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  1. So glad you're pleased with it Alexi - looks great on the thunder grey - get some more photos up though, so we can see it a bit better! Was great meeting you, and I hope you get as much enjoyment (and attention!) as I did. See you at JAE no doubt Pav
  2. Hey guys, thanks for all your kind words - it is a bit of a shame to see the Yaris go, as I've owned one ever since they came out, and got quite attached to them. I felt it was time for a change, and I have got myself something that's twice the size, so it's a little tricky getting used to parking it!! I've bought a new shaped Honda Accord Sport 2.0, which has 17" grey 5 spoke alloys, spoiler, and is in graphite colour - i am so chuffed with it I have to admit, and with 153 bhp, it's almost double what my SR had! Saying that though, I am actually going to get to drive my old car again, because the DVLA want to randomly spot check my car before they permit the number plates to be swapped over, and they will only accept the previous owner in person - this means that I get a little reunion tomorrow morning, and a chance to rag the hell out of it as it's not mine anymore!! haha Yes cooperman66 I shall still have the plate - sorry you never got to see my car in the metal - I have lots of photos, believe me!! This means that I can still come to JAE, so there's a pretty good chance that we'll catch up with each other on the TOC stand if you're there - I'll post a pic of my motor for anyone who wants to see it?? Take care guys, and look forward to checking in on the site once and a while Cheers Pav
  3. Hey everyone! Just to let you know that i will be leaving the forum due to having bought another Japanese car. I've loved being a member of this site, and thanks to all of you who I've met and who have helped me with enjoying my car. I do have a C-ONE carbon fibre GT bonnet sat at home waiting to be bought, so please PM me if anyone is interested - looking for around £600. Good luck with all your projects and enjoying your wicked cars - still love it, and will be sad to see it go tomorrow :( Cheers Pav
  4. I'm totally gutted for you mate - I had a similar experience in mine and cost me a fair bit to repair it on insurance. Was so glad to have it back though, as it took them absolutely ages to get the car sorted etc, and I had to potter around in a horrible old corsa - oh the shame of it! Glad you're well though, and am sure you'll be back on the roads again soon Best wishes Pav :group-cuddles:
  5. I admire anyone who wants to be different - go for it, as I think the smaller wheels suit the Yaris better, and would rock with nice wide tyres like in that photo - the Chinese and Japanese are on to a winner, and you'd definitely stand out in this country. Pav
  6. they look pretty similar to the ones we're all after tho - didn't the folk from axis have any ideas as to where they are from? Pav
  7. I know Simon, it's a sad thing to have to sell bits and pieces, but I'm having to grow up a bit and put money towards a house!! The bonnet, as well as my Morette lights will be gradually sold (or job lot sold if lucky) either to you lovely guys and gals or on ebay if I think i can get more for them - may sell my lexus lights too and just have it completely standardish again. Was considering selling the whole car, so I would need to have it standard to get a fair deal from any dealer i went to. Jaxx, I've PMd you regarding price of bonnet, but as I say, I'll need to swap it with the original first. Cheers guys Pav
  8. I'll be able to hear you coming a mile off next time I'm home...! Looks very nice tho mate, so hope the fixing all goes smoothely. Am considering selling my carbon bonnet in the summer, so let me know if you want first dibs, as the original silver one is at home at the moment, so would be easier to sell to someone from IOW. Good luck! Paul
  9. Hi Jaxx, can't help you I'm afraid! I used to just buy the bits and have someone else fit them - i know that they struggled fitting them at the dealership and had to get a proper electrician in to do it! good luck on your quest! Pav
  10. Looks very nice my friend - always good to be different Pavlitos
  11. Originally from Isle of Wight, now living in Canterbury, Kent
  12. I saw a couple of teenagers with an old Merc and these plates, which just screamed out Max Power to me... I'd never seen them before, so thought they were illegal, but I suppose that the lettering is clear which is all that matters to the police. Look wierd tho! Pav
  13. I agree with sOcks, as this kit would only cause you grief, and in my opinion it doesn't look all that great... subtle styling always compliments the Yaris better than unnecessary oversized plasticky bits hanging off it....! Sorry, but it's money wasted if you buy that kit, which would be better spent on something of higher quality from C-ONE or the like. Cheers Pav
  14. the front skirt will fit the T-Sport I reckon - remember it's a skirt and not a spoiler at the front, so it's subtle but effective - take a look at this photo and see what you think. GT Yaris Cheers, Pav
  15. Hi m8, I have the Toyota side skirts, front skirt with fogs, and TTE roof spoiler - looks nice, and would look better with TTE springs if that's what you're planning. I have photos if you want me to show you... I got mine fitted and painted through Toyota dealership, and for the sides, front and fogs (plus painting and labour costs) it cost me 800 about 3 years ago - costs may have changed, but I recommend fitting them yourself if you're capable, as Toyota labour charges are really high. Cheers and HTH Pav
  16. Cheers for the photos Simon! Sorry I couldn't be there to support in person, but it was obviously a fantastic spectacle - will be there for sure next year (would love to compete in all honesty!) Thanks again! Pav
  17. chrisb my old bonnet is currently living in a box 150 miles away, so won't be able to swap them over until Easter when I've time to go and get it. cheers Pav
  18. thanks for your replies peeps - I know I would fetch a bit more money by dismantling what I've put onto the car and restoring it to its original state first, but I can't be doing with the hassle at the moment - when I do sell it (possibly soon) I'll be posting up the various parts on here first and then on ebay if no success. PS. the bonnet won't be selling cheaply, as they're difficult to get hold of and I know what good quality it is - once on ebay the reserve is going to be between 450 and 500 quid - bought for over 600 after shipping taxes. Will keep you informed anyway I'll keep the surprise of my new car under wraps for now (haven't exactly made my mind up in all honesty!) Cheers for the advice Pav
  19. Hi guys, am looking for some advice on how much you reckon I should put my car up for sale at, as I'm in need of something bigger, and the dealerships will only pay between 5 and 5.5k for a trade-in. I'm planning on selling it as it is (without dismantling!) and here are the details: W reg (2000) SR model, with Toyota skirts kit, front fogs, carbon fibre bonnet, morette headlamps, lexus rear lamps. It's done 25k miles and is in near tip top condition. I am planning to sell all the original parts as part of the package, so can anyone give me an idea of what I should ask for in a private sale? Cheers Pav Yaris1 Yaris2
  20. thanks for the info torolla - it was pretty hard having to hand back the keys this morning, i have to admit! ah well, i'll have to see what kind of a deal they can do me...! Pav
  21. Hi Rolla fans! Am just crossing over from the Yaris section to pass a few comments on the 2.0l D4D T3 model that I've been given as a courtesy car for a couple of days. 1. Engine responsive and not too loud 2. Fantastic in grey 3. WOW I have a proper boot! 4. Plenty of room inside 5. Well-equipped with CD and air-con 6. Really comfortable seats All in all, I'm very tempted to get one now, and I'm sure it'll prove very economical on Toyota's diesel engine too. Any owners of the D4D out there to give me their views? Cheers Pav
  22. if only i was in a position to buy it! fantastic example though, and a one off for sure - right up my street would like to see more examples like this brought into the UK Pav
  23. Welcome to the gang! Pavlitos :D
  24. getting up on a horse would be the last thing I'd do...! believe me...! LOL :P
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