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  1. Had car for 6 months. Battery discharging in less than 2 weeks. Been into dealer twice. Only outcome is they say battery is ok. No testing done to check drain rate. Customer support not interested. No offer of any support. Dealer has offered to fit trickle charge unit and adaptor but wants me to pay for it. No answer to question, if I leave it at airport car park for 2 weeks what do I do on return when battery is flat. Thought Toyota were quality business. Shows how mistaken you can be. This is a common problem. Dealership demonstrator has same problem. Also internet research reveals same. Update Feb 2015 Dealer eventually suppied and fitted FOC an Optimate 4 charge unit. They cabled this in to battery with sealed plug in adapter under front number plate. Dealer recommends this is connected at all times when vehicle parked in garage. Obviously prevents flat battery but not ideal solution. Complaint through Toyota Customer Care never closed. After Optimate fitted all communication ended.
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums Montelbano :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: