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  1. We have always used 5w/30 fully synthetic in our Yaris.....past and present. No issues
  2. RUToyota


    Yep...mine's the same, Tony...always live...but thankfully l've never had any issues with the bulb or the tailgate. As you say...just a minor niggle I guess.
  3. Impressive...The Camry was always a fine car...easily upholding the quality/reliability we expect from our Toyotas'...I'm sure it will do the same mileage again with little bother..
  4. RUToyota


    Cheers Tony...and yes, a 12 month ticket is always good. This is my 4th consecutive "clean" MOT pass..a testament to Toyota quality..and the benefit of an import that doesn't (and won't) have any rust issues....not bad a for a 15/16 year old bus..! I got the emissions print out this time too and was amazed at the low levels..the engine must be damn I had to replace the centre brake light bulb on mine a couple of years ago.?...but mine is the usual bayonet type bulb...16w I bought a heavy duty one from Halfords and it's been ok since...wondered if it would have been an MOT failure...obviously not. Hopefully you'll get it sorted. Edit...on reflection, I think the bulb in mine WAS the "push in" type...not bayonet.!!
  5. RUToyota


    Mine too, Tony...went in today for it's annual service etc and it's MOT...sailed through with only one minor advisory..a small 4mm chip in the middle of the windscreen..FFS.!..can hardly see But, I've got Autowotsits coming on Friday to do their magic all should be well. I'm a happy chappy.!
  6. It's possible that they are the same...BUT...that shouldn't be taken for granted.. it might be worth checking on Megazip...if you have your model least that way you should get a part number you can use.
  7. Welcome aboard, Kim.....Alphard and Estima imports are not that thick on the ground here (yet lol) so it's good to see another one. Hope you enjoy it.
  8. I think you will struggle in the UK, could try breakers or eBay ...or you could try outfits like Megazip and import from Japan....or try importers that specialise in Japanese imported vehicles..but a 40 year old vehicle is always going to throw up difficulties, particularly one that wasn't ever represented hugely in the UK. Good luck.
  9. Agree Tony....if it needs gets fuel..and I don't do enough miles. p.a. to worry about it. I never work out mpg "scientifically"...just once or twice a year I do a very basic guesstimate out of curiosity mainly.
  10. Welcome aboard, Martin, Good to see another Estima here.!!...22mpg on short Winter runs is not unheard of I guess... my 3 litre V6 could achieve the same, though in Summer and on a decent mixed motoring run I've had 32/33 mpg out of it. They are a lovely bus though..had mine about 3 years now and still love it.
  11. Welcome aboard, David.