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  1. OK..still can't see why..I would have thought a 2015 year vehicle shouldn't have any problems with E10.?. I recall that the 2.4 used in a couple of earlier Avensis models were problematic but I'd assumed that by now the 2.4 was fine. Maybe I'm out of date or just missing something.?
  2. Really.?...who says.?..My V6 runs happily on E10 though I confess I do pop in some E5 every so often..so surely you would use E5 and forget about the expensive 102.
  3. I think that's your best option tbh...you are right in that the leccy folders are quite heavy and although I'm "getting on" I do have a younger fit wife to help...lol
  4. Well done..! We have two Viking Hiko electric folding bikes..20" wheels...but have a rather easier job than you in that we have an Estima MPV which swallows them pretty easily. You've done very well to get them into an Aygo.
  5. Welcome...good choice. Just go see as many examples as you can. They are a great vehicle, reliable and well built. I know nothing of the hybrids (I've had my V6 for 6 years and been totally satisfied on every level.).but I'm not sure that there is much difference between them in terms of mpg...but other's may have found differently. I know nothing of TM I'm afraid. Good luck with your search.
  6. As for seating configuration/luggage etc I suggest you go have a look at an Estima and see which seating arrangement might suit you best.?...there are enough Estimas around now. Luggage...depends on your interpretation of "ample"..with all seven seats occupied I think luggage space is quite limited...which never mattered to me as there is only ever 2 people in it. We use ours as a day van. All other stuff is no different to what you'd look out for on any car...The Estima is a great vehicle over all..solid, reliable and gives excellent bang for your bucks. I've had mine for over 6 years now and it's never been a moment's trouble. Good luck.
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