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  1. "Sounds" are notoriously difficult to interpret. Maybe a wheel bearing.?...exhaust.?...or maybe worth having a check of the rear 4wd diff/electromagnetic coupler ?..perhaps get it up on a ramp and listen to it from underneath.
  2. Welcome...Great car...had my 140 Gen 7 for a couple of years and loved it....never a moment's trouble. Have a word with Kev...Scarlett Arrow on this site...Kev will give you far more useful information/opinion than I can.
  3. It can be a bit of a lottery I agree....but in fairness I've been with A. Flux for several years now and I have always received good service AND a competitive quote for my Estima V6 import that I've been happy to accept.
  4. Welcome to the club, Jay...good luck with your search.
  5. Welcome to the club, Jan..hope you find what you are looking for.
  6. Welcome Steevie....the Granvia is a great 'van..
  7. Define "older engines"..?
  8. Can't see why not, particularly on a 2007 model..I know there may be exceptions on certain models but generally I thought pretty much all (later model)Toyotas would be able to run ok on E10..I'm sure I read somewhere that mpg might be affected slightly.? (ie..lower mpg)
  9. Sounds pretty good nevertheless, Paul....at least it's doing a decent job for you. The cruise control is a good bonus.,!!...and who knows, you might just return to the fold in due course...lol
  10. Ain't that the truth, Paul...how's the Trannie going btw...still got it.?
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