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  1. Given your other topic (headlight) sounds like you might have some electrical gremlins (could be faulty switches, bad earths, water ingress etc)..maybe worthwhile seeing your local auto-electrician.?
  2. No idea..never had a hybrid....but my gut feeling would be there won't be that much between them..depends on your mileage/distances and just how critical mpg is to you.? There is not that much difference between the 3 litre V6 Estima and the 2.4 for instance..maybe a few mpg..but not enough to concern me (I have the V6)..I would suspect the hybrid versus the 2.4 petrol is the same. There are members here that have hybrids so I'm sure they'll be along to give you more informed opinions.
  3. Welcome Russ...enjoy the Rav..
  4. ...ebay/halfords.?..why not take the bulb out and simply buy one that matches it.?
  5. Welcome Gillian...enjoy being here.
  6. Welcome Robert...nice truck.
  7. Perhaps a trip to a decent auto-electrician might be worthwhile.?.
  8. Welcome really need to ask this in the Avensis forum though.
  9. This might be worth a read.
  10. Welcome Hal.....hope your recovery is full and speedy.
  11. Welcome Frank...enjoy the Yaris.
  12. Just saying Hello back,
  13. you mean you think you checked the power steering fluid thinking it was the transmission fluid.???...if so then check the transmission fluid as I suggested and see what you get...have a look at the fluid on the dipstick and if it's virtually black and possibly has a burnt odour about it then it's ready for a change. It may be worth checking with your local Toyota dealer as to the correct is important you get the right may well be a Toyota Type-IV (JWS-3009) auto transmission fluid.