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  1. Still felt pretty stable at that, noisy but stable. Had a 5series years back and that munched up the motorways smooth as silk when at higher speeds. How did you manage 12MPH, if reading true 70 at 75MPH is that not 7% (round up a little) would that not be 8MPH difference at 121? unless my Math is incorrect. (quite possibly😕)
  2. Didn't say I drive it at higher speeds all the time, that was probably the 2nd time I gave it some and on an empty Motorway. I don't condone driving like a tit all the time but I doubt there Is a man who hasn't floored their car given the opportunity even just to test it.
  3. Because the engine blows up if you go above 70 every now and again 🙄
  4. i was wondering about the windows with mine, didn't realise you could activate it. Does it cost anything with the dealer to alter anything?
  5. so what would be the overall cost if being done by a third party, I am really underwhelmed by the speakers in mine
  6. i did the exact same, mrs got hers through work and we were was just sitting in the dealer with a corolla gr next to me and couldn't stop looking at it, so ended up ordering one the day after. Averaging 50MPG in that also .
  7. its is good my wife has a new one, we took it to wales, did around 400 to the tank, average around 78mpg. I was very impressed, she is currently averaging around 70, don't think she even uses ev mod much at all either it is always full.
  8. As said above the fronts are not really that great, acceptable but not good I also read that the the head unit doesn't offer enough power for them either. The JBL wasn't an option on the gr sport. Would of expected more from 30K motor Anyone replaced them? front or rear.
  9. Having done a research I found a post from America saying the same. Rear speakers are crap
  10. Anyone else think the rear speaker are terrible, can't hear them really even when balance all the way to the back. Audio is not the best anyway even compared to my 2014 astra gtc. Has anyone changed them?
  11. I'm between 48-49 with a mix of motorway and city over 220 miles. Half a tank of fuel.
  12. Just a question I couldn't find the answer for on Google, or I was typing the wrong one and I thought someone in here would know. Eduction purposes. I wouldn't be buying a corolla if I wanted high speed
  13. That's not what the Toyota website says "The Corolla Hybrid, the Corolla Hatchback, the Corolla Touring Sports and the conventional Corolla - all are built in the UK with many parts and materials supplied by UK companies. Each model offers outstanding value, safety, economy and performance. What's more, because they're 'homemade' in Britain, turnaround on orders and delivery time can be reduced." My order is a 2.0 gr sport HB
  14. Anyone know if the top speed has been limited or is due to some limitations? I know in japan they limited cars to 112 at least some of the anyway.
  15. ordered mine 27th June original estimate was 30th July now, 9 august. mine has been built according o the app for 3 weeks and been in transit ever since. Spoke to my dealer and they said it is at sea, don't know how when it is built in derby 😕 considering just cancelling as you can pick one up with 3k on it for 23k on auto trader. I am being a bit impatient but was expecting a quicker turn around as my wife ordered a Yaris design the day before and got hers 20th July.
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