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  1. Not sure you need a "specialist" a such..wouldn't a competent auto electrician have the experience and the equipment to diagnose/trace an electrical fault.?
  2. Welcome Dave, I had a Celica too before my current Estima..same year and colour.!..loved it and would have kept it had I somewhere to actually store or garage I let i go...great car to drive and utterly reliable.
  3. No idea...suggest you try megazip site..enter your vehicle details and see if you can find some illustrations in the parts search section...might give you some idea of what goes where and how it comes apart.!
  4. Welcome Ed. Hope all goes well with the Granvia...nice vehicle and should prove very robust and reliable. As said...underseal would be well worthwhile ( I ha d mine done as part of the deal when I bought it)...and as Tony say, Adrian Flux would be a good place to go for insurance. I've used them for years and have my Estima covered through them. You shouldn't have too many problems with parts etc..there is a a lot of commonality within models..Hiace etc...I've yet to fail on anything I've needed for my V6 Estima. Have a look at sites such as Megazip and toyoDIY...very helpful for parts identification. All you need is the FRAME number..and then you can parts search easily...if you put your frame number into toyoDIY it will tell you much about your specific date, external and internal colour details, specs etc. Living with a JDM import shouldn't be any more difficult than a UK/Euro vehicle tbh..enjoy it.
  5. Welcome...used to work for a Swedish company way back...Trioplastic....spent time in Landskrona and Smalandsstennar. Enjoy the iQ.
  6. As Bob can use such sites as megazip and toyoDIY for parts identification...just use your frame (VIN) number...and there should be good parts commonality with the Hiace.
  7. Woman's car.?...I thought those days were thing is that YOU like it and feel good about driving it...if not then insist on something you prefer. I see lots of ladies driving such vehicles these days...and why not.?
  8. No problem...and it's highly likely the Camry belt will be fine..same engine I think. Many parts are common with the Lexus RX300 SUV too...same engine. Eurocarparts also stock the belt you fact they stock both belts. 6PK and 4PK Good luck
  9. I bought a spare belt 2 or 3 years ago (just as a precaution..haven't needed to replace it yet) I'm sure I bought it from an eBay's a Continental 5 groove drive belt...6PK 1033/38. No. should be able to track one down I'm sure. I assume you have the V6 1MZ-FE engine..?. IIRC there are two which is th 6PK ref...and a power steering belt which is a 4PK ref..the 6PK has 6 ribs and the 4PK has 4 ribs.
  10. The auxillary belt and the wipers should all be found on the likes of eBay and/or EuroCarParts et al. That's where I go for those parts for my Estima. These front wipers should fit your Estima..rear one is available too.
  11. Good luck..they are big old engines pulling a lot of metal around...mpg is never gonna be great is it.? I remember some years ago when I had a 2.8 Shogun...25mpg was 30mpg you'd be doing very well IMO. Very robust/tough vehicle though...and rust really shouldn't be too much of an issue if it's a JDM vehicle that's had it's previous life in Japan. I've only ever had the Estima so my experience of the Hiace family is scant.
  12. maybe best to leave it the hands of an Auto specialist..but I doubt it will be a cheap fix..IF repairable. I wouldn't think re-con Previa auto boxes would be that common but I guess it's worth a search or two..otherwise you maybe right and see a replacement vehicle as your best choice.
  13. Welcome both...the Yaris is a great little car..always a good choice.
  14. As said....choose what you like...I replaced mine a few years ago (from eBay) when I first got my Estima but as it doesn't have steering wheel control it was a very easy swap. Hope the Estima serves you well.
  15. OK...a fair few miles but not that extraordinary..and these boxes are generally long lived...however it's not impossible that it's kaput...much depends on how it's been treated in the past with regular ATF checks and changes where necessary. I assume you are getting no drive from the box at all?
  16. I wouldn't condemn it fully...not many miles has it done.?
  17. In nearly 4 years I have never experienced that...maybe time to seek and auto-electrician..?
  18. Largely the same vehicle...with the same mechanicals.
  19. AFAIK they should be the same as the UK/Euro spec. eBay/ECP etc.
  20. Good luck Sofu...let us know how you get on if you get it fitted.
  21. In that case then it looks as though you have an inverter malfunction as Bob suggested.
  22. As my previous post...just get your vehicle frame number and use the sites I'll be able to identify the part and get the part numbers. I'd be inclined to think the Hiace would use the same part...good luck