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  1. Hopefully not long before the government announcement. By the way, normally I drove around to 330 miles n then last lights start flashing !! On my last full tank , I driving like a old man , so smooth n driving around 55 mph on motorway with many lorries taking over me. This time I managed to get 380 miles and still got 3 lights left on the dashboard. The on board computer says still got 110 miles range. Wonder how many more miles I can get before the last lights start flashing? How many miles per full tank u guys can get ?
  2. Updated news ! Only those diesels cars before 2005 will be included on the diesel scrappage scheme up to £2000. any Diesel cars registered after 2005 won't be eligible and faced losing 40% car value : (
  3. The New 1.6 Diesel engine are Euro 6 emission Which passed the . All cities outside London will follow the ULMZ planned- : Diesel Cars meet the Euro 6 emission will not be charge for entering the ULMZ area.
  4. Hi Guys just to let everyone who's got the same problem know that's I took my Verso in to Toyota and they put a heating elements inside the TSS Sensors. Will keep everyone know if this solved the problem on my Verso .
  5. Hi guys I just went into my Toyota dealer and book it in to have my TSS systems update as what mention above , such as condensation problem! I asked the service guy there it's must be under warranty and she replied with not sure until the technician check it up !! I thought it's must be under the car warranty coz it's the manufacturer fault on the tss. Did you guys had it done free of charge ? With thanks
  6. Hi.... i don't think so . mine just won't start while cold weather and took my car to the main dealer to check and find out is the starter motor. Hope this help
  7. Hi there my old Verso 07 plate won't start during cold morning and I took it to the main dealer and they find out it's the starter motor. They want around £150 but I went to one of the local reliable garage and got it change for around £70 Since then before I sold my old car it's start off perfectly every time .
  8. Hi try calling more different main dealers for the sensors prices as each of them got different price tags !! coz you know my Verso don't came with the spare tryes, I phoned up five different main dealers and the price range from £135 - £190!! Off course then I went for the £135 for my spare saver kit . You never know if u don't try other main dealers, also as u mention the warranties dose not cover everything which I know such as wear n tear etc. But your car only 2 years old can't see why the sensors not part of the warranty.
  9. Just updated my profile . With thanks
  10. Hi frostyballs sorry forgot to update my profile . Its the 1.6 d design tss 2016 model if this help thanks
  11. Hi guys I recently jumped to see all those comments about the TSS on Yaris pages. I got the Verso TSS which occasionally I came with those problems that got mention on this topic , such as when sun shining the tss will stop working and warning sign keep flashing and will happen when the windscreen misted ! By reading most of the comments here seen these an update that the dealer should point out to fix this problem. Can anyone explain it more clearly to me so before I head my way to the dealer I know where I stand and what sort of thing they should do for me to fix this tss problem . with lots of thanks in advance
  12. Hi guys. I Brought my 2016 Verso few months ago and touch wood . My tryes pressure warning lights not came on yet even with those very cold weather. Maybe the dealers put more then enough air pressure in before handed the car over to me ? No idea! but dejjones. If your car is 2014 , shouldn't it still under the five years warranties and why did the dealers asked you for the money to have your sensor change? I assumed u didn't changed any tryes and damage the sensor yourself then it's should be under Toyota warranties to get it fixed .
  13. Hi guys just wonder dose the Verso 1.6 d design got Deadlock function ? On my old Verso I just double clicks on my remote controls and Deadlock active! I tried it serval times on the new Verso and still can opened from the inside ! Any ideas ? With thanks
  14. Just popped to my local Sainsbury's garage and filled up my tank with diesel cost £1.13 per Litre. Went passed my local BP costing £1.21 per Litre!!! Look like I save a lot when filling a whole tank of fuel up ! When the fuel came from the same depot and cost that lot difference, I am glad to save a lot on it !
  15. Hi Mickburkesnr, what is diaphragm look like and u know where's about is it on Verso ? From the last full of tank I used Shell's diesels which cost around 6p more then supermarket fuel per litre. But recently the branded's fuel went up like hell ! Do you know if Sainsbury's use the same fuel as BP ? I think I seen someone saying it on the internet ! When comparing Sainsburys to BP's diesels it's around 9p More expensive on BP ! I just notice that BP doing something called swipe n win promotion which maybe able to win from 25 to 100k nectar points when making a purchase! Sound good lol anyway , with thanks