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  1. Got just a couple of Trackdays lined up. Friday 29 September - CADWELL PARK (full circuit) . . . 105db Saturday 25 November - OULTON PARK (full circuit) . . . 105db Anyone interested? And here's a pic from Silverstone You lot missed out there B)
  2. I was on the 10:20 Session :D That Elise was up my bumper on my last lap Deffently a Pro driver (he came from nowhere) A mate (with a black evo 6) was on with that Van He wasnt happy as the 20mins got red flagged after 10mins or so
  3. Ken used to organise those things? so it's in murky waters i'd say. Although i'd be more than happy to give you the contacts details again. ........And leeky Aslong as you have a full control of the car; i'm certain you wont get kicked off!
  4. Well this was the first Track day (of such) for me in the Evo. Those who know me might know that I've done a few track days in my previous cars (pug 205 gti - MR2 Turbo) Including 2 trips too the Nurburgring (Once even doing the Behemoth) But by far this is the quickest car i've ever owned for circuit driving Its has more power than the Mr2; and yet still has better cornering ability than my Pug ever had! So over all i'm chuffed to bits and had a big grin on my face all day :D here's some pics Stu :)
  5. Ok i take it; other than Paul No one on here is going Your Loss :P :D
  6. Yes that's right; i forgot to mention the D1 :D
  7. TRAX 2006 – Silverstone – Sunday 3rd September - 2006 This is an Car club / track event; which attracts thousands of enthusiasts - Club displays, trade stands, 0-60 mph sprint, circuit rides and track action for those wishing to take part or just to look around and spectate. .::linky::. So who's going? I know TOC havent got a stand. ... infact TOC havent mentioned this event at all; which is a big surprise
  8. Is that a carbon bonnet i can see there? But yeah i'd get a stick on No. plate or a bracket made up like i had on mine. anyways... After a lick of paint it should looks the dogs .......... B)
  9. thanks, nice find now i dont have to guesstimate my pressure :)
  10. Stu8

    2.2ltr Mr2

    Might have an 2.2 stroker kit? but thats something you tend to remember doing does it have twin turbo by any chance? :P
  11. Dont think you've seen this one Fizz mate http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...170689575392014 it's this years with me pushing Sean along (9min 40sec lap) Sean fastest lap by coinindence :P
  12. He's got a Porsche Turbo now :D Talk about a flash from the past though :D you reckon you'll give him a run for his money now. :P
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