f
  10. Hi Aamir, The kit comes complete with a pulley... In fact, every new part is identical to what I pulled off my charger. Replacing the clutch was a very simple job..... 45 mins max. Getting the S/C off the car was not so...It's a 2 person job! Anyone wanting to do the same, I would advise to raise the front of the car, about 1 foot and taking the bumper and undertray off, before you start any work, as there is no way that the bolts at the bottom, towards the rear of the charger, can be reached unless you're under the car. Also, whilst the charger is off do check your VVT OCV filter as you won't be able to get to it when S/C is bolted to the engine. The filter is behind the charger...It's impossible to get to! The car runs really smoothly now. We checked how many amps the charger was taking-in... 3.5amps when cold......2amps when hot. Before I fixed it my charger was taking 10amps!! In fact, it was your message, Aamir, telling me that your S/C was drawing 3.5amps that pointed me in the (right) direction and buy a new clutch..... Thank you for that advice 🙂 I'm going to post some pictures that I took whilst replacing the clutch... Sorry if the quality of the photo's are cra....
  11. Hey Aamir, This is a long shot...... Do you know what the part number is for the v-belt, on the Compressor?
  12. Hey Chris, This is what you need....
  13. Got the clutch kit today. £350.00 delivered Installing it tomorrow.....I'll post the pictures after the job is done