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  1. Just make sure you find a new head unit fits in the space as your old should be a straight plug and play. There are so many on the market...have a look at eBay for instance and see if there are any that float yer's where I got mine from about 3 years ago..cost about £70 IIRC. Not sure the manual that you speak of will cover your model..check it out's gotta be worth having IF you can find one.
  2. Nice one...your Estima should now give you many miles of smiles.!!
  3. Hi...and welcome...The Estima is a good choice,!!..lovely vehicle. As Tony says...there's not much you can do with the on board Japanese stuff I'm afraid...I simply swapped what was there for a new double din head unit...mainly so I could pair my phone via the bluetooth. I'm sure ou'll enjoy it no matter what.
  4. Welcome Harrison...sadly I don't think you'll find many of those in the UK.....hope you enjoy it. The Hi-ace was always a good campervan base.
  5. RUToyota

    Buying Advice

    The model and the mileage wouldn't concern me...but the gearbox would...unless you want an "auto" then I look for a manual version.
  6. As I'm a member of that forum I shall be interested to see just how impartial it will be. As an avid fan of Toyota/Japanese vehicles I may not be quite so
  7. Hello mate.!!...wondered if you'd ever appear Caldina is nice.!!
  8. Supercharged.?.....maybe a code read could help you.?...MAF sensor.?
  9. RUToyota

    1mzfe swap?

    Good luck.!!..let us know if it ever happens.
  10. RUToyota

    1mzfe swap?

    I have the 1MZ-FE in my it would certainly make the Anensis quite a beast.!..but your question is far too deep for my knowledge I'm afraid...but it never seems an easy job to do such a transplant. The 1MZ-FE is mainly found in the Lexus RX300 here in the UK...and a few Estimas too.
  11. An odd judgement for sure....can't imagine anyone would make that interpretation in respect of a self charging hybrid.
  12. Welcome aboard, Mike. Must be some seat covers around in the 4x4 categories I assume.? ebay et al.
  13. Good to know...what other Toyota models do you have parts/accessories for.?