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  1. Probably import...but it's likely that you can download (PDF) an online workshop manual for the 2.4 Previa..basically the same.
  2. Welcome aboard Jeff...good choice...but then I am biased.!.. Mine isn't a hybrid's full fat
  3. So what did your garage do.?..did they do a code read.? EML suggests there is a trouble code stored and able to be identified..... a failing Oxy sensor perhaps.?
  4. Certainly unusual for sure...I would hope that even given any warranty issues/arguments, the dealer...or Toyota, will sort this out to your satisfaction.
  5. RUToyota


    Mike...should be as per the pic shown on the reply from Bob (Flash22) and give colour and trim info together with frame number.
  6. Welcome Dorothy..enjoy your Aygo.
  7. RUToyota


    It will be a frame number...have a look on the INSIDE of one of the wings...should be a metal information plate. That's where it is on my Estima.
  8. Welcome aboard, Haroon.
  9. Welcome the IQ...cute and "quirky".😏
  10. Hi Natalie...welcome aboard...good choice.!
  11. High mileage.???...but it's only done 120k.???
  12. From what I've read you are seemingly better off with a Tom Tom or similar. I don't think the Toyota satnav is that highly regarded....we do have it on my wife's new Yaris but I've noticed a couple of times she's gone back to her Tom Tom.
  13. That symbol HAS to relate to some alarm/sensor function...does it have gap sensors.?
  14. Had a similar thing on a 4x4 some years ago...though it was more a judder than a stutter...turned out one of the tyres was out of round.!
  15. Given garage labour costs these days I don't think you were "ripped off"...yes, no doubt you could have paid less but, as said, that costs searching time...but you certainly paid a FULL price.!
  16. No experience of this...but can't you get universal deflectors now.?
  17. or these..??
  18. Welcome Socrates...looks fabulous.!
  19. ...and WHERE did you have the work done.?...main dealer.?...independent.?..Halfords et al.?
  20. This thread is 11 years old...I think you might be tad late .!!!
  21. RUToyota


    Doesn't it use/need the ABS to function.? maybe an ABS issue.?
  22. Welcome Lawrence...good choice...the Yaris is a great little car.
  23. Errr..the problem could's a Cat S..!! As Madasafish points out...there can be quite a long list of culprits and possibilities. Good luck.
  24. Welcome Angel,...nice the concept (and the colour too)...but as you say, it needs to be done well.