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  1. Hi Dave Maybe approach dealer and ask for the egr to be changed before the whole catalytic converter goes the way mine did? I think they can test the power so that'll tell if there's an issue happening. I was in blissful ignorance until the disaster happened! :)
  2. I have got phone number on desk at work so will send over next week. I didn't speak with anyone in particular, they said that anyone in customer relations could deal with it, so it was various people! Interestingly enough I had a smart fortwo, 54 plate. Now where do I start with that! Many many problems and total breakdowns on 4 occasions even after it'd been 'fixed'. Issue was with electrics and the clutch I believe, it kept stalling. Pic a grand to fix. The major breakdown occurred when I noticed oil all over my back window and broke down. Needed whole new gear box. That was 2500 quid. Well after that I didn't trust the car and opted for a IQ as more reliable! I think that many of these issues were ironed out in the newer style. I did love that little car even though it gave me hassle. Mega cost services at Mercedes too, although things may have changed since those days! I also have a Kia Soul, which is fab. 11 plate, second hand, no probs so far and under 7 year warranty even second hand. The warranty sold it for us. Not as Eco friendly though. The new smart forfour looks nice! But I doubt I'll get my buggy in the back!
  3. Ok so I may be a little optimistic! Perhaps the run up will at least be shorter! Ha ha
  4. I have to say they were really great, I was very impressed with the extra mile. The car runs like a dream now. No hesitation pulling away from junctions and it ticks over nice and smoothly! Its nippier than when I first got it. No more taking a run up to overtake!
  5. Hi all, well, the process for requesting this got corrected on Toyota was fairly simple. I spoke with customer relations on the phone and they requested that the dealer speak with them directly. The dealer phoned and talked through the issue and then had to complete an online warranty form (even though the car is 2 years out of warranty). This was done yesterday at 5.30pm and the result on the decision was made by 11.30am today, so a vary quick turnaround! The good news is that Toyota accepted the claim and paid for the lot! I was amazed! Just goes to show that if you don't ask, you don't get! What great customer service. So all I paid out for was a bottle of bubbly for the lovely lady who helped me at the dealer and saved myself £1400. I hope this is helpful to anyone else who might go through this process. And I must say thank you to you guys on here for giving me the relevant info and drawing my attention to it being a known problem. Virtual hugs :)
  6. Thanks so much. bob I would be very grateful if you could pm me a copy of your letter. I intend to discuss with dealer on Tuesday. I'll let you know how I get on. That's for all your help :)
  7. Hi David I just looked for Bobneal on the membership list and he's not there. Perhaps he left? I live in hertfordshire. I think I'm a bit far down the line with my local dealer as it's being fixed either today or Monday. Where's your local dealer? Lucy
  8. Ah just looked it up. Thanks
  9. Thanks for your help. I'll go and discuss with dealer tomorrow. Sorry for lack of knowledge here, but what's a bulletin number?
  10. Ha ha thanks fr the welcome! Would have been better to join on a nicer note! :)
  11. Yes. Fully serviced at local dealer, bought brand new
  12. Hi everyone. New to this forum and don't know a blinking thing about cars but doing a few searches led me here. I've got a 59 model auto. Its always been a bit hesitant pulling out at junctions but I just assumed this was the way the car was. Since winter we have had issues of not being able to reverse out of my slight hill of a driveway. No power at all. Took to local dealer and they couldn't replicate problem. Yesterday the car stalled 4 times at junctions on the way to work. Took to dealer today and the egr has failed and I need a new catalytic converter. As I only had a 3 year warranty my bill is £1400. Yes you read right, £1400. My question is this. If this is a well known fault as it appears to be from these threads then how do you think I should tackle this? I resent paying this for a fault that so blatantly should have been recalled and this is a serious safety issue. I know some of you have written to HQ etc. if someone could give me an update about the situation so I can go well armed to the dealer tomorrow I would, be so grateful. I've tried reading the threads but get a bit confused with all the car talk! Thanks x
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums lucycg :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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