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  1. I have Thinkware F750 front & rear cameras, the rear one caused problems with DAB until I rerouted it's cable. Now I get drop outs and loss of signal, so I tried some ferrite filters that clip over the cable. I fitted one near the the cigarette lighter power adaptor and one near the camera on the power and the rear camera cable, I was quite surprised that it actually made a big improvement - no loss off signal and much fewer drop outs.
  2. Same here, my previous Auris had much better reception on DAB.
  3. Before I had the update Toyota told my dealer there was no fault, I had to contact them via their blog site, and suddenly there was a fix available.
  4. I noticed a difference in the number of speed cameras shown between my brothers Yaris and my Auris, mine seems to show less cameras. The update definitely seems to improve DAB reception too. Not really tried Coyote so it might have expired by now. Not had any problems with headlights.
  5. The dealer had the car from about 9 AM to 2 PM including washing and vacuuming.
  6. Just home from my dealer after the software update / reinstall / fix, the version numbers are the same as my original software, I assume they have re-installed a patched version. Whatever they did, IT WORKS!!, I tried manual and automatic selection for the TMC radio channel on the forecourt before I left, both loaded traffic information in a few seconds, selecting "Showall" without setting a route also works (Toyota Tech. might have been wrong about this feature never working on any model). Traffic info icons will appear on the map in normal map mode or the " Traffic" mode. I never got my
  7. I have noticed DAB reception is not as good as my previous Auris, it's good to see that the TMC fault is software related as at least it can be fixed, the manufacturer of the sat nav has been around long enough to make it work properly.
  8. At least your dealer did not just say there was no fault and that it never worked without a route being set up. My brothers Yaris has the latest sat nav, very similar in features to the Auris unit, the big difference is that the RDS-TMC works, as the the Auris should be a higher spec. model it is odd that this feature does not work. It is possible not many people had the sat nav option and those that did have I-Phones or no idea about the cost of data when they are connected to the car. I am hoping that the software update my car is due for next thursday will be a fix for the sat-nav.
  9. Still no reply from Toyota, but my dealer contacted me to tell me there is a software update required on my car. I could not get any details from them, the recall checker also shows no information. Hopefully it is a sat nav system update. Have to wait another week to find out.
  10. I contacted Toyota via their website last week, they said they would get back to me after 4 or 5 days, still waiting....
  11. I finally saw my first traffic warning icon on the sat nav screen, it does not require the triangular traffic mode button on the map to be selected (warning icons show in normal mode too) I set it to traffic over internet after setting up my bluetooth phone. As a precaution I turned off the WIFI option in the connectivity settings making my phone the only available internet source, connection was fairly quick and traffic data appeared after a couple of presses of the refresh button. Traffic info reconnected to phone ok after I stopped off for fuel, I will either have to increase my mobil
  12. Yes, found out by trial and error, never used that function on my phone before.
  13. I have been trying to find more information on the Sat Nav system, I have seen mention that Toyota were the first to have traffic updates via DAB (PRO systems fitted to Prius and Land cruiser I think). This TPEG system replaces the FM RDS-TMC system and is supposed to be faster and have more accurate information on incident and location. I had a theory that the PRO system might use the same unit but with different firmware / software and that the unit in the new auris has not been properly configured to receive TMC data, I have no proof of this so far, but will keep looking for more infor
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