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  1. RUToyota

    Insurance Renewal

    Agree, Tony......I renewed mine with A. Flux in November...precisely £300..after contacting Dan (through here) Could have got it cheaper elsewhere (though not by much) but I've been with Flux for some years now and they always seem to sort me out a reasonable quote in the end.
  2. RUToyota

    Celica tsport power loss

    Yep...bad luck...but it happens...I assume you did your "homework".? Let us know what happens.
  3. RUToyota

    Celica tsport power loss

    If you have an EML then a code read would be a good start...that may well point you in the right direction. ....but.... lift bolts.?...OCV filter.?...MAF.?
  4. RUToyota

    Code Reader

    Having read the info I think it seems to do everything but make a cup of tea.
  5. What determines it is what the original customer specified...there are more versions than you can shake a stick at,...but it's odds on that the type you want IS out there somewhere...all you gotta do is find one. My guess would be that any half decent importer would be able to locate what you want through his contacts.
  6. RUToyota

    Code Reader

    Agree about the cheaper ELM readers, Tony...they are hit and miss...I bought one a couple of years back and it wouldn't touch my beggar all out of it. I think it cost less than a tenner.!...but not a good deal when it doesn't
  7. RUToyota

    Hello people :) !

    Hi Steve...welcome...good choice.!
  8. RUToyota

    Code Reader

    Nice one, Tony...and as you know, a failed 02 sensor would have been my bet.. At least you know you are well equipped now should you ever get another EML.
  9. RUToyota

    Code Reader

    Be interesting to see what the fault turns out to be, Tony.....intermittent EML's are always a pain...I initially thought O2 sensor because of how many you've got on your bus.
  10. RUToyota

    New Estima Owner

    Welcome Chris...great choice...they are a fabulous "all purpose" truck..and so comfortable and well equipped. I've had mine nearly 3 years now and still love it....enjoy.!
  11. RUToyota


    Hi Ian...welcome aboard.