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  1. Don't know, is the short answer...but I would assume that there should some degree of Hiace model commonality.?
  2. Welcome aboard...good choice.
  3. I'm guessing Bob used toyoDIY or megazip..always a good tool to use for information relating to a specific Frame/VIN number.
  4. Welcome Jane...good choice.
  5. Any OBD codes stored.?...has any LPG issue been ruled out.?..Engine temp sensor.? I think I'd be investigating further before considering the expense of an engine transplant. 140k miles is not that massive for that engine
  6. Sounds and looks a nice Esti, Rajesh...obviously quite a bit has been spent on it. You shouldn't have any problem in getting a spare key cloned.
  7. Seems a right faff, 2003 Esti may be slightly different to the new ones so hard to compare. ..and removing the bumper wouldn't surprise me at all...I'm old enough to remember a time when such things...and bulbs..were literally a 10 minute Let us know how you get on.
  8. Not something I've had any experience of Dean...but my guess would be that you are going to have to remove (or move aside) the inner wing liner to get full access to the rear of the lamp.
  9. Welcome Ian, Would be a fine choice..but I am biased having had my superb V6 Estima for over 3 years now. What you'll get is great build quality and superb reliability..and a vehicle with all the bells and whistles you could hope for....a lot of bang for your bucks.! I know nothing of the hybrid model and through very basic web searching it would seem that the mpg figure of 5 litres petrol for every 100km seems to be the most quoted figure. Good luck.
  10. Welcome aboard Craig...enjoy the Rav.
  11. Welcome Jez...enjoy the Rav.!
  12. eBay.... it was 3 years ago but I'm sure you can still get a unit at a similar price today. Wasn't a big name make but it was plug and play...easy fit...and still good today.
  13. Welcome Kevin...enjoy.!