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  1. Good advice...I had my Estima treated as part of the purchasing deal 6 years ago..I was able to inspect the underside prior to purchase and it was SO clean and free of rust etc...so it was a good decision and is still as good today, with no rust and 6 continuous MOT's passed without advisory. I would always insist on underside treatment for ANY Japanese imported vehicle....They usually come very clean underneath as road salt isn't generally used in Japan.
  2. Given this thread is 12 years old my guess is the OP has sorted it by now.!!😉
  3. I largely agree with Mooly....though I think I'd getting rid tbh. There's a possibility that you'll just be chasing your tail but of course only you can make that call. If you can get it repaired really cheaply and get a MOT on it then it has some "value" at least...currently it has none.
  4. IMO yes.....why risk a broken spring.?..and the potential damage it might cause.
  5. Maybe just a change of pads will do the trick...or try a few emergency stops...that often has a positive effect.
  6. Welcome Kate...dunno about the camera...seems a strange "angle" for sure. ....and No...you cannot change the language..a new head unit is the way to go. The Japanese system is totally different from and incompatible with UK systems.
  7. Good luck with whatever you get...hope it gives you the same enjoyment you've had from your Toyotas'
  8. Not possible to change I'm afraid....new head unit is the answer.
  9. I'd try some lubrication first..a good squirt of WD40 or the like.
  10. Depends what you might need..the likes of eBay/ECP/Toyota/Facebook forums are all potential sources.
  11. Welcome Mick, You could try and have a word with Gary @ GT Motors in Newton Abbot...he knows these buses well. Good luck
  12. Welcome, Ben....I doubt there are many of those still around.
  13. Can't be done...you'll need to buy a new head unit.
  14. couldn't possibly say..though it's unusual for Denso stuff to be bad.
  15. Certainly is....and it's the same every time the media "suggests" that there might be a shortage of some commodity or other.....madness then ensues.!
  16. Nope...no problem for me...as I haven't tried to buy any.!! I refuse to join the frenzied panic buying fraternity and won't buy any fuel until I actually NEED it. These peeps simply cause a "shortage" that needn't have existed...and now have millions of gallons of uneccessary fuel sloshing about in their tanks. Probably the same peeps who still have massive stocks of toilet tissue bought in 2020.😉 I will need fuel next weekend for a 400 mile return journey but I'm hoping by then things will have calmed down a little.
  17. Why would you want to.?..it would be so irritating..and generally such a simple fix.
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