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  1. Givan the standud of spellin thees dayzs I am knot serprized
  2. ChiFoon....You really should have sent this information in a private message to Dan...
  3. Try Adrian'll find the link on this site.
  4. No surprise...Toyota has always been one of the best marques for holding value..and reliability of course. Diesels have had such a bad press over the recent years (VW/dieselgate etc.) so there is an inevitability of increased depreciation generally across all marques.
  5. Try Megazip...should provide you with all the info you need.
  6. Welcome aboard, Paul...good choice.
  7. yep..I agree with Tony...the Estima/Tarago I think is far more prevalent in your neck of the woods than ours, your chances of getting stuff I'd say are stronger than in the UK. Good luck
  8. They are an awesome vehicle..I have a 2003 V6 Aeras..had it for over 3 years now and they are superb. Where in the world are you..?
  9. As Tony suggests....find a local key cutting shop or a vehicle key specialist and they should be able to provide you with a spare key with a cloned chip that gets you past the may not have a remote function though. I'm assuming your Estima has the standard door locks/keyholes.?..if not then it maybe an issue that only Toyota can solve. Where in the world are you.?
  10. Assuming they are the very outer ones then they perhaps just pull/slide off like my Estima..if they haven't been removed for some time (likely) they may need a bit of "teasing".
  11. RUToyota

    Sad News.....

    sad news condolences to the family.
  12. RUToyota


    TBH I think you should leave it in the hands of your local garage...ask them how long and how much before you commit....labour rates vary so much between garages. They have to take the bulb out anyway and can then replace it like for will be an easily available bulb they'll probably have in stock.
  13. Welcome Max, I think we know that as the Verso here in the UK......couldn't the owners/dealers of the cars you test drove tell you.? No temp gauge is not unusual...I'm sure an appropriate light would illuminate should overheating occur.