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  1. I bought this one for my wife's 2013 Yaris last year (now sold and we have a new Y20) It fitted fine...I assume it should fit yours too. ps...not sure if this link works...but if you look for a Heyner Yaris 28" blade..2011 on ...with the typical J hook fitting you should be fine.
  2. My guess is you will buy a petrol Estima...year 2000>...quite no problems.
  3. Welcome Mason, Good choice for your first car...hope everything works out well for you.
  4. Different pads....some just give off more than others..doesn't look overly bad to me. Just go for reasonable quailty...I generally use Blueprint stuff.
  5. Welcome Jasmin...useful little car is the Verso...enjoy it.
  6. Wouldn't expect too many responses from the previous posters. Rob...this thread is 15 years old.!
  7. are right to mention the chain v. belt Tony...I forget about that. Though the belt only needs doing about every 6/7 or so years or 70k miles-ish..and it's a non-interference engine so not the end of the world it it ever I confess it's not a job I'd want to do because of the very limited space under the bonnet with the 3 litre lump there. My guess would be that the OP would wisely go for the 2.4.
  8. I have no problems in getting any parts for my Estima....I use Blueprint stuff quite a lot for the service items. many parts can be bought from the likes of ECP or eBay. et al. Rust isn't usually an issue on most Japanese imported vehicles...using salt on roads in Japan is rare...mine was spotless underneath when I bought it...and then it was immediately undersealed (to cope with UK weather) as part of the purchase deal..has no corrosion issues at all and has passed every MOT without fail or advisory. Don't know if you'll go for the V6 3 litre or the 2.4.?..both excellent....and you'll only need to check the things you'd check with any car. Insurance is not usually a problem either..Both Tony and I use Adrian Flux and get good deals from them. I doubt you can find a similar vehicle of it's type that offers such reliability, build quality...and bang for your bucks.
  9. Agree much as I like the Alphard..I prefer the styling/size of the Estima. .....and as Mike says,,,the Alphard is a slightly bigger beast all round....that doesn't necessarily make it "better" unless you want those extra dimensions.
  10. IMO I don't think one is any better than the other. Go look at both.!!
  11. Welcome aboard, Russell...slightly different shape in that the Alphard is a little higher at the back...probably a tad more luxurious than the Estima..but I have the Aeras version Esti which is pretty blinged Either way, you'll have a great vehicle...I've had my V6 for nearly four years now...still love it and it's been utterly reliable and a pleasure to be in,.
  12. It's odds on that the fuses you need to access are the ones situated in the sides of the the driver AND/OR passenger footwell (behind the trim)..they are a bit awkward to get to but that's where they live.!...I'd hazard a guess it's the driver side fuse panel. I had to access mine a couple of years ago when a side light/number plate fuse blew..they were on the passenger side. I think they'll be mini fuses too...mine are.
  13. Hi,

    I have for sale a silver 1997 8 Seater Toyota Lucida.

    It is advertised on here so please take a look. 


  14. Welcome aboard, Roger.