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  1. Aha! Found a few... I was looking for Petrol Automatics, when they are actually semi automatic, for some reason.... CVT??
  2. Time for a new car, up to around £17k. I want all the bells and whistles, (sat nav, camera, parking sensors, bluetooth etc..), and I like the Rav4 and Honda CRV, but prefer the Rav 4. I've driven a diesel X-Type jag for 5 years and have had problems because my journeys are very much short around town, which are more suited to a petrol engine, particularly now that DPFs are part of all diesels. Trouble is, there seem to be very few/no Rav 4 petrol models with the spec I want, (plenty of Honda CR-V) I suppose I have 2 questions: 1) Is it OK to drive a diesel Rav 4 on short around town trips, with very rare longer runs, (perhaps 1 x 60 mile round trip per month). Am I wrong to avoid a diesel Rav4 with this profile? 2) Are there many petrol Rav4s around, and is it just coincidence that I'm not seeing any - i.e. is it worth being patient and wait for some to come along? Many Thanks Richard
  3. Just a bit too late for me :( Bought a new one in August and paid the £170+ for it! The guys in the parts department couldnt believe the price!! I guess with things like this, you do your best on the day and, once spent, the cost fades into the past..... until you see a thread like this :)
  4. Ordered some opposite pole magnetic tapes to see how it goes - the headlining seems pretty firm, rather than cloth on plastic, so fingers crossed. I've tried calling 7 day parts a few times, but it rings and rings. I've been in plenty of parts shops where, if they are busy with physical customers, they ignore a ringing phone.... I cant seem to find an email address??
  5. Rather than Velcro I'm currently thinking of a couple of opposite pole adhesive backed magnets, but am having trouble creating the right search term. I can find single magnets, but if I got two, and they were the same pole, they would repel... Unless I'm missing something?
  6. My wifes Rav 4 has the droopy drivers sun visor which is not only irritating, but probably also dangerous in the event of an emergency stop. We have been unable to find a visor from a breakers so far, (7 day parts in Birmingham seem to be very busy, and havent answered their phone on several attempts). Any suggestions for sourcing a second hand working visor, before we shell out £175 to Toyota for a new one - on the basis that life is too short to mess about?
  7. The two are losing pressure. I suggested refurbishing, but I was asked to find new... I'm not arguing on this one :)
  8. I've searched on "new wheels" and found nothing, (that doesnt mean there isnt anything :) ) My wife wants at least 2 new wheels, (possibly all 4), for her 5 door 2005 Rav4 XT-R. What specification should I look for if searching say, Halfords, Demon Tweeks, etc.. and how much should we expect to pay for reasonable quality and looking alloys? If we asked a Toyota Dealer to supply the originals, how much would we expect? Many Thanks Richard
  9. Local garage did the service. They rate highly on the Good Garage Scheme, so would expect them to decline unnecessary jobs - they have before. So far so good. I thought there was a magnet in most gearboxes to catch any stray bits. My X Type had the gearbox oil changed at 104k miles.... Jaguar recommend 150k miles. I cant believe you would "never" change gearbox oil, so their is always a day when it needs doing, and I chose 72k miles. Given that we change our engine oil very regularly, I cant really see much difference between engine and gearbox ..... but i'm no expert.
  10. Midland Turbos did my X Type Turbo in May. Great job, sent Friday, returned Thursday.
  11. Good call! Took it for a service this week and asked them to check the heat shields... One was loose! Also had the gearbox oil changed. Wife says it drives like a new car!
  12. Hi Archie, I had my limp mode problem for over a year, and tried all sorts of stuff, including something from Power Enhancer. I can't remember what it was, but it was about £25, and had no effect whatsoever. It is my belief that, once your turbo is carboned up, it must take more than some small amount of fluid from the fuel mixing with the exhaust gasses to dissolve it, although it seems to have worked in your case. Are you sure it was the turbo? Did you get your code read? What was it? I agree that, once refurbished, you need to get the fuel burn right, or it will happen again, (it looks like it took about 90,000 miles for mine to occur, which seems like a common'ish mileage for X Type Jag turbos, (and clutches and DMFs aswell :( ).
  13. I paid my garage £90 labour to get the turbo off and on, and change the oil, So I guess about £65 for the turbo. They contacted Midland Turbos to arrange collection. It was returned 4 working days later, and my garage said it looked good with new everything that could be seen. Its worked great since fitting in May, and I'm no longer frightened to rev hard if needed. Given the aggro of the previous year of regular limp modes, it was worth every penny. Midland Turbos did exactly what they said they would do, and the result speaks for itself so far. There are other turbo refurbishers, so you might find cheaper?
  14. Cutting a long story short.... I had a similar limp mode problem on my X Type Jaguar 2.0D. Had the codes read, P132B = turbo actuator issue. Eventually called Midland Turbos to find cost and process to get turbo and actuator reconditioned £289 for turbo and actuator. Runs like a dream now. Nobody has mentioned get the codes read - presumably you can do this on a Rav4. Armed with the code/s, you are in a better position to know the area of the fault. For those that think their turbos are carboned up, such that the vanes stick and cause the limp mode, there is little chance that additives will have any effect, unless you can pump something like Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner into the turbo and let it sit for a while. Reconditioning seemed the sensible option to me, once I had established what was the issue. (My wife has a RAV4, which is why I read this forum - couldn't help noticing this thread with some interest)