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  1. Welcome aboard Roy and Linda.....enjoy the Verso.!
  2. Welcome Ebrahim...great choice...but I would say that wouldn't Doubt you'll be disappointed...they are a lovely vehicle...had mine over 3 years now and not a moment's regret or trouble. Tell us more about yours..
  3. Welcome Leigh...good choice..great car and you'll have fun driving it. I had my Celica for 2 years (a 2003 model) and enjoyed every minute of owning it...never let me down at all. have a forage through some of the recent Celica post to just familiarise yourself with the issues you might find in due course. Most of all... enjoy it.!!
  4. Welcome Iain..'s so worthwhile to get it done. My Estima was the same.. I checked underneath before I bought it and it was amazingly free of was then undersealed as part of the purchase package. I didn't actually take delivery of the Estima until about 3 weeks later so there were no odour issues.
  5. Welcome Jim...a rare creation indeed and I'm sure it will be fun doing the research to see what you can find. I'm sure it will be worth re-furbing/recommissioning it. Any pics of the inside.? I think there'd be quite a few who would follow it's re-awakening with great interest.
  6. With that mileage...and assuming all round good condition for year...I guess you are in the £500+/- territory But it should sell...peeps are always on the lookout for a reliable cheap motor.
  7. Welcome aboard, Patrick...that's some mileage you achieved in the Corolla..!!...hope the Auris gives you the same.!!
  8. RUToyota


    Might be worth having a word with Gary at GT Motors in Newton Abbot....Estima specialists.
  9. RUToyota


    Welcome aboard, Alan...... They are the worst kind of faults aren't they.?...intermittent and leaving no OBD trace. Which engine.?...2.4 or 3 litre V6.? Could it be a fuel issue.?...pump/filter/fuel line etc..?...I guess the usual checks of plugs/air filter have been done. Hope you find the culprit..and let us know if you do.!!
  10. I believe there is a facebook group for the idea if it's useful or even current...but it might be worth a go.
  11. I think you'll struggle tbh..they were never thick on the ground in the UK. Why cannot your garage do any work that's needed.? it more a case of not wanting the job.?
  12. Hard to say...but I think I'd be getting a second opinion just in case. At that vintage I assume it's diesel.?...and £7k.?....wouldn't want to be paying that for a 25 year old Hiace tbh...even given it's campervan version. It may be worth throwing a new engine at it if it's really good otherwise (if you can find one.!)
  13. RUToyota

    Picnic shocks

    As Paul says...get the part number ...and either megazip or toyodiy should be able to help you identify those. Having your frame number handy will help.
  14. As above...^^^^^...definitely go petrol...reliable, and the only potential issues are O2 sensor replacement (I think there are 4 on on the Rav). Great vehicle.