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  1. With that kind of mileage/useage diesel is a bad choice tbh...go petrol for sure.
  2. Welcome, Noah...and good luck.!
  3. welcome, Gary...good luck with the camper conversion
  4. Strange...thought the two were NOT interchangeable as one is for projector lights and the other for reflector lights..??
  5. Nice bus, as they all are......though personally I wouldn't bother with the hybrid tbh. I can't see that it provides any great advantages and doesn't seem to offer that much in respect of economy/motive power...BUT, I guess there must be happy owners out there as they seem to have become popular of late...but you are right to do your homework..!!!..It seems to me that many peeps buy JDM vehicles without really investigating the pro's and cons. There is a hybrid specialist in Wigan. However, I wouldn't dream of parting with my V6 Estima for a hybrid...and in nearly 7 years of ownership I've had no problems with parts etc(service) supply...but then nowt ever goes wrong with it..lol Good luck whatever you choose.
  6. A fill of E10 wouldn't be a problem if E5 were not available. I mix the two, even though my V6 Estima runs fine on E10, I tend to alternate between the two.
  7. Welcome Andy....good luck with your plans.
  8. Welcome, Mark...hope you get it sorted.
  9. Welcome, Bill...hope you get your issue sorted.
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