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  1. RUToyota

    Previa D4D turbo removal

    Sorry Tim..can't help on that one..and yes, these buses do have such difficult access to the oily need the arms and hands of a Barbie Doll..! Mine's the V6 lump and I recall my garage having problems with simply renewing the spark plugs...well at least the back three.!..and why we decided to put in long life Denso Iridium's a job you wanna do as infrequently as possible.! Good luck...and maybe it's worth begging or borrowing a Windows PC.!
  2. RUToyota


    Yes, they look after me well..the downside is I don't get an invoice that shows the service history/work carried out...but as I'm not thinking about selling the Estima I'll live with that.
  3. RUToyota


    Not bad, Tony....I can get EBC pads and discs for about £85..and then get my garage to fit...they do a cash/no VAT job for me on the labour so I reckon I'll shell out a max of around £160....without that I'd be paying pretty much what you did.
  4. RUToyota


    Not a bad result, Paul,..and as you say...a relatively small price when it's pretty much all you might pay out in any one year. I'm just about to get some new front discs and pads...I noticed recently the start of some pedal pulsing on a sharp stop..but I can get decent disc and pads for about £80 easily enough in the UK..and then a few quid to fit them (can't be @rsed to do them myself)
  5. RUToyota

    Hello from a Toyota fanatic

    Welcome Sam...nice "triple" you have there.
  6. RUToyota


    I guess it could have been worse, Paul.....and I assume you managed to source them pretty easily.?
  7. RUToyota


    Nice one, Tony...always good to get that ticket. Mine's not due until May but I expect to get a similar result.!