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  1. As above...if it already has a UK reg. number, then that will reflect the actual year of manufacture...NOT when the vehicle was imported.
  2. Welcome Johno.....I doubt she'll be disappointed...great little car.
  3. Welcome to the club, Mark...good to see some "old skool" motors still around.
  4. Welcome aboard...enjoy the Rav..and enjoy being here.
  5. Try Goodmayes...South Ockenden.
  6. Some have found a degree of success with toothpaste...but any rubbing compound should make an improvement. I've use Farecla G3 in the past with good results..I always have it "in stock" as it were.
  7. All you can do is judge on condition/service history...for a well looked after diesel it ain't moon mileage. IS a lot of dosh for the age/mileage and the fact that you want to run it for several years would suggest it needs very careful thought. I think I'd be happier waiting for a lower milage example if at all possible.
  8. Thanks Mike...wasn't aware that the gas had changed so long ago.
  9. R134a I every other car..there will be a sticker (probably under bonnet) that will tell you. I think the the refrigerant is changing on NEW cars.?
  10. IIRC there was a guy on the facebook estima forum that changed all his interior lights to cool blue..he liked them. I've never had a passion to do it.
  11. Welcome aboard, Christian.
  12. Totally different systems I'm replaced with a decent double DIN unit.